September 30, 2012 Update


Won’t you help us share the love of Jesus this Christmas with needy children living in poor areas of Peru? It’s a wonderful ministry to the families there. We’ve sponsored the Peru Christmas Blessing Project for several years now. Let me tell you more.

This year we want to raise $4,500 for Christmas gifts ($3.00 each) to 1,500 children within reach of the churches we partner with in the poorest regions of Peru.

Funds for the Peru Christmas Blessing Project go directly to these churches. This eliminates shipping costs to Peru and allows the Peruvian congregations who live and work with these children on a daily basis to purchase and give the gifts. They’ll reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to families in their own communities, if we help.

Please help the Peru Christmas Blessing Project. It’s a remarkable opportunity to bring God’s love to the children of Peru. Again, our goal is gifts to 1,500 children.

* Every $30 will allow us to bless 10 children.
* Every $300 will bless 100 children.



Our India Christmas Blessing Project goal is to provide a Christmas blessing to children in north India by sending funds to Living Hope Ministries of North India.

This will be our sixth year helping them through the Christmas Blessing Project. Many children in Delhi and Punjab suffer cruelly in months from December to February due to the cold weather.

Please pray and extend your hand to bless these children this Christmas.

* For your gift of $10 you will provide a child with shoes, socks, a sweater, and a warm hat.
* We would like to fund these items for at least 300 children, and more of course, if possible.

If you can help, please respond by mail, or hit the link on this page to donate.

Thank you for helping bless these special children!

In His love,   Brian and Anne Weller


2012 September Newsletter