Our SE Asia Mission is only six weeks away, and we are doing what we can to prepare in every way. We’ll be there for almost a month, and we want to make the most of the opportunities our God has set before us.
The first part of the mission we’ll be in CAMBODIA reaching unreached villages with the Gospel. The first week, Anne, JJ, Jim Randall, and I will begin the outreaches, and the second week, we’ll be joined by a small youth mission team from Japan. Together, we’ll evangelize through eyeglass clinics, youth and children’s ministry, and evangelistic services. We’ll use music, drama, testimonies, and the teaching of God’s word to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
We’ll go to these villages with the indigenous missionaries and pastors that Jim and Scott have been training for the last couple of years. The missionaries are being sent out by their home churches to plant new churches in each of these unreached villages. We are thrilled to be a part of it! Gloria a Dios!
The last part of the trip, we’ll be in VIET___, hosting a camp for one hundred youth and leaders – and doing other ministry as well. The youth will be coming from different parts of the country and join together for worship, Bible teaching, and fellowship. This year’s camp will be twice the size of last year’s camp, and we are genuinely excited about this opportunity!
Please pray with us as we trust the Lord for the finances we need for this SE Asia Mission. We estimate the expenses will total about $14,000, including the cost of outreaches in Cambodia, the youth camp in Vietnam, and the travel expenses for Anne, JJ, and I to be on the field with Jim Randall for almost a month. This amount also includes the flights in SE Asia for the four of us.
In world missions, there are two types of people: Goers and Senders. All of us are either Goers or Senders, and some of us are both. The Senders make it possible for the Goers to GO, and their role is as essential as the Goers!
We welcome your help as Senders and have promised God we will give our all to answer His call. We are truly committed to sharing the Gospel as we go to these nations where so many in the population have not heard about Jesus Christ!
Prayer is the fuel of World Missions, and at this time, we need lots of that fuel ascending to the throne of God’s grace.
Thank you for your prayers, your love, and your support!
We will be doing Eyeglass Clinic Outreaches in as many as 10 villages. These clinics will draw people to where we are and:
  • Provide the indigenous missionaries with opportunities to meet the people of the village. 
  • Provide a real need for people to be able to see for reading and for work.
  • Provide a way to bring people to us, so we can meet them and share the gospel with them. 
We can purchase eyeglasses for .60 Cents each.
$60 provides 100 pair of glasses.
This youth camp will be in Viet___ and will be a great opportunity to minister to both youth and leaders. At the camp we will:
  • Present the gospel of Jesus to unsaved youth.
  • Train the next generation of youth missionaries. 
  • Provide Leadership Training for youth leaders.
Last year’s camp was extremely fruitful and left a big impact on all those who attended. 
The cost of the camp will be $4,000
$40 will send a youth to camp.
The other expenses associated with this mission:
  • Travel expenses to SE Asia and back plus flights to Cambodia, Vietnam and back to Thailand. 
  • Food and lodging for us and the indigenous workers who will be traveling with us.
  • Ministry Needs Bibles, Gospel Tracts, battery operated mixer, video projector, screen, piano/keyboard, headset microphones etc.. These will be left in SE Asia for future missions or given away.
Total Needed $9,000.
We welcome your partnership in this mission!

If are not sure what you would like to give towards you can donate to our “Where Needed Most” fund and we will put your donation towards the greatest of the above listed needs when it come in.  Thank you for your help!