The Great Commission

  • “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” Matt 28:19
  • “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” Matthew 24:14
  • “He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Luke 10:2
  • “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” Mark 16:15



Mission Statistics Report:

God’s Great Commission is described in the Gospels and in the Book of Acts. Christ has already done the work necessary for salvation. Oswald J. Smith reaffirmed that, “The only task Jesus left us to do is the evangelization of the world.” He asked, “Are we doing it?” It’s important for us to answer that question and to gauge our progress in fulfilling God’s Great Commission.

Statistics can help us do that. As you read these statistics, you’ll see there is so much more we can do, and that in so many respects we seem to be falling short of the goal. Every day, people slip into eternity without Jesus, Jesus who died to save sinners including you and me. It’s wrong, in fact sinful, for us to sit idly by and do little or nothing when the power to do so much good is at our fingertips.

When this life is over, and when we inhabit eternity, certainly we will all have some regrets on how we spent our time and efforts in this life, but we can ease those regrets by choosing to focus, right now, on the things that really matter to God.

Let’s join together and focus on giving as God would have us give, on caring as God would have us care, and on living as God would have us live. I pray that as you read these statistics, you will be moved to do more and to “follow through” on the Great Commission, the great work Jesus left us to do.


Disturbing Statistics About the Church in the USA:

  • 85% Of all Funding Goes Towards Internal Operations
    • 50% to pay the salary of pastors and church staff.
    • 22% to pay for upkeep and expansion of buildings.
    • 13% for church expenses such as electricity and supplies.
    • 15% Outreach includes 3% for local missions.
    • 2% for overseas missions (both evangelistic and charitable) In the end, if you only give to your local church, odds are that only 2% of 2.58%, or 0.05% of your income is going towards “preaching the gospel to every nation” and helping the “poorest of the poor” combined.  To put that in perspective, if you make $50,000 a year, that is only $25.80 per year.

American Christians spend 95% of offerings on home-based ministry, 4.5% on cross-cultural efforts in already reached people groups, and .5% to reach the unreached. (The Traveling Team)



World Population:  

  • 7,021,836,029 (July 2012 est.)
  • Median age – total: 28.4 years
  • Life expectancy – total population: 67.07 years

Top Ten Most Populous Countries:

(in millions, July 2011, CIA world factbook)

  • China 1,336.72
  • India 1,189.17
  • United States 313.23
  • Indonesia 245.61
  • Brazil 203.43
  • Pakistan 187.34
  • Bangladesh 158.57
  • Nigeria 155.22
  • Russia 138.74
  • Japan 126.48




  • Annual Income of All Church Members: $30.5 trillion.
  • Annual income of Evangelical Christians is approximately $6.72 trillion.
  • Given to any Christian causes: $545 billion (1.8% of our income). That’s also how much we spend in America on Christmas
  • Given to Missions: $31 billion, (0.1%). That’s only 5.7% of the money given to Christian causes of any kind. That’s also how much we spend in America on dieting programs.
  • Money that goes toward the Reached world: $26,970,000,000 (that means 87% of the money given to “Missions” goes to areas with “reached” status or access to the gospel already).
  • Money that goes toward Unreached Peoples: $310 million (that’s only 1% of what is given to “Missions.”). That’s also how much Americans in 2011 spent on Halloween costumes (for their pets).
  • The $310 million (going toward Unreached People Group’s) is only .001% of the $30.5 trillion Income of Christians. (for every $100,000 that Christians make, they give $1 to the unreached.)


Evangelical Christians could provide all of the funds needed to plant a church in each of the 6,900 unreached people groups with only 0.03% of their income.

The Church has roughly 3,000 times the financial resources and 9,000 times the manpower needed to finish the Great Commission.

If every evangelical gave 10% of their income to missions we could easily support 2 million new missionaries.  (From



Unreached People Groups:

  • Total People Groups: 16,750
  • Total Unreached People Groups: 6,921
  • Total Population of UPGs: 2.84 billion people
  • Total Percentage of world: UPG’s make up 40.6% of world population
  Peoples-by-Country Individuals
All People Groups 16,750 6.83 billion
Unreached People Groups 6,921 2.84 billion
% Unreached Peoples 41.3% 41.5 %
10/40 Window Total 8,717 4.50 billion
10/40 Window Unreached 5,874 2.76 billion
10/40 Window % Unreached 67.4% 61.2 %
  • “Unreached – Least-Reached” is defined as less than 2% evangelical individuals and less than 5% Christian adherents in the people group.
  • About 3,500 of these Unreached / Least-Reached groups are small, under 10,000 in population, so the task is not as large as it first appears.

Countries with the most Least-Reached People Groups:

    • India – 2,301
    • Pakistan –  448
    • China – 427
    • Bangladesh – 328
    • Nepal – 317

 Unevangelized Peoples: 

(Greater than 2% evangelical Christian but still great numbers of unsaved)

  • Total Population: 915,000,000
  • Total People Groups: 3,306
  • Total Percentage of world: the unevangelized make up 13.1% of world population

Reached Peoples:

(Majority Christian population)

  • Total Population: 3.1 billion
  • Total People Groups: 6,532
  • Total Percentage of world: the reached population makes up 44.3% of world population

Below is a picture of where the 10/40 window is located!

The vast majority of these unreached people live in an area of the world nicknamed the “10/40 window.” The 10/40 window is simply a term used to describe a region of the world within 10 and 40 degrees latitude from Western Africa to Eastern Asia. If you were to draw it on a map, the top would go from Portugal through Japan and the bottom would go from Guinea through the bottom tip of India all the way to the Philippines. This is an important region to think about as a World Christian because most of the people who have not had an opportunity to hear the gospel live here. The 31 least reached countries in the world are in this “window.” by Brian Lee



Christians of The World:


  • 2 Billion worldwide (includes all Catholic, Protestant, etc.
  • 6,876 Total People Groups
  • 28.6% of the world population


  • Of the approximate 2 billion Christians in the world today, 648 million (11% of the world’s population) are Evangelicals or Bible believing Christians. Evangelicals have grown from only 3 million in AD 1500, to 648 million worldwide, with 54% being Non-Whites.
  • In the Christian world, 4.19 million full-time Christian workers (95%) work within the Christian world. Frontier Harvest Ministries
  • There are 900 churches for every one unreached people group. (USCWM, Mission Frontiers, 2001)
  • There are 95,000 Evangelical Christians for every one unreached people group.



Missionaries and Workers:

All Missionaries in the World (Catholic, Protestant, etc.) 419,500 foreign missionaries
All Missionaries in the Reached World 316,500 foreign missionaries (75.4%)
All Missionaries in the Unevangelized World 103,000 foreign missionaries (24.6%)
All Missionaries in the Unreached World 10,200 foreign missionaries (2.4%)
Full time Christian Workers in the World 5.5 million workers
All Christian workers in the Reached World 4.19 million local workers (75.9%)
All Christian workers in the Unevangelized World 1.3 million local workers (23.7%)
All Christian workers in the Unreached World 20,500 local workers (0.37%)

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    God did say there would be few workers. But im appauld at our christian family for the effort put into the unreached. Im ready for my lord to be back. Maybe if we put together some kind of missions focus and comunicate with other churches to see how to solve this problem. If someone reads this and is on the same page my email is above.


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