STORY: A Real Christmas Miracle in Unreached Burma!

Christmas approaches, and many will soon tell mythical stories of “Christmas miracles.” But during the 2016 Christmas Blessing Project, a Burmese village leader experienced a real Christmas miracle that led many of his villagers towards new life in Jesus Christ.
A terrible omen seemed to rest on the Burmese village leader’s home. Years ago his beloved boy contracted a debilitating illness that only grew worse with time. Now, at age eleven, he could barely eat or sleep due to his severe fever. No doctor could diagnose the son’s illness, and no medicine or mysticism could improve his health. After years of hoping and trying, the village leader had lost almost all hope for his son.

Pastor J. praying for the sick at Christmas Outreach in Burma

The MM Christmas Blessing Project gave the Burmese village leader a new gleam of hope. Our Burmese partner Pastor J. provided warm blankets and jackets for the unreached village and conducted a special Christmas evangelistic meeting. During the meeting, the leader watched in awe as many of his villagers received instantaneous healing in Jesus’ name. About 20 received Christ immediately after hearing the gospel for the first time, but the leader stood still…for now.

At night, the village leader visited Pastor J. in secret and asked him to pray for Jesus to heal his dear son. In response to J’s prayer, God accomplished what years of both mysticism and medicine could not. God healed his son! Now, after what seemed like ages of severe trial, the boy could easily eat and sleep again — and the father could rest his heart from fears of burying his child.
In response to this miracle, the village leader and his whole family received Christ. When he shared his testimony with the village, many followed him to the Savior. Today, about 70 of the village’s 200 inhabitants meet together every Sunday in a bamboo church to receive Bible teaching, give testimony, and worship the Lord who saved and healed them. Many have abandoned drug abuse and Opium harvesting to follow Christ. And it all began on Christmas!
This December, The Christmas Blessing Project will offer the miracle of salvation to people in Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Peru. Unreached Asian villagers and impoverished Peruvian children alike will receive Christmas gifts, fresh meals, and the miraculous gospel of Jesus Christ. We expect God to move powerfully through these outreaches — but we can’t do it without you. Would you like to play a part?

Able Hands Vocational Training Center UPDATE!

Praise God!  The matching grant opportunity for the Able Hands Vocational Training Center has been met!  Anything that comes in above and beyond what has already come in will still go towards the opening of the VTC.  We still need to get curriculum and materials to build our first set of prefab homes.

Thank you for your part in making this dream come true for the people of Lomas de Carabayllo.  Soon, some will be learning a new trade at the Vocational Training Center you helped to open.


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