Jim Randall Mission Update


This video shows some of the ministry that Jim does in Southeast Asia. His ministry includes: Training Indigenous Pastors and Missionaries as well as leaders in BAM (Business as Missions). BAM training teaches people in ministry how to start and operate a business in order to become self supporting. Jim is also involved in helping other ministries like orphanages and schools. His goal is to help get the gospel to the people in Southeast Asia.


To contact Jim directly, please e-mail him at jerandall@juno.com

May 2, 2017 – Mission Update 

Hello from Chiang Mai,


Thank you for praying and for supporting the work I am doing here in SE Asia to advance the Kingdom of God. God has blessed and continues to open doors. I will be leaving next Thursday for Kunming, China to do several days of pastor training. It is a fact that we can become much more productive when we know how to do our job skilfully. Big companies and the military spend lots of time training their people to do their job and upgrade skills. It is the same in the Body of Christ. Churches often have training for leaders and seminars for people to become more skillful so they can accomplish more.

I like what Reinhard Bonnke says about his mission in life. I have come to “Plunder Hell to populate Heaven.” His ministry also trains others to do what he does after he leaves. Whatever God has called us to do as our part in advancing His Kingdom, we need to continually upgrade and improve our skills. God’s assignment for me it to continually encourage and train leaders for more effective ministry here in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, China, Australia and in Africa.

I spend time each week mentoring missionaries who need encouragement, prayer and suggestions for becoming more effective in their work. You might be surprised to learn that missionaries, as front line soldiers in the Battle for souls of men, women and children, are under continual attack from our spiritual enemy, Satan. We hear about the major attacks on ministries but missionaries are continually under attack here just like in your country. Discouragement, disappointment, family issues and finances are issues that most missionaries deal with continually. I spend quite a bit of time being a pastor to missionaries.

I am grateful that I have a great team of people like you who pray for me and as it were, “holding up my arms’ in the battle. (Exodus 17:12). Prayers, financial support to do the work and notes of encouragement are all part of supporting me and the work I do here in SE Asia and beyond. Thank you!

I flew to Bangkok last week for a meeting at the Nigerian Embassy with the Ambassador. As a result, I was promised a two year multiple entry visa for my next trip in the fall. God is also opening doors to South Africa and Ghana for that upcoming trip.

In June, Brian Weller and a team will come to minister and train youth leaders to become more effective in their ministry. Please pray for me as I work with local leaders to set up the schedule God wants for them.

God has kept me very busy so far this year and it looks like momentum is building for an even busier season ahead. He has also kept me healthy and full of energy. Thank you for your prayer and financial support that enables me to be God’s hand extended to the lost and dying people with no hope here in my part of the world, as well as to discouraged and/or hurting missionaries. Thank you again for your prayers and financial support.

May our God bless you greatly! Jim


MARCH 25, 2017

News from Australia

Jim Randall in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia

Hello Friends,

Thank you for praying for me. I have been in Australia almost a month and will leave next week for Thailand.

My impressions of Australia is that it is more of a lost country than Darkest America. There are some WONDERFUL Christians and great churches in this part of the country, like other areas. However, no one is really reaching out to the lost and the church seems to be in seclusion. There is no Christian book shop here in a city of 190,000 and the general population is VERY worldly but nice. I have met lots of people and almost none of the couples I have met outside the church are married. I don’t ask, it just comes out in conversation. They just move about from partner to partner.

The focus on missions from the YWAM Base is Papua New Guinea. They have one medical ship that stays there most of the time and they just received a new ship that arrived just yesterday. About a hundred or so of us went out to the harbor to greet it as it arrived. It will be used in the Solomon Islands to do medical, relief and carry evangelism teams for reaching unreached areas.

I have been helping with BAM TSV (Business As Missions, Townsville). We will have a conference in mid July to begin training BAM practitioners to reach into PNG and the thousands of islands throughout the South Pacific. There are many unreached peoples in these areas as well as Muslims in the Indonesian islands that have never heard the Gospel.

God Loves me and the people here have a wonderful plan for my life here in Townsville. It is soooo expensive here compared to Asia. I may continue to live in Asia and just travel back and forth to help them get going. I will probably travel to PNG on my next trip to see opportunities there. The need and the opportunity seem great there. The Prime Minister is coming to the YWAM base here next week on the inaugural flight of the PNG Airline to Townsville, the closest city to PNG. The YWAM Base will host a breakfast for him and a number of his cabinet and other government officials to kick off his tour of Australia. His government gives YWAM all the free fuel they can use for their ships and cars here and in PNG. They are a grateful nation and say it with more than words. If you would like to see a short video just go to www.ywamships.org.au/ .

  • Please pray for my future involvement here in Australia and the South Pacific Islands.
  • Please Pray for an increase in my finances if I am to be involved through YWAM here in Australia. They have great needs for their radio station and other ministries operating through here. I have the expertise and experience to help but need to know if it is God’s will.
  • Summer camps in Thailand and Cambodia as well as Vietnam Ministries (I have been asked to come meet some missionaries in June from the US who have some large works in Vietnam. They want to do some BAM ministry. I need to know if I should go meet with them.
  • In April we start BAM training via Skype video for entrepreneurs in Nigeria in preparation for the BAM Nigeria conference in October. I have been invited to go to BAM S. Africa in early October.
There is more but if you would just pray for those things listed above and for strength and finances to do all that the Lord has set before me. God has been generous and is allowing me to fulfill my destiny that He spoke over me more than 40 years ago. Thank you for your participation in what the Lord is doing to reach lost souls from every nation, kindred, tribe and tongue.
God Bless you, Jim 
SEPTEMBER 12, 2016
Things are going well. I get tired but have been sleeping well. I’m not as busy as last year. Tomorrow, I will visit with a former president of Nigeria. It is rainy season and lots more rain than Thailand. Traffic is horrible and no one obeys road signs, rules, etc. It is a completely lawless society when there is no policeman around. Again this year, there are lots of soldiers about. There was a huge armoured car in front of the church I attended and a machine gun emplacement out front with a .50 caliber machine gun. Most soldiers carry AK-47 type weapons and sidearms. There are actually three churches together and an oil pipeline in the rear. The soldiers were protecting the oil pumping station rather than the churches.


Please pray for the following:

1. Safety as I travel in Lagos and my meeting schedule. We need to meet with lots of people but have not always been able to get there on time because of HORRIBLE traffic.

2. Favor with people and open doors to meet key leaders.

3. That the conference on 22nd and 23rd will be well attended and
people will be inspired to become a new missions force for Nigeria,
all of Africa and the world.

4. Meeting with the former president tomorrow.

5. That I would be able to lose some weight on this trip, and maintain good health and energy.

6. That God would use me and fill my mouth with His words wherever I go.

Thanks for praying


July 2016 Update

Hello from rainy Chiang Mai,


We are in the rainy season which lasts from May throughIs not the commission of our lord william carey October. It rains a little almost every day. I carry my folding umbrella with me wherever I go these days. I even took it to Vietnam last month when I went to do leadership training for about 80 pastors. We don’t take photos to publish in newsletters and on the internet because of security reasons. Some of those attending pastor un-registered churches. We sometimes call them underground churches. I was able to pass out a “Teambuilding” booklet in Vietnamese for everyone who attended. I also sold extras at my cost for them to pass along to their leaders. The first 2000 copies are almost gone already. It has been my experience that if you pay for it, it has value. If it is free, there is not much value to it. The second book on “The Leader’s Job Description” will be sold (mostly) at my cost of about 25 cents each. The money will pay for reprinting when the first edition is gone. The government license to print it should come this month. They are also being translated into Burmese and will be printed by the end of summer. Someone is also translating them into Khmer (Cambodian) and Spanish. They are free on the internet in English and Vietnamese at: www.leadership101.asia.
I have met with several missionaries and pastors this past week since I returned. I give advice on a variety of topics, mostly leadership and organizational management but also do mentoring and personal Bible Studies. I will visit a Thai church on Sunday at the request of the pastor who also does Business As Missions (BAM). He wants me to meet the Japanese non-Christian husband of a Thai leady at his church. The husband does not speak Thai or English. I hope my Japanese will come back to me. It usually does after about minutes of struggling. My brain clicks and then it’s back to remembering.
I met with a delegation from BAM Nigeria yesterday to plan for the BAM conference in Lagos in September. That’s the organization I started last August when I was there. I also spoke with an Australian friend who will bring a delegation from the BAM conference in South Africa. I learned that the Vice President of Nigeria is a Christian and a member of the church pastored by one of the men I met with yesterday. He will try to get him to visit the conference.
I am writing some new booklets but it is slow going. I can’t seem to get myself motivated to finish them. Some of the booklets are Bible teaching subjects and not leadership or management related. I see the need for short single subject booklets that are inexpensive to print. As I mention writing them, others encourage me to do so. Please pray that I can get motivated to finish the ones I have already started.
Thanks for praying for me and supporting the work I am doing. If you would like to help pay for the translation and printing cost of booklets, please send donations to Message Ministries and mark it for publishing ministry. Otherwise, donations will be used for travel costs and living expense. So far this year, I have been to Cambodia three times, Vietnam twice, Myanmar, Laos and Singapore once. I have also traveled several times to the north and western borders of Thailand twice. I love to travel but it is really tiring. It’s not because I will be 70 years old in a few months but because it is just tiring.
Thanks for praying for me. I love what I am doing and would rather be here doing what I’m doing than anywhere else on earth. If you would like to help me by praying and finances, please feel free to do so.

God bless you,


May 2016 Update

Teaching at a Burmese church in Thailand

Thanks so much for praying for me.  I was recently in Vietnam to do training with about 50 pastors.  While I was there, I met with the pastor who is arranging for the publishing of two of my leadership booklets in Vietnamese.  I also met with another pastor who will read the booklets onto CD and make them available for illiterate pastors in the villages in extreme North Vietnam near the borders with Laos and China.  We will also put them into some tribal language up there as well.  These can be used throughout the region in other countries.  I just commissioned a Burmese pastor to translate the booklets into Myanmar (Burmese).  God is at work in these parts of the world and the church is growing.  These simple, yet profound, teachings will encourage and instruct pastors to multiply their leadership throughout the region.  Thanks for helping with translation and printing costs.  I found a printer in Vietnam who will print them for about 25 cents US or 7000 Vietnamese Dong. 

I took a short trip to Singapore last week to meet with an Israeli chemical company salesman and the owner of a large chemical company as part of a BAM (Business As Missions) project that we hope will raise funds for missions projects here in SE Asia.  We need to stop thinking of hundreds and thousands of dollars, as vitally important as the are to us at this time, but begin to think BIG if we are going to impact the world in the short time that is left before the return of Jesus.  We pray in every dollar and husband it with care but look to the days when the wealth of the world will be used for Kingdom purposes.  I have no desire to be rich, only to have what it takes to do God’s work in my last decade or so before heading home.  It’s what we do for ourselves but what we do for eternity that counts.  Please pray for BIG BAM projects.


I will go to western Thailand for a week to do another week of leadership training for an awesome ministry that rescues children involved in the sex trade and slavery.  People in the west have no idea what is happening in places where life is cheap and are void of the impact of Christianity on the general population.  These kids are transformed by the power of the Love of Jesus expressed through His dedicated servants who introduce them to their master.  I have seen MANY orphanages and children’s homes in this part of the world but none compare to those of this ministry’s impact on these kids.  They are truly transformed and you can see the Love of Jesus in their eyes.  The eyes are the doorway to the soul and you can tell that Jesus is there and not just an empty stare as if there is no one home.  Pray for Lana and her staff of 50 + workers at the children’s home in Mae Sot. 


I will go to the US at the end of this month to meet my new Grandson, Rohan, who was born two weeks ago in California.  I will also visit friends and supporters in Texas and Alabama.  I don’t usually have time to visit everyone but wish I could.  Honestly, I see Asia as my home now and not the US.  It’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.  God has given me Asia GRACE.  You can tell you are in the right place if you ask yourself, “If I could live anywhere and do anything, where would it be?”  If you cannot say, “Right here, doing what I’m doing now” then you are in the wrong place.


I want to say, “thank you” for praying for me.  I can tell the difference when people are praying.  Thank you also for helping me financially to travel, teach and mentor young leaders and to write articles and books that will multiply my ministry.  Also, I am now writing articles regularly for a leadership website that reaches missionaries and leaders throughout this part of the world and beyond.

Please pray for the following:


  1. Continued spiritual blessing from the Lord to do His work.
  2. Continued financial blessings to do His work. I just had two teeth pulled and will get a bridge to replace one of them at a cost of around $900.  They tell me that I need to get a posts and a fake tooth at a cost of $2000.  Please pray that the Lord will provide it I really need it.
  3. Publishing of the booklets in Vietnamese, Myanmar and other languages. Also for the audio books in Lao and tribal languages.
  4. A good safe and fruitful trip to the US for three weeks (end of May till mid-June)
  5. The October BAM conference in still being planned for Nigeria. Please pray that it will come together.  Also for finances for me to return for the conference.  I have invitations to several countries and especially potential projects in Uganda.
May 2016 Randall Prayer Requests


FEBRUARY 2016 Update

Hello from Southeast Asia.


Brian Weller and I with Thai Village Pastor.

Brian Weller and I with Thai Village Pastor.

I have been very busy for the past couple of months. I have been in Cambodia three times, in Laos and Myanmar once, northern and western Thailand twice each. I have spent little time in Chiang Mai.

I had to leave the country before the first of the year to re-enter Thailand so that I could apply for a new Retirement Visa. After two days of red tape, I received a three-month visa. I will need to re-apply next month and will be given a one-year visa. I will also need to buy another multiple re-entry permit. The visa and re-entry permit cost around $300. It’s all part of the cost of doing the Lord’s work.

Teaching at the Free To Serve 
Discipleship Training School.

I was in Cambodia and northern Thailand doing pastor training for national pastors. They have no time for formal Bible School so this is the best way for them to learn the Bible and become more effective for the Kingdom of God. In Thailand, they come mostly from Myanmar and Laos. It takes time when you have multiple interpreters. In Cambodia, some of the pastors are illiterate so they have to listen carefully. It is interesting to watch them listen. Pol Pot killed all the educated people in Cambodia in the mid to late 1970’s so for a generation after that, there were almost no teachers.

I will return to Vietnam to do more pastor training for a week beginning on 14 March. I will meet with the pastor who has translated my leadership booklets and arrange for printing. A missionary has already committed to buy 500 of each title. These booklets will help to multiply the lessons I teach and raise up more effective leaders. I will either sell the booklets at cost, to help pay for the next printing, or just give them away. If you would like to help with the printing cost, please let me know.

Teaching at a Burmese Church.

I was in Western Thailand twice in the past few weeks at Life Impact International. They have a ministry that rescues children from prostitution and slavery along the border with Myanmar. Tribal children are often sold because their parents can’t care for them. Some are drug addicts and sell their kids for a few dollars for more drugs. I went to take Brian Weller to minister to the kids there and they got me to do some staff training while I was there. The leader immediately asked me to come back for a week. I was with them all last week and will go again soon to develop a leadership training program. They have a staff of 54 people,

At the Life Impact Children’s Home
in Mae Sot, Thailand

from Burma and Thailand. God has given the leader, Lana Vasquez, great favor with the government. She has the same authority as the police to go into any place on the Thai side of the border to rescue children who are being sold and used. She is the only non-Thai person with that kind of authority. The kids at her facility are full of life as the healing power of God transforms their lives through the ministry received there. I have seen LOTS of children’s homes in this part of the world and life Impact has a program worth imitating. Lana’s work is so successful that she has been asked to go to Brazil to set up some homes there. She wants her staff well trained before she thinks about going.

I will return to the US in May for the birth of Stephanie’s second child, a boy this time. I fill the role that a mom usually fills because her mother died in 1999. I will look after her and the family for a couple of weeks till she is up to it herself. I will go to Texas and Alabama to visit family and friends there. I have been asked to go to Colorado Springs meet people at a Missions Conference. It would be really beneficial in making connections for BAM Nigeria. We just had a conference call yesterday with people from Asia, Africa and the US planning for projects in Nigeria and a BAM Conference in October.

Thanks for praying for me and for supporting me so that I can expand the Kingdom of God through training and mentoring leaders in Asia and Africa. Honestly, If I had had this kind of training 20 years ago, I would have been much more effective. One person says it is like the difference between a hammer and a nail gun. I do lots of training here in Thailand as well as coaching and mentoring leaders locally as well as via Skype. Thanks for supporting me financially so that I can help them do what God has asked them to do. Every bit helps because I am doing LOTS more travel. Having been a missionary most of my life, my SSI check is small but it covers my living expenses. Missions donations are all used for travel expenses, training materials and ministry expenses. Also, please pray for continued good health.

God Bless, Jim 
2015 Merry Christmas Banner
Hello from Thailand,

May this Christmas be full of love, Joy, Peace and may 2016 be your very best year so far! This will be my first Christmas without a single family member.

This has been a busy and eventful year traveling here in Asia and Africa doing training and mentoring leaders who will also train others (II Timothy 2:2). So far this year I have been in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and S. Korea, some multiple times. I was also in Nigeria for the month of August doing leadership training and setting up a new mission organization, BAM (Business As Missions) Nigeria. The board is now functioning and looking for business opportunities that they can launch. These board members are all leaders of large organizations and/or large churches. One is a lawyer/pastor who plans to run for president in the next election. God gave me connections and favor with key leaders in August. I am the only foreigner on the board. There are 40 million evangelical Christians in Nigeria but less than 1,000 missionaries have been sent to other nations. We plan to change that in the coming years by empowering self-supporting missionaries.

I will continue to do leadership training and mentoring in SE Asia but will return to Africa periodically to do training and other ministry. I plan to return to Africa in mid-February. A delegation from Nigeria will arrive here soon. I will take them to Cambodia to see some BAM projects and meet with leaders there who are using businesses successfully to make a difference in their country by reaching the lost and supporting orphans, new churches, etc. The goal of BAM is to transform a country by using businesses to reaching a new level of people who are outside the church. We will also meet with some BAM leaders here in Thailand. When I return to Nigeria, we will hold several one week training schools for leadership development and organizational management. I also plan to do some short training sessions in Liberia, Ghana, Uganda and Zimbabwe this year. This is part of the fulfillment of promises the Lord spoke to me many years ago about Africa. He is faithful to keep His promises.


I went to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for a few days and secured a 30 day tourist visa and prepared for three more trips in January and early February. I am now in the process of getting a new Retirement Visa in Thailand. Please pray that all will go smoothly and that I will be able to get my Retirement Visa before Christmas. Retirement Visas are easier to get than missionary type visa. Also, there is a strong movement by Buddhist here to send all Christian missionaries home. A Retirement Visa would not be affected by this but I need favor with the Immigration officials. A Missionary Visa in your passport can stop you from getting into some countries. The list is growing.

I have written another booklet that is not yet on the website. (www.leadership101.asia) Please feel free to download any of these booklets at no cost to you. The first two have been translated into Vietnamese. I need to have them printed but I don’t have the funds at the moment. They will cost about $1 each and will be given to leaders as the funds permit. Other languages are in the process of translation. If you would like to help with that, please go to: http://www.messageministries.com/asia-jim-randall/ – 100% of these donations come to me to use as designated and you will receive a tax exempt receipt.

God bless you and Merry Christmas. May 2016 be your very best year so far,   Jim


OCTOBER – Randall Mission Update

Southeast-Asia-map1Hello and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this letter and pray for me.

Sorry to have taken so long since my last note to you. I just returned from the US and recovering from jet lag and an intensive trip. I was going to spend more time in the US and go up to BC but broke a back tooth. I was already planning to have it pulled when I returned. It is so incredibly expensive to go to a dentist in the US. Dental work in Thailand is only about 20% of what it cost in the US and Australia. Many people come to Chiang Mai for what they call “Dental Holiday.” Then a few days later one of my front teeth also broke off at the gum. It had a crown from a work related accident almost 45 years ago. Apparently some decay had gotten under the crown and it broke off at the gum. Stephanie’s dentist in California glued it back temporarily but it needs to be replaced. I will see the dentist tomorrow. They will probably say I need a dental implant. It had already been recommended for the back tooth before I went to Nigeria. Someone suggested that I get them all pulled and get dentures. That’s for old people and I’m not there yet.

I had wanted to see more of you but felt that I needed to return home to take care of the teeth problem. Besides, people from Africa were suppose to arrive this week but I was just notified that they will not come till November 8. Also Sandy Cohen just wrote saying that she cannot come in December as planned. I am wondering what’s going on. When a door closes, God usually opens another.

Prayer requests:
1. I need to get my dental work taken care of this week or at least begin the process. I need wisdom as to what to do. Both teeth had old crowns and both broke off at the gum. The rear one may need surgery to get it out. I REALLY don’t like dentists. I have heard that all dentists are going to Hell because their mission in life is only to inflict pain. Please pray that all will go well and that I will make the best decisions and that the Lord will provide for whatever I need. If I get a dental implant, it will cost around $2,000 for each tooth and take several months to complete.

2. My schedule. The Africans will probably want to go to Cambodia to see a unique rice farming project that I have told them about. The main man will not be there but perhaps there will be someone else who can explain the project. Please pray that all will come together for them here and in Cambodia. They are all board members of the organization, BAM Nigeria, that I suggested and helped them form when I was in Nigeria. I have some position on the board of directors as an adviser. The goal is to start businesses that will reach the lost and support missionary work in other African countries and beyond. Please pray for God’s plan to be revealed for this and for the remainder of the year.

3. Someone gave me a new computer because my old one broke in Nigeria. However, it is not working properly. I will be two weeks before my Russian computer friend will be back to look at it. Please pray that he will get it to work properly. It is an EXTREME frustration. I am using an old computer to write this. The duct tape is still holding it together.

4. The pastor of the church I attend here in CM wants me to meet with three different missionaries who are having problems with their church leadership (other missionaries). As a leadership consultant, he wants me to help resolve leadership issues and train them in how to manage their people. He oversees a couple of hundred churches and leaders in Asia.


6. I need to hear from God for those I minister to as well as for myself. Please pray for a closer walk with the Lord, ears to hear and a willing heart to do what He says. Boldness to speak would also be good. It is often hard to say what people don’t want to hear. Also, I need discipline to write more leadership booklets. The ones in Vietnamese are ready to print which will take funding that I don’t have right now. Each will cost about 50 cents US to print. They are free online but few have access to a computer. I also have request for Thai, Lao and Burmese. Download a free copy at: www.leadership101.asia

7. You can always pray for a steady flow of finances for the work. I haveafrica-color open doors to return to Nigeria and also to go to Ghana, Liberia, Uganda and also Zimbabwe in the Spring.

8. One last request. I need continued good health for the journey ahead. I also need energy. I keep an intensive schedule and sometimes I get very tired. I just turned 69 years old a few weeks ago so I should have another 10 to 15 good years before I will need to start slowing down.

God bless you and thanks for praying for me,




This video shows some of the ministry that Jim does in Southeast Asia. His ministry includes: Training Indigenous Pastors and Missionaries as well as leaders in BAM (Business as Missions). BAM training teaches people in ministry how to start and operate a business in order to become self supporting. Jim is also involved in helping other ministries like orphanages and schools. His goal is to help get the gospel to the people in Southeast Asia.

 To contact Jim directly, please e-mail him at jerandall@juno.com


SEPTEMBER – Randall Mission Update by Jim Randall

I just returned from four days of teaching about 50 pastors in Mae Sai, Thailand. The pastors came from Myanmar, Laos (only 8 of 16 from Laos were allowed across the border this time), China and Thailand. Thanks for praying. The last day, I taught on “Remembering what God has done for you” from Psalms 78:40-42. The word “remember” means to bring back to your memory, to talk about it or make mention and to make some kind of memorial so you will continually keep it before your eyes. The most significant part of the word remember is that it is also the same word translated “male.” It’s not because only the males were remembered in the genealogies but that the male carries the seed of reproduction. Therefore, what you bring back to your memory, talk about and make some kind of memorial for, will be reproduced in your life. Therefore, we should be always giving testimony for the things we want to see reproduced in our lives. The pastors began giving testimonies of things that they need to see reproduced in their lives and ministry.
What do you need reproduced in your life. Give testimony of what God has done in the past and plant a seed of reproduction that will produce in the fullness of time.Giving testimony is powerful. Rev. 12:11.

I left for the USA on September 26 just before midnight (Saturday my time) and arrived inSan Francisco around Noon on Saturday the 26th. I will spend some time with my daughter Stephanie and her family, then go to Dallas (Oct.1 to Oct. 9) to see my son Tim and some supporters. I need to go see my brother in Alabama for a couple of days then be back in Dallas for a conference on the 8th. I will go to St. Petersburg, FL to spend some time with Brian and some Message Ministries folks and share in a Sunday service there. Then I will fly back to California before heading back to Thailand on October 22nd. I am not sure if I will get to Canada this time but I just received an e-mail saying that the people from Africa who were coming in October will be delayed till around November 1. My tickets are already booked. If I can change my departure to Thailand, I will have time to go up to British Columbia.

Please pray for the following.

1. Safe travel, no missed connections, no luggage lost stolen, damaged or delayed.
2. Health throughout the entire travel time. I was healthy during my entire Africa trip and can’t remember when I last had even a headache. I only get tired sometimes.
3. That I can arrange my time to see everyone that I need to and would like to see as well as Divine Appointments.
4. God’s purpose be accomplished at the Global Advance Conference in Dallas on October 7 or 8. I’m not sure which day it is. I will be meeting with the GA leadership and some of their African and Asian contacts to plan for next year.
5. Financial provision for this trip and all that the Lord directs me to do. I will return to Africa in February or March for two months. This time I will also go to Ghana, Liberia and maybe Uganda. Thanks for praying! 
God bless you,      Jim

AUGUST – Randall Mission Update by Brian Weller

Please pray for Jim Randall as he goes to Nigeria – Africa for the month of August.  He has been ministering faithfully in Southeast Asia and will continue to do so, but God has opened this door to Nigeria.  Jim had a word many years ago that he would minister in Africa one day, and after many years that time has come for him to GO. While there, he will minister to thousands of leaders all over Nigeria. 


Would you please join us in prayer as we help to send Jim to Nigeria.  We truly believe it is God’s time for him to go.  He has so many valuable insights to share with leaders wherever he is.  Jim’s heart and the heart of Message Ministries are to help equip indigenous leaders to reach their nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Those of you that know Jim, know he is a leader of leaders and that he has so much to offer ministry leaders as well as anyone who is seeking to follow the Lord.
Please post this ministry schedule and pray for him daily.  Where possible, we have included the times and places where Jim is scheduled to minister.  Please pray for wisdom as he ministers and pray that the Holy Spirit would use him to encourage and exhort these men and women of God.  Also, please pray for health and for the finances needed to travel throughout Nigeria for a whole month.  Jim is trusting the Lord to meet the needs associated with this trip and we are trusting the Lord with him.
Jim wrote some booklets on leadership which he plans on printing before he goes to Nigeria.  If you would like to help with the cost of that, your support is welcome.  On his behalf, I want to thank you supporting Jim through your prayers and/or financial support.  Without you he could not do what God has called him to do and I know that God is doing wonderful things through his ministry.  We are all blessed to be a small part of that. 
Thank you and may God bless you,   Brian Weller   


August  2 — 9 til Noon

Assembles of God – Ereko

Topic: Church and the Great Commission

August  2 — 4 til  6pm

Egbin Power Station Christian Fellowship – Ikorodu, Lagos

Topic: Business as Missions

Aug.   4-7 — 3 hours Daily

Lagos MegaShift Business Meeting 
Topic: Business as Missions
August  8 — 8:00am
MBFC Managing Business with Christ – Lagos 
Topic: Business as Missions


August  9 — 9 til Noon
Assemblies of God – Alagbole
Topic: Church and the Great Commission


Christ Faith Church Annual Convention
Topics: Discipleship, Mentoring and Business as Missions
August 15
SVM2 South – Leaders from Different Denominations
Topic: Business as Missions
August 16 — 9 til Noon 
Christ Faith Church – Akwa-ibom
Topic: Church and the Great Commission
Aug. 17-19
MBFC Managing Business with Christ – Lagos
Topic:  Business as Missions
Aug. 20-22
Church Growth – Leaders from Different Denominations – Lagos
Topic:  Business as Missions
August  23 — 9 til Noon
Assemblies of God – Victoria Island
Topic: Church and the Great Commission
August  23 — 2 til 6pm
Assemblies of God – Victoria Island
Topic: Church and the Great Commission
Aug. 24-29
Scripture Union Annual Conference at Camp of Hope – Okigwe
Teaching every day.
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I find myself doing more and more mentoring of young leaders helping them think through their vision and plans.  It is easy to become overwhelmed at the size of the job that is before us.  It’s like building a large building.  At first, it seems such an enormous task but if each craftsman does what he is supposed to do at the right time, the building will begin to take shape and eventually be completed.  Our work expands with continuing generations of new people being born.  We are only responsible for the time in which we live but hopefully building in such a way that new generations can build on the work we have done.  The job will not be finished till Jesus returns.  When Jesus finished His atoning work on the Cross, he said, “It is finished.”  At some point he will utter these words again but in regard to our work here on earth.  I and many others, like you, are doing the work assigned to us and hoping that our generation will see the completion of the Great Commission. 
In Romans 10:13, we read, “For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.  How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed?  And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?  And how shall they hear with a preacher?  And how shall they preach unless they are sent?”
In this passage, you will find three categories of people; Hearers, Preachers and Senders.  Which are you?  If you have not heard and responded to the truth of the Good News, you are a Hearer.  If you are a Believer, then you are either a Preacher of a Sender.  There are no Observers.  You are either called to GO and preach or Stay and send those who are called to go.  Some of us have been given the greatest privilege in the world, that is, to GO into all the world and preach the Gospel, as a missionary.  We are not all preachers.  Some of us do support work, like teaching, training and keeping the front line soldiers of the Cross out there doing their ministry.  Senders are those who stay behind to guard the camp and they received an equal reward with those who went to battle (I Samuel 30:24).  Both are necessary.  This does not mean that you, as a sender, are not responsible to share the Good News wherever you are.  It just means that you get to sleep in your own bed, eat familiar food and speak your native language all the time.  Getting to go is, to me, one of the greatest privileges I have ever known.  It’s kinda like being in God’s special forces.  I did some Ranger training at Fort Benning, Georgia in 1966.  Being a missionary is not like that but it has some similarities in the spiritual realm.
Thanks so much for praying for me and those I minister to and help with planning and implementation of their calling.  I meet with someone almost daily to plan, pray and encourage them that they are doing the Lord’s work and He is pleased with them.  I’m like the grandfather that they can talk with and help them work through their problems and issues.  I wish I had had someone to talk with when I was in Japan years ago doing front line church panting.  I have lots of experience.  That does not mean that I have all the answers but at least I can tell them what not to do from my personal experiences.
Thanks for praying for me and those I serve here in this part of the world.  
  1. The Leadership booklets are being translated into Vietnamese. That the translator will clearly convey the heart of the teaching.  I need wisdom for the printing.
  2. That the details of the Nigeria trip will come together and that I will have the right message and appropriate teaching for each location.
  3. Continued supply of the finances I need to do the Lord’s work here and in Africa.
  4. Continued good health. Not traveling to strange places and eating exotic foods for the past few months has caused me to gain a bit of weight.  I would like the Lord’s help to lose it.
  5. I would like to see the Supernatural work of the Lord when I go to Nigeria.
God Bless, Jim Randall



Rainy season has begun here in Chiang Mai. We do not have monsoons like some places in Asia because we are in more of a mountainous region but we do have jungles. The almost daily rain causes the temperatures to drop to the 90’s (mid 30’s Celsius) which is a welcome relief. I have a folding umbrella I bought in Japan last year and is a necessity for my backpack.

I spent four days at Immigration last week getting a new retirement visa for my new passport. It seemed that each day they wanted some new document that was not needed last year. When your passport gets within six months of expiration, no country will not allow you to enter. I was stranded here for almost a month waiting for my new passport. My old passport had extra pages added but was almost full anyway (74 pages total). It had one stamp when I arrived in Thailand almost two and a half years ago.

God has been good to open doors of opportunity for me to minister to2015-01-30 07.54.56 many people multiple times in 11 different countries in SE Asia. Only five souls have been added to the Kingdom from my preaching during that time but my assignment has been to train leaders so they can do the work of the ministry and reach those I will never meet till we all get to Heaven.

I have been writing leadership training booklets that will be translated into five languages, Thai, Lao, Myanmar, Khmer (Cambodia), Vietnamese and Mandarin. I feel that booklets are better than a full book. They are small enough to keep in your Bible and carry with you. They will also be cheap enough for leaders to give away or photocopy. The first one is being translated into Vietnamese this month.

The tradition in these countries is for foreigners to give their books away because the people are too poor to buy them. The problem with giving them away is twofold. First, most people feel the value of something is proportional to what you pay for it. Generally, if it is free, it is not worth much. Second, we need to teach faith for people to trust God to supply for what they need for themselves and their ministry. Missionaries have erred in this arena in two extremes. Rich western pastors come over here and tell the people they are too poor to pay for something they need or want so we rich missionaries will give it to you. We are teaching them by our example that the truth of the Word of God does not work for them and they must depend on us. Being in poverty is not a sin but it does make you feel inferior. I do not teach the “name it and claim it” doctrine but rather a Bible based faith that our God shall supply for our needs regardless of our nationality. We are cheating the brethren if we are not teaching and stretching them to believe the whole truth of the Bible. I plan to sell these booklets for less than they cost to print if necessary or give them away to individuals for a firm commitment to pray for me personally every day for a month. (Read about the gleanings from the fields in the OT. It cost the poor to go get it and thresh it just like they would if they had grown it themselves.) The goal is not to make money from these booklets but to teach them that God’s word is true and works for everyone who will believe. All proceeds will be used to print the next edition of the booklets. As missionaries, we must reevaluate our methods if we want to build a strong, faith based church in Asia. Remember, the last seven words of a dying church are, “We never did it that way before.”

I plan to go to Nigeria for the month of August to work with the Student Volunteer Movement II. I will speak at their annual convention in Lagos and travel throughout the southern provinces to do training for various groups. Going to Africa will fulfill the Word of God to me from 40 years ago. I hope to have some of my leadership booklets in English to present to leaders where I teach. I will give them permission to reprint in English and/or translate into regional languages for distribution in Africa. The same principle applies there so the booklets will be made available for sale.

Thanks for praying for me and helping financially so that I can be your representative to train those who will reach those who have not yet heard the Good News of Jesus.

God bless you,  Jim

Please pray for the following:
1. Provision for the ministry, personal living expenses, travel and cost for translating and printing of the Leadership booklets.
2. Good health and safety.
3. Closer walk with the Lord and the ability to hear His voice and respond quickly.
4. Ability to write the remaining leadership booklets in a way that is understandable for Asians.
5. Ability to mentor the various leaders I meet and correspond with regularly here in Chiang Mai and SE Asia.
6. That God would go before me and prepare the way for the Nigeria trip.



 Hello from Chiang Mai,
Jim Randall and a leader of the village we visited in Cambodia.

Jim Randall and a leader of the village we visited in Cambodia.

Thank you for being a part of the team that is helping to reach the unreached in South East Asia.  Since the first of the first of the year, I have had opportunity to teach a Bible School course for about 50 pastors in south Cambodia as well as continue mentoring young leaders in Thailand. 

Brian Weller and Ron Bouvier from Message Ministries came for the last

With Jim Randall and Ron Bouvier, riding in a Tuk Tuk in Thailand

With Jim Randall and Ron Bouvier, riding in a Tuk Tuk in Thailand

week of January and the first week of February.  We were able to visit children’s homes in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia where Brian ministered in Music and words of encouragement for the children and staff.  In Cambodia, we visited a small village in the south where Brian sang and preached a short message.  Five people indicated that they wanted to become Christians.  People are ready, we just need to be willing to go.

2015-02-08 16.43.58While in Phnom Penh, Cambodia I visited with a ministry that is headed by an old friend that I have not seen since the mid 1980’s.  Marion Fromm is now a widow in her late 70’s but is still going strong.   We talked via Skype for half an hour about the ministry she founded 11 years ago before visiting their production facility.   She had just left on a trip to visit family in Australia.  The company dries fruit and ships it to Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Australia.  They employed land mine victims who have lost a foot or leg or some other debilitating injury.  They employ around 65 people and 70% of them have become Christians.  They have a much greater demand than their small factory can handle and they want to expand.  I will help them write grants and find funding for expanding this profitable ministry.  I say profitable in that it supplies jobs for those who are otherwise unemployable and supports other ministries as well.  This is a good example of Business As Missions that is meeting a real need and supporting the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  Please pray that I will be able to help them get the funding they need to expand their BAM Ministry.

2015-02-07 16.37.38I will go to Vietnam again in about two weeks to teach in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).  I will teach about 200 pastors and leaders how to become more effective in raising up a new generation of leaders who will be able to multiply their work (II Timothy 2:2).  Please pray that things will go smoothly and that the funds needed (about $10 for each pastor) will come in so they can be trained to be more effective in reaching this Communist country.  We will have lookouts posted to signal if anyone unknown approaches.  If that happens, I will immediately sit down and one of the pastors will get up to speak.  According to the law, we are not allowed to do anything but observe and bring greetings.  However, God’s law is higher than man’s law.  I would only be deported but they would be imprisoned if caught.

Thanks for being a part of my team.  The prayers and finances help expand the Kingdom of God in this part of the world where two out of three people have never heard that Jesus died for their sins.  We have so much preaching in America but little to none in this part of the world.  It is now Asia’s turn to hear and you can be a part by helping to send me as your representative to the unreached of SE Asia.

May our God bless you and give you peace,    Jim
To contact Jim directly, please e-mail him at jerandall@juno.com


Hello From Chiang Mai, 

It’s been a while since I wrote a newsletter because I have been busy doing the same old things, training and personal mentoring of key leaders.  I usually teach FREE seminars focusing on leadership skills for missionaries here in South East Asia, but also train and connect them with Business As Missions opportunities so they can earn money while doing the work of the ministry.  However, this last month, I had two new things happen in my life.

The first thing was that I went to China.  Before this, I had only been in Chinese airports but never getting to see the country and its people.  This was the fulfillment of a promise God made to me 40 years ago while China was closed to Americans.  I was there escorting a Jewish philanthropist lady from Dallas, Texas.  We stayed at the guest house of an orphanage that cares for handicapped children, mostly babies with deformities.  Often they only need surgery to repair their abnormalities.  Handicapped children are usually given up because of the “one child” policy in China and are adopted to families, mostly in the US.  I used my I-Phone to take photos but it was hacked and I lost everything.  I got to see the Great Wall and much of Beijing but no photos remained.  I will be back, I’m sure to work toward seeing God’s kingdom firmly established.

Another first is that we were deported from Myanmar.   We did not have the right paper work.  We were missing a letter from an “authorized” travel agent.  I had set up our flights in and out and hotels online.  In the past, I had a business visa but this was my first tourist type trip.  We were exploring new opportunities and not working with an established company.  I lost the cost of one airfare and three nights at a hotel that I had already booked and paid for.  It is easier to get into China and every other country in SE Asia than it is to get into Myanmar.

I began the journey with Sandy in Cambodia where we met the founder of Daughters of Cambodia, a ministry that rescues sex workers and trains them for productive lives.  They have a café and a sewing factory.  They provide a day care for the children of those they are training.  Because of the general slowdown of tourism in SE Asia, every ministry is tightening their belts.  We also met with some other BAM people who are starting businesses that will hopefully supply jobs and funding for others, especially at the huge garbage dump where many people make a living searching through garbage for things to recycle.  

The word has gotten out and I meet with someone almost every day here in Chiang Mai.  I help leaders become more productive in their ministry through training them how to organize and train their people so the leader can be free to expand their ministry.  Ministries are growing but many of the leaders are still doing everything themselves and often burn out.  I am beginning to see leaders change and make the transition to train their people to do what they themselves have been doing.  Growth without change is impossible.  Significant growth without significant change is impossible.
2014 Cambodia - November - Chhuk Group
I went to south Cambodia last week to teach leadership skills to about 50 pastors from the Vietnam border area.  If we don’t train others to lead, we will not see the Kingdom of God grow.  In II Timothy 2:2, the Apostle Paul told Timothy to train faithful men who would also train others.  Without leaders, the Kingdom of God will not grow.  Ephesians 4:11-12 says that the purpose of leadership is to train the saints to do the work of the ministry.  This principle of God was used by the Apostles to establish the church.  Paul traveled about teaching and leaving leaders behind in every city.  Can we do less?
2014 Cambodia - November - Chhuk


I will return to the US in December for a short visit with my kids and supporters.  I will return to SE Asia to train missionaries and help organizations expand the Kingdom of God here.  Two out of every three people who have not heard the Gospel live within one thousand miles of Chiang Mai, where I sit writing this newsletter.  Romans 10:13-15 says, “For whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed?  And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach except they be sent.”  There are three categories of people in the whole world; Hearers, preachers and senders.  In the world is only hearers but in the church are only preachers and senders.  Which are you; a preacher or senders?  If you are not preaching, you should be sending through prayer and/or finances.    I am here on your behalf.  Would you please pray for me?  If you would like to help pay for some of the travel and training expenses you are welcome to help in that way as well through Message Ministries.  I have enough for personal living expenses but traveling to train native pastors can be expensive.
Please pray for the following:
1. God’s favor and wisdom as I help ministries throughout this part of the world.
2. God’s financial provision for me to travel and train struggling/growing leaders and ministries.  There are now more request for help than I can fulfill without additional finances.  Travel cost are what I need the most.  The people I help are among the least and the last in God’s kingdom.
3. Open doors to share during my trip back to the US in December.
4. Clear direction and open doors for this next year so I can fulfill my call to help leaders grow.  
5. It gets lonely here though I am busy.  Please pray for me to keep focused on God’s call to this part of the world.
God bless you,           Jim


2014SEAsia 264Greetings from Rainy Chiang Mai!   I have been busy doing Leadership Consulting with a number of mission organizations, mostly small ones with 50 or fewer churches.  I am also helping orphan homes, of which there are many.  Actually, I am helping the leaders to become more organized and find ways to generate income for the support of the children.  I am helping them to learn and develop a farming system called Aquaponics, so that they can feed themselves and have some to sell for income.  I have been working with those helping Hill Tribes like Akha, Lahu, Karen and Hmong people in the region.  


Prison Ministry.  I have just started working with a young Thai man who has lived in the US most of his life and has started a prison ministry in the Chiang Mai area.  He is also developing a farm to train parolees and to support them as he finds jobs for them.  So far, they are all young  tribal people, ages 17 to 20, who got into trouble 
I may go to Myanmar to do some pastor training for a group that was started by a Filipino missionary whose name is Robert.  He has been working alone and needs someone to help him move to the next level.  I have spoken at one of their churches in Cambodia and may also do a seminar there.  I meet weekly with Robert to lay a foundation so he can begin to delegate to others rather than doing all the work himself.  
I have been helping a number of other missionaries to develop their ministry or Business As Missions projects for Thailand and surrounding countries.  I met with a man from southern China on Saturday for a second time.  We talked (and prayed) for about two hours.  I plan to take a possible supporter  to meet him and see some of the businesses who are also doing community outreach in China.  New opportunities pop up every week.   


Thank you for praying for me.  I have not traveled internationally as much as last year but it will pick up later this month or in September.  I have found that I can keep quite busy here in Thailand.  I plan to be ministering in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam as well as China before the end of the year.  The opportunities and needs are great.  Would you like to come for a short or long ministry trip?  I can arrange it for you or your church group.
Please pray for good health, new opportunities and finances for achieving what’s set before me. Please write a note if you have time.  It gets really lonely, though I am surrounded by others.


God Bless you! Jim Randall 


Hello from the Orient,

I really appreciate your prayers for me here in this dark land. I call it dark because there are so few Thai people who have any interest in knowing about the Living God. They live in spiritual darkness completely ignorant that there is an alternative. Africa was called, “The Dark Continent” not because the people were mostly black but because of the great spiritual darkness. At this time, Asia is the “Dark Continent.” Two out of three people who have not heard the Gospel live within a thousand miles of Chiang Mai. Not only are they ignorant that they live in darkness but there are so few to bring the Light. It is so sad that 19 out of 20 Thai people you see on the streets are going to Hell when they die. They live in complete spiritual blindness.


I often ask the Lord what I’m doing here since I can’t seem to learn to speak Thai. My hearing as damaged years ago and I cannot distinguish tones in the language. However, I am having a wonderful time mentoring young, mostly Asian, missionaries who can speak the language well.

One missionary that I mentor via Skype regularly is Manoj, from Nepal working in India. Another is Matt, a young Canadian missionary working in Chiang Rai, Thailand. A new one is Robert, a Filipino missionary leader who leads a network of 50 pastors in Myanmar and Cambodia. There are several others in Malaysia and Cambodia that I have regular opportunity to advise and encourage. I meet with local missionaries here in Chiang Mai and have also picked up a couple of leaders in Africa that I correspond with as well.

Sometimes I get discouraged because I am not out doing what the younger missionaries are doing but then remember all those that I am investing in on a daily basis.

Please pray for:

  • I have an invitation to go to Vietnam to mentor a leader there who is in major transition and needs help. I will probably go at the end of this month.
  • I will go in August to Myanmar with Robert (above) to conduct a one week leadership school for church planters.
  • I am working on several connections for missionaries to do BAM (Business As Missions) involving several types of businesses in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. 
  • Sandy Cohen is not coming until mid September but I have new connections for her with Christian business people here in Thailand, south China and Myanmar.
  • I have two important BAM meetings this week. One with Josephine, a business missionary from Malaysia and with Eng, Director of Finance for OMF, who will move to Myanmar in the fall. I will introduce both to a non-Christian Thai businessman with whom God has given me favor. The purpose of BAM is to reach lost business people as well as finance missionary work. If we don’t connect with the lost business people how will we reach them.
  • I have hurt my back and getting therapy but REALLY need healing. Can’t sleep well. 
Thanks for praying !!! I would love to hear from you so please feel free to send me a note if you have time and especially if you have a word from the Lord for me.

Blessings,  Jim


Hello from Thailand,

2014SEAsia 490

Jim in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia.

The coup that took place a month ago has not affected me at all except for the earlier curfew from 10 PM to 6:00 AM.  It is now midnight to 4:00 AM.  Things in Chiang Mai seem normal except for the occasional soldier walking around with an M-16.  Thailand has not had major problems like Myanmar and Cambodia.  It is thought that when the king, age 86, dies, that there will be a major problem.  The son is a playboy and the youngest daughter is affiliated with China where she lives.  The oldest daughter doesn’t want any part of it and she is single and too old to have an heir.  Please keep praying for the stage to be set for revival among the ethnic Thai people.  

Since Sandy Cohen hurt her back at the gym, she won’t come until August.   At that time, we will go to China and other surrounding countries to try to find projects she can become involved with both personally and with finances.  I have some new opportunities for her in Myanmar and here in Thailand.  

Since last year, I have been working with two Business As Missions people in Cambodia who have been struggling with their business as missions project in Phnom Penh.  Last week, I put them in contact with a Japanese businessman here in Thailand who may be able to help develop a new product line.  Sandy may be able to help them if they can adapt their project to fit her parameters.  Please pray for Darin and James to get their business going and help the kids in the garbage dump in Phnom Penh.

2014SEAsia 162

Ministry that teaches Aquaponics to other ministries in Thailand.

I am now working with some new people here in Thailand.  One is a very unusual young Thai man who has a prison ministry.  I will go with him next week to do some ministry in a local prison.  I will also help him develop an Aquaponics system of raising fish and growing veggies to sell.  It will help create jobs for released prisoners.  I have also met a Malaysian/Singaporean lady who has a business that is doing fairly well.  We may be able to expand it into Cambodia.  However, I am helping her develop a business plan for a large orphanage north of here.  She would teach English and develop some business programs to help them become self-supporting.  We will meet again next week to put together a proposal.

I enjoy being here in Thailand and especially helping missionaries succeed.  I have meetings every week helping missionaries develop their ministries.  There seems to be a trend toward starting businesses throughout this region to support local ministries.  This is especially true in creating jobs for young Thai people who become Christians and need time to be mentored before being sent out to reach others.  

2014-03-15 07.22.57

Jim and Brian on bus ride to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Thank you for praying for me and helping me financially to stay on the mission field.  I actually love it here though I would like to get back occasionally to see family and friends.  People ask me about retiring.  I tell them that I can’t find that word or idea in the Bible.  As my old friend Wayne Myers used to say, “I’m not going to RETIRE, I’m going to RE-FIRE and keep going.”  I hope to die with my boots on.  That is, out doing the Lord’s work when my time comes.  Come join me.

Prayer Requests:
1.    Closer walk with the Lord.  I would like to have a personal revival with more power in my life.
2.    God’s blessings on my kids and grandkids.
3.    Open doors for greater ministry and projects mentioned above.
4.    Continued good health.
5.    All the finances I need to travel.  In August, I will be gone most of the month to China, Myanmar and Cambodia doing Business As Missions.

God bless you, Jim


Southeast Asia Mission Update by Jim Randall

photo(5)Hello from Thailand,
I began typing this on Friday (Feb. 28) in a mountain village in the north east of Thailand among a Hmong tribal group.  I am at a Lutheran church with a Thai ministry that does health training for villages in the north.  The leader, Dang, speaks English but her two assistants do not.  However, one of them speaks Japanese so we have been communicating in Japanese instead of English.  Dang’s foundation also supports Children’s Homes and Orphanages.  They come from Bangkok to conduct health clinics and share the Gospel in some very remote villages.  I was asked to visit photoseveral orphanages and give advice about how to become more effective in their ministry.  In the Hmong village, I was asked to share the Word of God twice a day and pray for other needs.  I did not have much time since the messages had to be translated first into Thai and then Hmong.  I had the opportunity to pray with five of them to become Christians.  PTL!  I was not sure why the Lord had prompting me to go for four days with the team but now I know.  When we follow the Lord’s prompting, we always receive His blessing.  I also prayed for an older couple in their 70’s who had come for a health check-up.  (Dang is on the left and the Pastor is on the right.)  photo(4)They are not believers yet and the husband is struggling with opium addiction.  You can join with me in praying for their salvation and his deliverance from this addiction.  They allowed me to pray for them and the pastor is now sure they will become believers very soon.  There are many tribal villages in this rugged mountain area where there are few churches.  Laos is just on the other side of the mountain and many of these people go back and forth across the border.  Please pray for the tribal people of Thailand.  Most are open to the Gospel but there are few who go to these remote areas.

2014 Randall Thailand Couple

Brian Weller, president of Message Missions, and his son, JJ, are coming on March 6, for two weeks.  My deceased wife, Paula, and I worked with Brian many years ago before any of us became involved with Foreign Missions.  Paula was his singing partner when I met them. I will take them to see some of the work going on here in this part of the world so they can determine what the Lord wants them to do here.  (https://www.messagemissions.com ) We will go to Cambodia to see several ministries there and also hope to get to Myanmar as well.  Their time here is short so we need to maximize our schedule.  I will introduce them to missionaries and native pastors so they can get a greater understanding of the need in this part of the world where two out of three people on earth who have never heard the Gospel reside.

The need is great and the opportunities to train and encourage native pastors and workers is ever present.  We have our part but it is the locals who have the work of making disciples.  We can be like Aaron and Hur who held up the hands of Moses so the battle could be won (Exodus 17:12).  Don’t under estimate your part in reaching those who are waiting to hear the Good News that God loves them.  Seeing the joyful smiles on the faces of those who have just entered into eternal life is worth all the effort and sacrifice.  Thank you for your part in their eternal life.  Some day you will get to meet these dear people in Heaven as they come to say, “Thank you” for your part in sending Jim Randall to tell them the Good News of eternal life.

Please pray for me.  Doors continue to open to train and minister to people throughout this part of the world but I need long range direction.  I could stay busy just in Thailand but I want to maximize my time and service for the Kingdom of God.  The need is great but the laborers are few.

Prayer requests:

  • 1. Direction for Brian and JJ’s time here in Asia.  Pray for open doors for future involvement.
  • 2. God’s provision for the work here and safety for our travels (March 5 – 20)
  • 3. Long term direction for me here in Asia and God’.
  • 4. Please pray for my kids back in the US.  Safety, protection and closer walk with the Lord for: Stephanie, Hector, Abby and Tim.
  • 5. It sometimes it gets really lonely here so I am beginning to pray for someone to work alongside.

God bless you and thanks for praying,  Jim




December 2013 Update by Jim Randall

What a year this has been!  God has been so good.  It has been one of the most fruitful years of my life so far.  I have been in 11 countries outside of the US and have participated in a number of leadership training schools Bible Schools and churches throughout South East Asia.  Thank You for helping me to be able to go and serve other Christians in that part of the world.  I have also been able to give advice and counsel to many individual leaders and help them expand their vision for this next year.  I have given out lots of tracts and prayed with one Vietnamese lady in S. Korea to become a Christian.  I have connected her with a church in S. Vietnam when she returns soon.

I am in the US for December, after being away for 11 months, to spend time with my kids and to raise some additional prayer and financial support for the expanding ministry.  It is a whirlwind trip with the holidays in the middle so I may not get to see you, but it is not because I don’t want to.  I plan to return to Thailand in mid-January.

I have an invitation to go to China early this next year to do some leadership training.  This is a real opportunity to go and fulfill something The Lord spoke to me when China was still a very closed country.  I don’t want to end up in a Chinese prison but willing to do so if necessary.  I will be training leaders who will also train others.  It looks like The Lord will have me going to fewer countries this year but staying a longer time to begin mentoring programs with key leaders in each place.  God has given me real favor with key leaders.  This will multiply the efforts we put forth to spread the Gospel rapidly throughout the region.  This is the real purpose; to spread the Gospel and make disciples who will also make disciples (II Timothy 2:3).

Thank you for being a part of my team so that we together can be a part of what The Lord is doing in Asia where 2 out of 3 people who have not heard the Gospel live.  I am not sure where I will go this year but the plan is for China, Myanmar and Cambodia for sure.  The need is great.

Thanks so much for praying for me.  Below, you will find some specific requests.  I would love to hear from you and if you send a phone number, I will be glad to give you a call.

Prayer Requests:
1. Closer walk with The Lord and to hear His voice more clearly.
2. Open doors and clear direction for 2014.
3. Additional financial support to travel and stay in countries for a longer
period of time to do more specific Bible and Leadership training.
4. Health and safety as I travel to some very remote places.
5. Blessings upon my family living in the US.
6. That my prayer partners and financial supporters would be blessed exceedingly
this next year.
7. That God would meet all my needs according to His riches in glory.

Thank you for being a part of my team and May this Christmas be a good one and next year be your very best so far.

Your missionary in SE Asia,


November 2013 Update by Brian Weller

In October, Jim ministered in five different countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam. Jim is now in Mandalay, Myanmar at a pastors’ and leaders’ conference, teaching on leadership and how to start small businesses to support ministries.

Jim is always on the move in that part of the world, training Christian leaders for ministry and helping them set up businesses to support themselves in ministry. Please pray for Jim as he goes forth in this very difficult area of the world known as “the 10/40 window.”  Jim never asks for anything; he lives a life of faith. We are committed to be Jim’s support ministry. Thank you for your prayers as we continue to trust the Lord to meet all the needs associated with Jim’s work in Asia.

2013 November - Yangoon Convenience StoreA Note from Jim Randall:
“The picture at left is a “convenience store” started by a woman who operates an orphanage with 24 children in Yangon, Myanmar. She took BAM (Business as Missions) classes to learn how to start and operate the business; it supports her ministry with the children. She is in the center of the picture between Ryan and Mary, missionaries whom I work with in Yangon.”

Giving it All in Asia by Brian Weller

myan-MMAP-mdAs I write this letter, Jim is in Myanmar, previously known as Burma. The population of this country is about 50 million people. 40 million are Buddhists. Myanmar has a small Christian population with a big task in front of them. Jim is working with Myanmar’s Christian leaders, training them to be more effective in reaching the people of that country, and helping them set up businesses to support their ministries. He is on the front lines of missions, doing the things that will have the longest and most far-reaching effects on the mission field.

Jim never asks us for anything; he is a man of faith and has been as long as I have known him. I was thinking this morning about his wife Paula, who went to be with the Lord many years ago. We used to sing together; we  recorded an album together. She was like a big sister to me. Together, Jim and Paula inspired Anne and me to become more involved in missions.

Jim wrote this and it inspired me today. I hope it inspires you too:

“I see masses of people every day that are going to hell and don’t even know it. I once had a cartoon framed on my office wall in Japan. It showed people floating in the ocean on a block of melting ice while seated in a lawn chair enjoying the sun and a cool drink, while Christian people on shore did the same thing, ignoring the fact that those in the ocean were about to drown. God, help us to wake up and see our disobedience to what You really told us to do by taking the easy, wide road of disobedience rather than the narrow road of obedience.”

Please consider supporting Jim’s ministry.  He is truly a faithful servant of the Lord..

In His service,  Brian Weller


August 2013 Mission Update

2013 Jim RTwo weeks ago I was in Dhaka, Bangladesh doing some consulting and a leadership training seminar.  I have been invited back for their next national leadership gathering to do a full training program.  They are a unique, completely indigenous ministry of former Muslims.  They call themselves, Followers of Jesus.  (http://www.isaechurchbd.org)  They are NOT part of the insider movement.  They have three businesses that support the ministry.  They have a printing ministry that prints books and Bibles for the Bible Society and themselves as well as other Christians and secular businesses.  They have a generator business which rents generators from small to the size of a minivan for commercial purposes.  They also have a car rental business.  Their most unique feature is their Live Drama Program which does 10 performances in five regions of the country.  They combine folk music, stand up comedy shows and a live play that they write and produce about current social issues.  The program is done outdoors in the cool dry season.  They have between 2,000 and 4,000 people attend each performance.  The audience really gets into the issues and often shouts responses of agreement or for the criminal, “Hang him, hang him.”  At the end, they give out fliers directing people to their website where they can get more helpful advice on that and other issues in their culture.  They offer phone Numbers and e-mail addresses where trained (church) counselors will help.  Those who respond are offered Bible courses and invitations to church gatherings.  They have had 5,000 Muslims become followers of Jesus in 10 years.  Most traditional western (type) ministries have had few if any new Muslim believers.  If you want more information, please let me know and I will send you lots more about this great ministry.

I am teaching this week at the YWAM Language and Leadership school in Chiang Rai, Thailand.  Most of the students are for some reason are from Mongolia but also from Thailand, Canada and the US. The Mongolians are involved in an intensive study of English as well as leadership. It is almost impossible to read any expression on their faces so it is difficult to know if they are understanding what I teach, even at half my normal speaking speed.  English is the international language and is becoming a necessity if you are going to become involved with international missions, even to the country next door.  Last night I went on an outreach at a local market with some of the students.  We had one from Thailand, one Canadian, one American and four Mongolians and me.  We went to a market where vendors and individuals set up and sell things.  It is somewhat like a giant flea market where food and mostly new stuff is sold by placing a tarp on the ground or setting up tables or racks for clothes.  You can get almost anything, including fresh fried crickets and grubs.  The tribal people seem to like those but not the regular Thai people.  The large cricket box reminded me of going fishing with my dad when I was a kid.  We used them for bait, not for food.  The YWAMers sold good used clothes and home made frozen yogurt to help finance their outreach to Laos which starts next week.  They sang worship songs in Thai and English with their guitar case open for donations.  I passed out tracts and practiced English with shoppers.  I prayed for The Lord to show me which people to give tracts to.  I talked with quite a few people including some Japanese men (Japanese are always surprised to find a foreigner who speaks Japanese) and two brothers who spoke good English.  One of the brothers just took a job in Chiang Mai as an engineer.  When I asked him about his relationship with God he said that he had been thinking about God.  PTL!  I knew it was a divine appointment and I had heard from The Lord about which ones to give the tracts to.  We talked for a few minutes and I prayed with both of them, not for salvation but for him to continue his journey till he finds Jesus.  I also gave him a small booklet that I had in my backpack and my business card for him to contact me when he moved to Chiang Mai.  Sometimes we are suppose to only water or cultivate the plant, not pick the fruit too early when it is not ready.  I felt like a real missionary reaching the lost directly.  I plan to meet this afternoon with a Thai businessman that I had met earlier in Chiang Rai.  He is not a Christian yet but I am working on it.

Next week I will go to southern Cambodia near Vietnam to teach at a Bible School like the one in Mae Sai where the students come for an intensive week of teaching every two or three months for two years to get a Bible School Certificate.  I will teach on the Character of God this time.  I will then meet with various missionaries in Phnom Penh to talk about Business As Missions and projects that need funding help.  I will meet with the largest orphan care organization in Cambodia with 3,500 orphans.  This will be a critical meeting for connecting them with funding from the US.  I will then go to Siem Reap, the location of Angor Wat, perhaps the most famous Hindu temple in the world.  I will teach a leadership seminar and do BAM consulting.

Thanks for praying for me and also for the financial support that enables me to go and train leaders to train others so that the Gospel will reach the lost before it is too late.  Remember, “The Gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.”

God bless you and thanks again,



July 2013 Mission Update

There is a shift that is taking place in missionary work in Asia. Because of economic downturns, funding from the US and Europe has decreased significantly forcing mission agencies to look for new and innovative ways to fund their work. It seems that God is directing missionaries to begin setting up businesses that will generate needed funds to grow the ministries. This movement is called “Business As Missions” or BAM. BAM is having two unexpected benefits beyond funding. First, it is opening new doors into the community and reaching people not touched by traditional mission activity. Secondly, it is empowering people not called to traditional mission work to realize that they can make a significant difference in advancing the Kingdom of God every day in the marketplace. I am scheduled to go to Bangladesh in late July to meet with a pastor/businessman to talk about setting up a branch of a Christian company from Singapore that will fund new church planting work. I will go to Yangon (Rangoon) in August to help find a BAM project to fund orphanages and schools to reach children while their hearts are still soft and open.


Last month, I was invited to an unusual type of Bible School in Thailand, just across the border from Myanmar (Burma). There were 40 pastors and church planters from Myanmar, Laos and southern China who work with tribal people in their own country. They come to Thailand three to four times per year for a week of intensive training so that they can finish a Bible School curriculum in two years. Laos and China and some provinces in Myanmar are Communist controlled and restrict Christian activity. They must be careful about contact with westerners so they to come to Thailand for training. This type of two year intensive seminar type Bible School is also used in Vietnam and Cambodia. I will go to Cambodia next month to teach for a week and if some scheduling conflicts can be resolved, to Vietnam in September. The travel and seminar cost of these Bible Schools are paid by us western missionaries because the native missionaries could not otherwise come. Thank you for helping fund their training by your gifts.

The faces of these native pastors and church planters are removed for security reasons.

Dr. Jim Randall


2013 July Randall Report



our_school_building_(2)Last year I worked as a consultant for the Strategic Resource Group,
a Christian organization that funds media evangelism and discipleship in the Middle East and North Africa. I did data analysis and wrote funding recommendations for projects to reach Arabic speakers. As you may know, the fuel for the “Arab Spring” was social media, especially the use of mobile and cell phone technology to spread information.

The Jesus Film Project followed this example and has made a way to share the Jesus Film through your cell phone in 1,150 languages. Download the app for free – http://app.jesusfilmmedia.org, and you can take the Jesus Film with you wherever you go. Also, please read the stories about Tom, the bus driver from Kenya, and Cheeia, the Hmong-American student, and the impact of seeing the Jesus Film in their native languages – http://www.jesusfilmmedia.org (lower right).

We are looking for ways to screen the Jesus Film, in native languages, in villages and schools throughout the region. The attached photo is from the school we work with in Burma. The fellow on the left is the Thai-Burmese businessman/missionary I work with in that region of Burma.

– Dr. Jim Randall

2013 April - Jim Randall Asia

Orphan Entrepreneur_2

Part of Jim’s work is helping orphanages start businesses to help support themselves. The orphans pictured here now have a way to support themselves with a little business selling gas and fruit in Cambodia. This is just a small part of what Jim does to help those in need.

One-third of Cambodia’s population was killed between 1975 and 1979 in the “Killing Fields.” Everyone educated was killed. They have not recovered, and the atmosphere is still oppressive. Vietnam, by contrast, is modern and growing. I met with church leaders who want to start businesses to finance church planting and mission work in Cambodia and Laos. We plan to start a small factory for making soap and cleaners. A Christian business in Singapore has offered to help. This will create jobs and generate income to expand ministry. Vietnam’s spiritual atmosphere is electric. People are fervent in worship; they expect a revival to sweep the land. I will meet with leaders from Cambodia this month for more planning. I hope to prepare the way for Christians to be self-sustaining as they work and minister in southeast Asia.

2013 May - Pray for Jim Randall

Street_in_Myanmar_-_Mae_Sai - Copy (1024x755)Please pray for Jim as he continues to minister in Asia. He is working hard with different business and ministry leaders helping provide opportunities for them to be financially self- supported. Jim is also hard at work training church leaders. Please keep him in prayer!

Jim recently wrote:
“Laos and Burma (Myanmar) seem to be opening up for me as well as China and other places. I am getting so many invitations to help people that I need to clearly hear from God about where and when.”


2013 Jim R Banner

2013 Jim RThe Randall’s left the Tampa Bay area in the early 1979 to invest their lives in the world of missions.  They served at the US Center For World Missions and then moved to Japan for 14 years.  They established an International Church, helped establish several Japanese churches, an International Christian School, a publishing ministry, a printing company, an English teaching company, Bible School and several other ministries.  They returned to the United States when Paula became ill.  Paula went to be with the Lord years ago; now their two children are grown and Jim is back on the field.

Jim is ministering in the 10/40 Window.  That’s the region of the world between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator.  It’s where two-thirds of the world lives, including most of those who have never heard the Gospel.  It’s also among the most dangerous regions of the world for Christians, especially missionaries.  We are partnering with Jim as he is called to the nations in that part of the world like, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China.  He is in Thailand now.  He is doing leadership training for national church planters and ministry leaders as well as aquaponics.

If you would like to support Jim and his ministry in the 10/40 region, we will pass 100% of your gift on to him.  You can donate using the donate tab on this page and thank you in advance for your prayers and financial support!


In His Service,  Brian Weller

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