In Romans, 10, Paul explained that there are only three categories of people in the world: Hearers, Preachers, and Senders. Each group is at a loss without the others. Without hearers, there is no need for a preacher. The potential hearers cannot be saved unless a preacher comes to declare the Gospel of the Grace of God. But the preachers can’t preach unless they are sent! So, we see that the evangelization of the world hinges on two important groups: the preachers, and the senders.
Message Ministries is dedicated to preaching the Gospel all around the world, through indigenous pastors and ministries. We are the preachers. Would you like to be our Sender?

Your small donation of $30 or more a month will help to get the gospel to hungry souls all around the world. In return, we will send you a gift package containing the following items:


  • Brian Mark Weller’s book, Backsliding in Heart: 5 Steps to a Backsliding Heart and Back Again
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You are an important player in God’s world missions agenda. Would you consider partnering with us in the Great Commission, and becoming a Message Ministries Sender?