The Give-A-Home Project is a marvelous way to give a family a new start in life.  Here’s how it works: Through the local churches we work with in Lima, Peru, we find a family who is living in primitive conditions. Usually they have no floor, windows and sometimes no doors on their current dwelling. We accompany the local pastor to notify the family that they have been chosen to receive a new home through the Give-A-Home Project. That is always a joy-filled moment! To see a parent or parents who are doing all they can to survive in third-world conditions learn that they are about to receive a new home is deeply moving.

We purchase the pre-fab home kit and one of our mission teams from the USA or Peru constructs it. These homes are small, about 5 x 6 meters, but have four separate rooms including space for a bathroom, although most of the people don’t have running water.  The pre-fab homes also have cement floors, windows, doors, and in most cases electricity. Any extra funds not used on the prefab home will go towards beds, table and chairs etc.

You can make a donation for all or part of a prefab home by using the donation link below.

The total cost of a pre-fabricated home is $1,950.

Donate – Prefab Home


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