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We are supporting indigenous missionaries going into unreached villages.  In June, we will be going into 7 to 10 of these unreached villages with indigenous missionary/pastors to help evangelize and plant churches.
We will be bringing a team of 6 from Japan into these villages and doing Eyeglass Clinic Outreaches. We will also be doing music, drama, testimonies and preaching. If you would like to help we have provided a donate button.
CAMBODIA – February Outreaches
Thank you for your help with this project.  A few days before we left for SE Asia and Cambodia two donors step forward to cover the full costs of the need listed below.  God has a way of accomplishing His purposes and we are ever so grateful for His faithfulness and the faithfulness of those who pray and give as the Lord leads.  Here are a few pictures of some of the outreaches where we gave out the items provided through the generosity of our donors.  We are always blessed to be the bearer of God’s Good News as we GO!

People in Cambodian village receiving mosquito nets provided by our donors.


Many People received these little stoves and the Word of God. This woman is a precious believer in Jesus Christ.

This dear woman gave her heart to the Lord as we shared the gospel with her and then left her a mosquito net.

CAMBODIA – Tent Project for Homeless Families

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A few days ago, I received the following message from James S in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia.

“Good evening from Phnom Penh Cambodia!

How are you Sir? I hope everything is going fine with you and also your Ministry around the World too. Thank you! Sir, Today the reason that i email to you Because i help some urgency thing that i need you to help me. So i hope you already received my Three Projects about Ministry in Cambodia. Anyways, about the Three projects, We have one projects call the Projects(Tent Distribution), So this projects we plan to buy the Tents for 30 families Because this 30 families they really need Tents for living. This people have no money living on the Streets and garden park, So right now in Cambodia is Rain Season. Anyways Sir, If they don’t have a Tent, They can’t sleep at night and also the Children and will sick also Because they are getting Wet every night. Anyways Brian, Please help this people for the Tents Sir. I pray for the funds getting thru and hope you understand our situation here. Thank you.”

A couple weeks ago he wrote me the letter below:

“I have been working in the slum community and helping the poor people in Phnom Penh Cambodia for about 8 years now. And also we’re doing the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ in Community to teach and encourage them, and to lead the people to have a relationship with God, and teach the Gospel of God to the Community and lead them to follow Jesus life. So for this
year 2016, We start the New Projects is (Tent Distribution). The project tent distribution is the part of the Ministry of Street Outreach too. The Ministry of Street Outreach is helping people who are living on the street. Now that it is rainy season they need protection from the rain. Most of the families come from other areas hoping to find jobs and finding none they start collecting and recycling plastics and other things. Most cannot earn enough to pay rent.”

In his letter James shared that he is telling them about Jesus but then walks away and they are living on the streets and wants to do something to provide shelter. He can get large tarps for $35. They are 6 by 8 meters which is about the size of the prefab homes we have been building in Peru. They are for temporary shelter. I put the letter to the side when I received it but the Lord kept bringing it to my heart. James is trying to get 30 tarps for 30 families. They cost $35 each. The total cost is $1050. If God touches your heart to help with this need, here is a link where you can provide the funds for one tarp or however many the Lord puts on your heart. Thank you for your prayers and help in this matter. He will be giving these tarps in the name of the Lord Jesus!

cambodia-tent-project-1 cambodia-tent-project-2 cambodia-tent-project-3 cambodia-tent-project-4 cambodia-tent-project-5 cambodia-tent-project-6 cambodia-tent-project-7

IMG_3906Every month by God’s grace and power and through the gifts of our donors, we get to do a lot of different things in a lot of different places 
One of those little things last month was providing funds for a roof on the shelter that DSC03945houses the fresh water tank for the people in the Steung Meanchey garbage dump community in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia.
Please continue to pray for James Sann as he ministers in this very poor community.
  Message Ministries supports him on a regular basis for his outreach in this community.
James Sann and I, in the  Andong Village
slum community in Pnomh Penh.
We visited Phnom Penh, Cambodia once again with James Sann. James took us to the slum communities where he ministers around the garbage dumps.
This was my third visit to the Steung Meanchey slum community and my first visit to the Andong Village slum community, which isn’t too far away. These areas are desperately poor and in dire need of the hope that can only come through Jesus Christ.
In the picture on the right you can see that people live over the stagnant water. When we were there it was dry season so the conditions weren’t all that bad, but it was still infested with disease-carrying mosquitoes. By Gods grace and the donations of our mission supporters we were able to provide mosquito nets for 200 more families. We want to help James continue to reach these dear people!


This is a bit delayed but we never posted pictures of the people receiving the mosquito nets in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia. They received them a week after we left Cambodia.
James Sann gathered the people in a local building so they could give them out in an orderly fashion. They also gave them out to another group of people in that community, and still others they gave away going house to house. Thank you for your prayers and thank you to the donors that made

this possible.

A mosquito net is a big blessing when you live in a mosquito infested community, where disease is transferred through mosquitoes. Now every family has a mosquito net that they can sleep under. And they were all given in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Please pray God continues to use James and his team to reach this very poor community in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia.
2015 October - Sann MotorcycleJames S. now has the motorcycle he has been praying for, which will help him reach more people with the Gospel.
 Last month, I was putting together a video to ask for help with this need. In the middle of that process, I ran into some dear friends of the ministry at a local restaurant.  They asked how much we needed to purchase the motorcycle.  I said “We need $2,000”, and they said they would give it. By the time I returned to our office they had already donated it online! We are so thankful for generous people who help us reach out to people and countries in need. James is a Cambodian reaching his own people with the gospel and we are honored help SEND him OUT!