RAJim Randall Mission Update


This video shows some of the ministry that Jim does in Southeast Asia. His ministry includes: Training Indigenous Pastors and Missionaries as well as leaders in BAM (Business as Missions). BAM training teaches people in ministry how to start and operate a business in order to become self supporting. Jim is also involved in helping other ministries like orphanages and schools. His goal is to help get the gospel to the people in Southeast Asia.
To contact Jim directly, please e-mail him at jerandall@juno.com

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May 25, 2018 – MISSION  UPDATE

Hello from Chiang Mai,
Thank you very much for praying for me!!!!!
I am busier than ever.  There is hardly a day that I don’t have multiple appointments doing consulting, mentoring or just helping some missionary become more successful in their ministry.   I sometimes help cast out demons.  Some days I am on the go for 10 to 12 hours.   It’s a good thing that I am only 25 years old on the inside though the outside gets really tired sometimes.  I also try to write for one of my booklets a little each day.  I am currently working on three booklets that focus on advanced discipleship and Knowing God’s Will.  These are for leaders as well as for them to use to train their own people.  
I just returned from Cambodia where we laid the foundation for a new church planting program that we will launch in July.   We plan to launch 15 new churches in unreached villages in the next 18 months.  I will also work out details for Brian Weller (Message Ministries), his wife Anne and son, JJ who will be coming next month from Florida to do some evangelistic work.  We will be joined by another small team of young people for one week from the US Air Force Base in Yakota, Japan.  Together, we will assist in laying the foundation for launching the new church plants that will take place in July.  We will use music, drama, short evangelistic messages and free eyeglass clinics to share the gospel with unreached villages in south Cambodia.
We will also go to Vietnam at the end of June for another youth camp with about 100 young people (18-35 years old).  Youth has a different meaning here in Asia.  Last year, we did a camp with about 50 young people and it was a great success.  Please pray for the two weeks we will be in Cambodia, June 8-24, and the last week of June in Vietnam.
I will remind you about the upcoming ministry as the time draws closer but it is always good to pray in advance for favor, wisdom, open doors and all preparation to come together.
Thank you for your continued prayer for finances.  I will be traveling a good bit between now and the end of September.  I like to pray in advance for needs that I know will be arising.  
I will be traveling to Cambodia once a month for the next three months and again in October.  I will be in Vietnam at least two more times this year.  Would you please pray for these coming needs?  I will be going to teach at a Bible School in Myanmar in October.  Other opportunities in Thailand are also opening for me.  Mostly, I will be writing booklets to be published in various languages in the region.  I have four booklets that are ready to be translated into Khmer (Cambodian) and Burmese.  Some are asking for them in Thai as well.  I have two new booklets that need to be published in English, Vietnamese, etc.  I have some funds for this but not enough to meet the demand.  The market is not large enough to make much money selling them.  Some of my earlier booklets are being recorded onto CD for tribal languages in Vietnam.
Momentum seems to be building for an explosive revival for this region.  There is revival going on in central Thailand with more than five thousand being saved in the last few months.  No missionaries are involved.  It is completely indigenous which shows that we need to prepare materials for them to use to multiply their efforts.  They need discipleship materials that will inspire them to tell others with the power of the Holy Spirit working with them.
God bless you and thanks for praying,  Jim


1. Spiritual power for me to walk closer with the Lord and manifest His presence in power.
2. Continued physical strength and protection from accident, injury, sickness, disease, etc.
3. Financial supply for the work the Lord has set before me.
4. Clarity of thought and anointing to write more booklets for the coming revival in SE Asia.
5. Wisdom in helping and encouraging local missionaries who are weary.

January 26, 2018 – MISSION  UPDATE

Hello from Chiang Mai,
Things are going well here in Chiang Mai and keeping me busy.  I have appointments almost daily doing coaching, teaching, training or mentoring of young leaders.  It is a joy to be used of the lord to help young leaders become more fruitful in their work.
My son, Tim, has been in Thailand since Christmas.  He has been in Chiang Rai for the past couple of weeks helping a missionary couple from his home church in Texas.  He will return on Sunday and we will leave on Monday for a week of ministry in Cambodia.  We will attend the graduation of our part time Bible School in Chhouk.  They come for a week of training four or five times a year.  I will be teaching and encouraging the students as they finish the four year course of study.  Most of them are pastors who are also farmers.  We will commission 10 new church planters and help raise funds of $100 per month for a year to help them get started.
The following week, Tim and I will attend the Business With A Mission Conference here in Chiang Mai.  It is designed to help train and find funding for business missionaries who will start new businesses in unreached areas where there is no Christian witness and missionaries are not allowed.  I came to Chiang Mai five years ago to help get the first conference organized.
Tim will return to the US in mid February for two months to raise funds and prayer support to return to Papua New Guinea.  He will work with a German ministry and the YWAM Ship ministry to establish water wells for clean drinking water in the interior and desalination projects in coastal villages.  Please pray for him to raise personal funds while in the US and for favor with all to accomplish the water projects in PNG.  He is reluctant to ask for personal financial support.
I have lots of opportunities to do mentoring, leadership and Bible School training here in Thailand and in SE Asia.  However, I am doing more writing than ever before on a variety of Bible topics as well as leadership.  Please pray that I will keep focused to finish the articles and booklets I am directed to write.
One last prayer request.  The president of the company I worked for in Ontario, Canada (2000-2003) came for a visit in December.  He now wants to support my work but I have not been able to find a Canadian church or organization that will channel the funds for me and give him a tax receipt.  He has called me twice this month to ask me about it.  So far, everyone I have contacted has been a dead end.  People I knew have retired or moved on, etc.  Please pray for me to find someone right away.  If you have any ideas, please let me know right away.
God bless you and thanks for praying,


Note from Message Ministries:
We praise God that He has opened the door for Jim to receive support through YWAM in Canada since this newsletter was written.

December 24, 2017 – MISSION  UPDATE


Leader Training in Vietnam.

I wanted to take a minute to send a year end report and say, “Thank You” for helping me be God’s hand extended to this part of the world.  I will only give some highlights but could go into great detail with personal stories from the native missionaries and pastors we train about their adventures in ministry.


This past year, I have continued to do mentoring and pastoral work among local missionaries and some in other countries via Skype.  I have traveled quite a bit in central and northern Thailand doing pastor and missionary training for workers who come from here as well as Myanmar, Laos and China.  In some areas it is illegal so they come here for training.  This year, a new outreach program began in Myanmar and we have seen more than half a dozen new churches started with many new believers.  Much of this resulted from what we call “miracle evangelism” where they pray for the sick and see miraculous healings.  They are finding favor among tribal leaders and also some government officials.  One area south of here in Thailand has seen over 500 people saved since September.


Last May in Kunming, China, we were expecting about 40 pastors to come for training but were surprised to have 72 who came from all around southwestern China.  We had one interpreter for Mandarin but there were three other language groups in the back doing simultaneous interpreting from Mandarin into Tribal/minority languages.  For security reasons they don’t always tell us they will come.


This year, I also traveled to Vietnam three times and Cambodia four times to mostly to train pastors and evangelists.  We will have a graduation at the end of January in southern Cambodia for one group of about 40 pastors who have been coming for training for three years. 


I spent the month of March in Australia helping with a Business As Missions program in Townsville.  They held their first BAM Conference which had a very good response in July from Aussies, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.  We will have a Business With A Mission Conference here in Chiang Mai in early February for this part of the world.  I came here to Chiang Mai five years ago to launch this program.  We had less than 40 participants for our first gathering but his year we are expecting about 200.


My schedule is filling up for the new year with various ministry opportunities.  I will begin some pastoral training programs in new areas of Cambodia as well as senior pastor training for Myanmar and Laos. 


My son, Tim, is here with me now.  This will be our first Christmas together since 2009.  He just finished a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Australia, having done a two month outreach in some remote villages of Papua New Guinea.  He plans to return there to begin clean water projects for coastal villages that have no clean drinking water supply.  Many die each year of diseases from drinking unclean water.


As you see, this year has been busy and next year will be even more so.  I plan to return to Nigeria and Liberia next year.  I had planned to go this year but my friend in Liberia sent a message to postpone because of political unrest.  Some missionaries were killed and others kidnapped for ransom by terrorist this Fall in a town where I ministered just last year.  The expense was too great for me to go for only the three day BAM conference in Nigeria so I decided to wait and go to both countries in 2018.  Hopefully things will have settled down in both countries.


I want to say, “Thank You” again for your prayer and financial support that helped me train leaders who are also training others who are training others (II Timothy 2:2).  Your partnership is making a difference.


May God bless you in ways that cannot be measured (love, joy, peace, health, etc),


To contact Jim directly, please e-mail him at jerandall@juno.com

November 30, 2017 – MISSION  UPDATE

Ministry in Lampang, Thailand
Thanks for praying for me.  We know intellectually how prayer works but we don’t really understand how prayer works.  More Christian books have been written about prayer than any other single subject, but it is still the least understood Christian discipline.  There are a number of different kinds of prayer; prayers of petition, supplication,  intercession, praying with the understanding and praying in the Spirit, etc.  There are some things we are directed to pray for, like government leaders, people in authority as well as for each other.   I know that Prayer works and I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR PRAYER FOR ME.
This past month, I have only traveled up north for a week of training for leaders of leaders from Burma.  It was very encouraging to see how God is establishing new congregations in remote villages that have never had a church.  Thanks for praying.  I need to have my booklets translated into Burmese.  Please pray for the funds to be provided for this project.  I also have requests for them in Laos, Cambodia and now in Thailand. I’m writing additional booklets on topics that need to be taught throughout the region.
I spoke last week at a church a couple of hours south of Chiang Mai.  There was a great response for prayer.  The people are hungry.  Later in the day was the annual gathering of pastors in the region.  After the meeting, they decided to begin meeting monthly for prayer and encouragement in the new year.  PTL!  Prayer is always the first step toward Revival.  It is the fullness of time for Thailand and SE Asia.  See Daniel 9.  When He saw that the time for fulfilment of prophecy was near, he prayed earnestly.
I will go to Japan in January to help a Bible School prepare for outreach in Vietnam in February. I also hope to see old friends.  I have a couple of church invitations but may not have time for more than one meeting.  I need to be in Cambodia at the end of January for the graduation of pastors who will finish their Bible School study that I have been doing for the past four years.  They plan to start 15 new churches next year in the south.
I continue to do LOTS of local pastoral ministry.  It seems to be growing. 
One couple asked if I was going to start a church.  The answer is NO, but I will pray for a younger person that I can help to start one.


Please pray for my son, Tim.  He will finish his YWAM Discipleship Training School in mid-December and come to Chiang Mai for Christmas.  It will be our first Christmas together in 8 years.  He needs direction for his future.  Please pray for him to be directed by God to the right place.


You can pray for the regular things for me except more, especially finances as I plan to do more travel next year and also publish my booklets.


I pray that you will have a Merry Christmas and may this New Year be your very best so far!


God bless you,  Jim



In about three weeks, I will go to northern Thailand to do some advanced training for a select group of Burmese leaders. They are top leaders who are overseeing other leaders. God is beginning to do some great things there but when you draw attention to what God is doing, the devil gets angry and we must be prepared for persecution. See part of a report below that I received earlier today. It is coming out of Burma (Myanmar) from a Bible School and church planting leader there whose name is Joseph.

“As many thousands of Burmese who need to hear the word of God, I want to train many more youths for discipleship in Bible school ministry as making disciples that they may reach many thousands of unreached peoples with the gospel in different state of our country and that they may hear the Good News as faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

“Yesterday the Buddhists entered to the house of the believers during they have prayer meeting, and they have beaten them. And some of their head are broken and there are many bloody but not died but 8 of those believers are now still in Hospital. We don’t know that they would be healed or not as they are very serious but earnestly praying for them. During that times, other believers ran to the jungle. So now the police is trying to solve the problem. But it is sad for Buddhists police are for Buddhists. Nevertheless if God is for us, who can be against us.(Romans 8:31)”

Please pray for these believers, for Joseph and the Bible School in Burma, for the Christians leaders there and for those in the hospital. As the church grows significantly, the Buddhist will begin to hunt down the leaders to put them in prison or kill them just like in the Book of Acts. Life is cheap in this part of the world. For obvious reasons, I do not post photos of leaders or churches.

I heard a report yesterday that God is pouring out His Spirit in Thailand, in a rural province near here. The report said that more than 500 people have been saved in the last two months or so. This is a tribal area and they are much more open to the Gospel than ethnic Thai people.

There is much more that I would like to say about what is going on here in this part of the world but it would be too long and you probably wouldn’t have time to read it. Just let me say that I am keeping busy. Be encouraged that your prayers are being answered. Send a not if you would like more details about what’s going on here in this part of the world.

Please continue to pray for me as I do lots more mentoring of missionaries, pastoral counseling and writing booklets for leaders. I can’t seem to get away from being a pastor. My son, Tim, is doing his DTS in Townsville, Australia and currently on outreach in Papua New Guinea this month and next. Please pray for him and the call God has for his future.
I just received prayer requests from friends that there is more political unrest going on in Cambodia that is affecting some of the ministries that I work with there. Travel is being restricted in some areas and there is concern about anti-government protests turning violent. There has been nothing in the news about it. The Cambodian Daily newspaper was closed last month after 24 years over a tax dispute with the government.
I will go to Japan in January to arrange an outreach to Vietnam in February for a Bible School in Osaka. I hope to travel to the Tokyo/Yokohama area to see old friends there. I also have invitations to the Philippines but no dates set.
I have requests for my leadership booklets to be translated into Burmese, Chinese, Khmer (Cambodian), Laotian and Thai. I found a Christian ministry in Bangkok that can do it but the cost is about $150 for each booklet to be translated and checked by competent people. With four booklets and five languages, that’s quite a bit. The printing is a lot more but at least I can put them online if they are translated. I currently have four booklets in English, and three in Vietnamese. They are free at: www.leadership101.asia

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Every bit helps, even a little, as I travel to train Asian leaders who are reaching their own people in their own language.


Please send a note when you have time.

God bless you,  Jim




Hello from Chiang Mai,
Although I have not done much formal ministry this past month, I have been very busy doing personal ministry by mentoring and encouraging some young and not so young missionaries and helping them to develop their ministry. I have been doing this for years and enjoy helping others to succeed. If they succeed, then I succeed.

Riding on a boat in Vietnam.

I was planning to go to Africa for the month of October but things fell through for South Africa and my friend in Liberia asked me to postpone until next Spring because of possible civil unrest surrounding their national elections on October 10. That left me with only the Business As Missions Shark Tank Conference taking place in Lagos, Nigeria. They are calling it Eagles Nest. They really don’t need me for that, and I felt it would be best to just wait until next year to go.
Since I decided not to go, the doors have opened for me to do BAM and preaching ministry in Cebu and Luzon in the Philippines. I have not been there since 1982. I have also been invited to go to Japan to help a Bible School to get ready for a Senior Class outreach to Vietnam. The dates have not been set for either of those places as yet. I will probably get to do other ministry in Japan. God is in control of our times and schedules.
Last week I was asked to do some pastor training in northern Thailand during the second week of November. My friend in Dallas, Sandy Cohen, just let me know that she is not doing well physically and will not be coming this year, so that also has given me some free time to go to other places.
In addition to that, I received a call yesterday asking me to help a ministry get started here in the Chiang Mai area that is associated with Hillsong in Sydney, Australia. I will meet with them during the second week of October to talk about what they want to do.
I do lots of this kind of consulting and helping people develop strategies to accomplishing achievable goals. Many people know what they want to do but need help developing the step by step plans to get it done. I find that most people are doing things they never did before and just need encouragement and confirmation that their plans are adequate.
Thanks so much for praying for me and my travels.
1. Ministry in the Philippines and Japan. For details to be worked out in His timing.
2. Pastor training in Mae Sai, Thailand in November
3. Tim and his DTS training in Australia
4. Finances to do the traveling that is coming up
5. Personal revival. I feel that I need something more than I have, spiritually.
If you would like to help me financially to do the work I do for the Lord, I would really appreciate it. Just ask the Lord if He would have you help this month. Thank you.
God Bless You,   Jim

August 30, 2017 – MISSION  UPDATE

Dear Friends,
First of all, I would like to say, “Thank You” for praying for me and your financial support. More Christian books have been written on prayer than any other topic. However, it is probably the least understood of Christian disciplines. Thank you for praying for me and my work. Even short prayers are appreciated.
I have recovered from my bout with Bronchitis, Sinus Infection and Kidney Stones. I am almost recovered from a shoulder muscle injury that occurred sometime in June. I didn’t realize that it was keeping me from sleeping until the doctor gave me some medication to stop the inflammation and it began to take effect. I have certainly been under attack recently but feeling better and strong again. I am only 25 years old on the inside but my body will be 71 years old in October.
I am working on establishing a new publishing ministry for discipleship materials in half a dozen languages. Some of my leadership booklets have been translated into Vietnamese and Myanmar (Burmese) so far. Some are in tribal languages on audio CD and MP3 formats in northern Vietnam and Laos. I met with a Christian printing ministry yesterday about Myanmar. One of the ministries I work with in northern Thailand is also heavily involved in Myanmar. It seems that revival is taking place with people opening their hearts to the Lord because of miraculous healings done in the powerful Name of Jesus Christ. Tribal people are turning away from their ancestral gods and turning to Jesus. We will focus on providing teaching materials for pastors, native missionaries and new believers.
I plan to go to South Africa, Nigeria and perhaps Liberia in October to work with Business As Missions in those countries. We will have our first “Shark Tank” in Nigeria. Some wealthy Christian business people will provide some cash awards to help start-up businesses. Hopefully, we will see some solid business missionaries expand into neighboring countries and beyond.
A missionary friend in Athens, Greece is having problems getting Greek Christians to become leaders. I may go there later in the year for a short time to do some teaching and training to help raise us some new leaders. http://hellenicministries.org/ Most Greeks are part of the Greek Orthodox Church and not born again. I lived there for about four months in 2004 helping YWAM and other ministries to organize for the Olympic Games Outreach. I may be able to give some help via e-mail and the Internet.
Please pray for the following:
1. I will take a short trip in September to California to see my daughter and her family before my grandchildren grow up and not remember me. September 3-9 I have ministry here in Thailand and cannot stay longer or visit other parts of the US this trip; maybe next year.
2. Continued good health and complete healing for my shoulder muscle.
3. Finances for the work. I will begin to ask for sponsors for certain publishing projects. About ¾ of my finances is used for travel and direct ministry expenses. It is cheap to live here so personal expenses are minimal. I will go to Africa and maybe to Athens later this year.
4. Ministry trips for the remainder of the year in Asia, Africa and perhaps Europe. I need wisdom and ability to hear the Lord’s voice about these trips and gifting to teach and train leaders.
5. Tim is doing great at his DTS in Australia. Please pray that the Lord will guide and direct his path for the future. He will go to Papua New Guinea on his outreach for October – December.
6. The Lord told me that change will take place this year. I need to hear His voice about this change and follow His leading. So far I have not heard anything specific.
God bless you and thank you for praying, Jim

August 1, 2017 – MISSION  UPDATE

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank you for praying for me. I have been busy these past couple of months. I was in Cambodia twice and Vietnam twice. Below is a short report on what the Lord is doing there.
I went to Kampot,Cambodia to do pastor training for a week in early June. We had 92 pastors and

Jim Preaching at Youth Mission Training Camp in Cambodia.

workers who came to the training. It was encouraging to see them and their commitment to learning and spreading the Gospel. Since the training began there almost five years ago, that area now has more Christians than any other province in Cambodia. We plan to begin doing this kind of training in other parts of Cambodia next year. 
I went again to Cambodia almost a week later with Brian Weller and his team. We did a youth camp with about 40 young people and two eye glass clinics. It was a great time of raising up young leaders and reaching the lost through the eye glass clinics. A local pastor is following up on those who received the eyeglasses. See Brian’s report for details.
After my time in Kampot, I went to Saigon, Vietnam to meet with some Christian leaders for four days to talk about working together in the future. It was a good time of sharing vision and planning for the future. God is at work. The week after being in Cambodia with Brian Weller, we traveled to Saigon where we drove several hours to a beach area for a youth leaders conference with about 40 youth leaders from the central and south part of Vietnam. It was very encouraging to see the future Christian leaders of Vietnam respond to the training provided by Brian and the team as we taught and ministered to them.
My son, Tim, came from the US on his way to Australia. He traveled with us for the ministry times in Cambodia

My son Tim and I ministering together in Cambodia.

and Vietnam and got to minister to these young people. He enrolled in the DTS (Discipleship Training School) in Townsville, Australia and stopped to see me on his way. The DTS will last till the end of the year and will include a three month lecture phase and a three month outreach phase. He will be going to Papua New Guinea for his outreach. After that ????? Please pray for his future. He is giving up the corporate world for now and wants to see what God has for his future. He participated in a Business As Missions conference in Townsville the week before his DTS started and will probably work with that group after the DTS. 
For about a month I was burning the candle at both ends and got too tired during the busy months of June and early July. I contracted Bronchitis and sinus infection along the way. The doctor said it was near to becoming Pneumonia. After Tim left, I took time off to rest. The doctor says that I need to slow down and get enough proper rest. It is sometimes difficult to rest when you are only home for three days out of six weeks.
My Friend Sandy from Dallas, TX will not be coming in September as planned as she has to have eye surgery and will be laid up for two months. She was going to look at some Christian Ministry/Businesses to invest half a million US Dollars. She may come in November. I am busy doing mentoring and some teaching here in the Chiang Mai area and will go north to Mae Sai for a week to do some training in September since sandy is not coming. I would like to go to the US to visit my grandchildren and may be able to go if I can get a cheap ticket.
I am still scheduled to go to Nigeria for their second BAM Conference in October. They will have their first Shark Tank to help fund new Christian Businesses that will reach their community with the Gospel. I may also go to South Africa and Ghana on this trip and perhaps to Liberia. I just need funding.
I had another meeting yesterday about starting a new publishing ministry. We are slowly moving forward and a new person has joined our small group. We want to publish books and audio recordings (CD, DVD, MP3, etc) for those who can’t read or when there is not enough demand to print in minority languages. Some of my materials are already in Vietnamese and tribal language groups along the northern border with China and Laos. We believe that the Lord wants to prepare teaching for the great revival we know is coming.

1. Ability to hear from the Lord clearly and receive confirmation of what He wants later this summer and fall. 

2. Good health & wisdom about not being too busy. I’m 25 years old on the inside but almost 71 on the outside.

3. Finances for living and working in SE Asia and to do all that the Lord has set before me and especially funding for the Africa trip. I have been on at least 25 different airplanes this year already.

4. For Tim as he does his DTS that he will receive inner healing and all that the Lord has for him and that he will be directed by the Lord for his future.

5. My 50 page passport is just over two years old and already full. I need a new one. Please pray that I can get it without problems. I travel lots China 1X, Australia 1X, Laos 1X, Cambodia 3X and Vietnam 4X.

6. I will apply for a Thai Drivers License next week. Please pray that I will get it easily. My Texas license will expire in October and I won’t be in Texas for the foreseeable future to get a new one. I will need a valid drivers license to rent a car when I come, thus the Thai Drivers License.

7. I need to know what to do about involvement in BAM Townsville, Australia. Too many opportunities in this part of the world and not enough people to fill the vacancies.

God bless you and thank you for praying and supporting the work financially,


Dr. Jim Randall




Hello everyone, 
     Thank you for praying for my China trip.  The trip was short, but very fruitful. We expected 30 people to come for church planting and leaders training, but over 70 showed.  Due to security issues, many don’t announce that they plan to attend until a couple of days before they arrive.  Others just show up.
     We trained at a remote location near a lake about two hours south of a city with prying eyes. Government officials just so happened to meet next door — but they were all drinking and didn’t care what kind of meetings we held.  Still, us foreigners were told not to go out of the room. Thankfully, the officials only remained there half-a-day.
     An interesting mix of people attended the meetings; at least half of those attending were from tribal groups. I wanted to take photos, but couldn’t for security reasons.  All the men wore western clothes but some of the tribal women wore colorful outfits that identified their tribe; some also wrapped colorful tasseled scarves around the top of their heads.  Two women had their hair put up and held in place at the front by a colorful comb.  The people looked like they had just stepped out of a National Geographic photo.  If I knew how to edit the photos to hide the face, I could have shown you what they looked like.  You will just have to use your imagination. The meetings began at 8:30 AM and finished around 9:30 PM. It was very tiring. 
     I spoke at an international church in Kunming on Sunday morning.  It REALLY reminded me of the church I started in Yokohama back in the late 1980’s. Just over 100 people attended from all around the world.  I even met someone from Israel who knows someone I know.  It made me long for the olden days.
     I visit immigration this morning to register my return. I turned in my immigration card and stamped my passport, but I still have to register my return within 48 hours.  This will only take a couple of hours but seems tiring after a very busy trip.
     Please pray for me as I prepare for Brian Weller and his team to visit Cambodia in mid-June. Their last week is not settled yet.  There are opportunities in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand but none of them have yet to be made clear as to what the Lord wants.  Please pray for clear direction.  “Good is only a substitute for God’s best.”
     I will also go to Vietnam in early June to meet with a new network of people (new to me) for pastor training. A connection in Australia recommended me to them.  I will go meet with them about future ministry.  Please pray that I will know the Lord’s direction.
     God told me that “change” would come this year.  I don’t know what that means.  I visited Australia for the first time and doors opened there to return.  I REALLY felt drawn to the group in Kunming but… please pray for clear direction. 
Sometimes change does not mean a change of address but a new type of ministry or focus. 
     I REALLY need prayer to finish some of the writing projects I have started.  My leadership booklets will be translated into Chinese as a result of this trip.  Please pray for all that is needed.
     I need prayer that God would grant me hear His voice, obey His direction and that He would provide finances to get it done.  I also need prayer for wisdom, favor, connections with the right people, etc.  I plan to go to Australia in July and South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and maybe Liberia in September/October.  I get many invitations to India and Nepal but have not yet felt the time was right.
     I am VERY healthy.  Please pray for me to maintain my health and energy level. I tell people that I am only 25 years old on the inside though I am 70 on the outside.  I have a lot of vision that takes a lot of energy. 
     Finances: All these new opportunities to serve the Lord take extra finances.  I have enough to live here in Thailand but could use some help with all these new opportunities.  If God leads you to help me to train leaders to become more effective in fulfilling the Great commission, please send donations to Message Ministries at:  http://www.messagemissions.com/asia-jim-randall/
God bless you, Jim


May 2, 2017 – Mission Update 

Hello from Chiang Mai,


Thank you for praying and for supporting the work I am doing here in SE Asia to advance the Kingdom of God. God has blessed and continues to open doors. I will be leaving next Thursday for Kunming, China to do several days of pastor training. It is a fact that we can become much more productive when we know how to do our job skilfully. Big companies and the military spend lots of time training their people to do their job and upgrade skills. It is the same in the Body of Christ. Churches often have training for leaders and seminars for people to become more skillful so they can accomplish more.

I like what Reinhard Bonnke says about his mission in life. I have come to “Plunder Hell to populate Heaven.” His ministry also trains others to do what he does after he leaves. Whatever God has called us to do as our part in advancing His Kingdom, we need to continually upgrade and improve our skills. God’s assignment for me it to continually encourage and train leaders for more effective ministry here in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, China, Australia and in Africa.

I spend time each week mentoring missionaries who need encouragement, prayer and suggestions for becoming more effective in their work. You might be surprised to learn that missionaries, as front line soldiers in the Battle for souls of men, women and children, are under continual attack from our spiritual enemy, Satan. We hear about the major attacks on ministries but missionaries are continually under attack here just like in your country. Discouragement, disappointment, family issues and finances are issues that most missionaries deal with continually. I spend quite a bit of time being a pastor to missionaries.

I am grateful that I have a great team of people like you who pray for me and as it were, “holding up my arms’ in the battle. (Exodus 17:12). Prayers, financial support to do the work and notes of encouragement are all part of supporting me and the work I do here in SE Asia and beyond. Thank you!

I flew to Bangkok last week for a meeting at the Nigerian Embassy with the Ambassador. As a result, I was promised a two year multiple entry visa for my next trip in the fall. God is also opening doors to South Africa and Ghana for that upcoming trip.

In June, Brian Weller and a team will come to minister and train youth leaders to become more effective in their ministry. Please pray for me as I work with local leaders to set up the schedule God wants for them.

God has kept me very busy so far this year and it looks like momentum is building for an even busier season ahead. He has also kept me healthy and full of energy. Thank you for your prayer and financial support that enables me to be God’s hand extended to the lost and dying people with no hope here in my part of the world, as well as to discouraged and/or hurting missionaries. Thank you again for your prayers and financial support.

May our God bless you greatly! Jim

MARCH 25, 2017

News from Australia

Jim Randall in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia

Hello Friends,

Thank you for praying for me. I have been in Australia almost a month and will leave next week for Thailand.

My impressions of Australia is that it is more of a lost country than Darkest America. There are some WONDERFUL Christians and great churches in this part of the country, like other areas. However, no one is really reaching out to the lost and the church seems to be in seclusion. There is no Christian book shop here in a city of 190,000 and the general population is VERY worldly but nice. I have met lots of people and almost none of the couples I have met outside the church are married. I don’t ask, it just comes out in conversation. They just move about from partner to partner.

The focus on missions from the YWAM Base is Papua New Guinea. They have one medical ship that stays there most of the time and they just received a new ship that arrived just yesterday. About a hundred or so of us went out to the harbor to greet it as it arrived. It will be used in the Solomon Islands to do medical, relief and carry evangelism teams for reaching unreached areas.

I have been helping with BAM TSV (Business As Missions, Townsville). We will have a conference in mid July to begin training BAM practitioners to reach into PNG and the thousands of islands throughout the South Pacific. There are many unreached peoples in these areas as well as Muslims in the Indonesian islands that have never heard the Gospel.

God Loves me and the people here have a wonderful plan for my life here in Townsville. It is soooo expensive here compared to Asia. I may continue to live in Asia and just travel back and forth to help them get going. I will probably travel to PNG on my next trip to see opportunities there. The need and the opportunity seem great there. The Prime Minister is coming to the YWAM base here next week on the inaugural flight of the PNG Airline to Townsville, the closest city to PNG. The YWAM Base will host a breakfast for him and a number of his cabinet and other government officials to kick off his tour of Australia. His government gives YWAM all the free fuel they can use for their ships and cars here and in PNG. They are a grateful nation and say it with more than words. If you would like to see a short video just go to www.ywamships.org.au/ .

  • Please pray for my future involvement here in Australia and the South Pacific Islands.
  • Please Pray for an increase in my finances if I am to be involved through YWAM here in Australia. They have great needs for their radio station and other ministries operating through here. I have the expertise and experience to help but need to know if it is God’s will.
  • Summer camps in Thailand and Cambodia as well as Vietnam Ministries (I have been asked to come meet some missionaries in June from the US who have some large works in Vietnam. They want to do some BAM ministry. I need to know if I should go meet with them.
  • In April we start BAM training via Skype video for entrepreneurs in Nigeria in preparation for the BAM Nigeria conference in October. I have been invited to go to BAM S. Africa in early October.
There is more but if you would just pray for those things listed above and for strength and finances to do all that the Lord has set before me. God has been generous and is allowing me to fulfill my destiny that He spoke over me more than 40 years ago. Thank you for your participation in what the Lord is doing to reach lost souls from every nation, kindred, tribe and tongue.
God Bless you, Jim