February 2015

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I am back in the USA and trying to process all God allowed Ron Bouvier and I to see. We met some amazing people on our mission to Southeast Asia with Jim Randall. We visited Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Instead of writing a report of the trip, I decided to post something that I wrote on the trip, which best expresses what is on my heart right now.
Day #7 – Thailand 
Would you please pray for wisdom and provision? I have been praying and seeking the Lord for His direction in regards to what our response should be to the needs (spiritual and material) that we have seen in Southeast Asia. The smiles of the children at the children’s homes we’ve visited flash through my mind, bringing both smiles and tears. The lost and hopeless look on the faces of people on the streets are continually streaming through my mind. I feel an urging to tell them about Jesus.
We can’t just walk away and do nothing! We can’t leave here without doing all that we can to bring the light of the gospel to these darkened nations. They have so little of the light of the gospel of Jesus. To walk away and do nothing would be spiritual treason toward our Heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and His’ Great Commission to reach the world that Jesus loves, and gave His life for.

Honestly, my brothers and sisters, my heart aches over all that I’m seeing, and a lot of what needs to be done seems impossible. Yet, I know that all things are possible to him who believes. Will you pray and believe with me? We aren’t just here to see! We know that with the seeing comes a divine edict to do something. By faith we can and will do it!

We all must go beyond just believing God to meet our own needs, and believing God to bring more comfort to our already comfortable “world”. We must stop spending so much time asking God for more blessings just for ourselves. We must open our eyes, look on the unharvested fields of the world, and see how bright white and ready they are for harvesting.

Let’s flee from the desire to build our own personal kingdoms, and let’s work with all our might for the Kingdom that will never end. God is counting on each and every one of us to do our part! If we will seek first the Kingdom of God, we will be seeking Gods will, and not only will we be able to accept the dismantling of our own personal Kingdoms, but we will embrace it for the sake of a Kingdom that is eternal. Then our focus will be to know God and to make Him known! The two are inseparable. Can I truly know God intimately, yet refuse to help proclaim His name boldly, especially to those who have never heard it? We do this by either going, sending others in our place or both.
Only 1% percent of the people here know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Approximately 85% have never heard the gospel. The indigenous leaders we have met here and in India are ready to go! Let’s help them! Let’s be their senders! Let’s all do something! To not do something is selfish and self centered. Isn’t it? I may be offending some by now, but I do it in the hope that others will be motivated and perhaps convicted by the Holy Spirit of God. He is the one who leads the army of God, as we reach into these bastions of darkness, where the devil has held the lost in chains for centuries, while we sit “In a land flooded with light”, as Falconer said.Are you a pastor or leader? Are you holding back the people you lead from fulfilling God’s great commission to reach the whole world? If so, it is time to repent. It’s not too late! God’s army is going forth! You can be used to lead God’s people out of spiritual slumber and into the great call to worldwide evangelism. Let go of the vision that sees no further than your own family, church family, country, continent or hemisphere.Some of you have read this far and I thank you for hearing what is on my heart. My goal is not to bring us into guilt and condemnation, but to help us to find freedom from the prisons we have built for ourselves. There is so much more that God wants to do in us and through us. My prayer is that we will all cry out to God with the words of Isaiah 6 “Here I am Lord, Send me”.


Let’s work together to fulfill the Great Commission of God, who loves the whole world, and wants them to know the truth that is only found in Jesus.

Your brother in the Family of God,

Brian Weller
With Jim Randall and Ron Bouvier, riding in a Tuk Tuk in Thailand

With Jim Randall and Ron Bouvier, riding in a Tuk Tuk in Thailand

his  children’s home and orphanage is in Myanmar.  Some of  the children are orphans, some are not wanted by their families,  and others have been rescued from human trafficking.

This children’s home and orphanage is in Myanmar. Some of
the children are orphans, some are not wanted by their families,
and others have been rescued from human trafficking.

Here we are with David S. at one of their ministries children’s homes.  This one is in Myanmar.  They have seven homes  in all. We visited four!

Here we are with David S. at one of their ministries children’s homes.
This one is in Myanmar. They have seven homes in all. We visited four!

2015 SE Asia - Message Ministries 519
Ron, Jim and I with James S., an indigenous  Cambodian missionary to the people of the slums  of Pnomh Penh and to the villages beyond.

Ron, Jim and I with James S., an indigenous Cambodian missionary to the people of the slums of Pnomh Penh and to the villages beyond.

This is one of the neighborhoods we visited in the slums of Pnomh Penh.  In rainy season the water will flow beneath all of these homes.  It is very unhealthy here!

This is one of the neighborhoods we visited in the slums
of Pnomh Penh. In rainy season the water will flow beneath all of these homes. It is very unhealthy here!

These children followed us through the slums and  smiled the whole time.  James ministers to these kids on a regular basis.  Please pray for them!

These children followed us through the slums and smiled the whole time. James ministers to these kids on a regular basis. Please pray for them!

2015 SE Asia - Message Ministries 569
We ministered in this village and shared the Good News  of Jesus.  Some gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus.   James Sann will be returning to minister to them!

We ministered in this village and shared the Good News of Jesus. Some gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus.
James S. will be returning to minister to them!

Jim Randall and a leader of the village we visited in Cambodia.

Jim Randall and a leader of the village we visited in Cambodia.

2015 SE Asia - Message Ministries 794

A family lives on this fishing boat on the Mekong River in Cambodia.

Ways you can help with the
ongoing ministry in Southeast Asia:
  • First and foremost, pray, pray, and pray! That is always first and foremost and God always makes a way, when His people humbly and confidently pray for His help! Then be faithful to respond as God leads. He may just lead you to pray, or He may ask you to do something tangible as well.If you would like to help you can give towards one of the following needs:
  • #1 – We are arranging for the writing of gospel tracts by indigenous pastors and missionaries of countries we have visited. You can financially support the printing of these materials. They will be distributed to those that can read in these countries. Those who can read can tell others! These materials will be provided to indigenous ministries for free to give out in their countries. We are starting with Cambodia and Thailand.
  • #2 – You can support an indigenous pastor or missionary to Myanmar or Laos through the ministry led by David S. and FTS for $80 a month. They are going into unreached villages to reach and teach the people about Jesus Christ. They are planting churches in many villages.
  • #3 – You can help Jim Randall to pay for indigenous leaders to come to the Bible Training schools that he will be teaching with his missionary friend Scott. They do these throughout the year for a week at a time. It only costs $10 for an indigenous pastor/missionary to attend. Jim is preparing to do two in Vietnam in March. They need a total of $1,500 to cover the cost of 50 in Hanoi and 100 in Saigon. Message Ministries has already committed to help, but your designated gift would help greatly.
  • #4 – You can send support to the orphanage/children’s home in Laos that we are going to help. Running the orphanage costs $600 a month.
  • #5 – Help Cambodian James S. with transportation to the villages outside of Pnomh Penh, Cambodia, including the one we visited on our trip. Your financial support will also help him to get to the people in the slums around the garbage dumps of Pnomh Penh. He could get a lot more done with a motorcycle. Right now, he either travels on a bicycle or pays for public transportation. The cost for a motorcycle is $2,500.
To help with these needs, please visit the donate link on the right side of this page.  Thank you!

January 2015

000 Christmas-Blessing-Project-Update
We sincerely thank you for helping us bless many children in Peru and India at Christmas.
By the grace of God, and your financial support we were able to provide gifts for children in 17 different locations in Peru. These included the 11 Loaves and Fishes Feeding Ministries that we support on a monthly basis. The two pictures on on the bottom right are from the Mercy Children’s Home in Amritsar, India where your donations provided children with a new set of clothes and shoes. We were blessed to be able to help Living Hope Ministries with this need.
I don’t know about you, but when I look at pictures like these, I am even more motivated to keep doing what we are doing! How about you? I believe God’s smile is bigger than the ones on these children faces, and I like when God smile’s!
Please hit the link below to view more pictures of this years Christmas Blessing Project. 
2015-01-03 10.36.49
2015-01-03 10.38.44
000 Corazones-en-Fuego-Teams
2015 Corazones en Fuego Team - Copy
Hello my friends!Please pray for our Corazones en Fuego (Hearts on Fire) outreaches and events. Our first summer youth retreat is from January 29-31.

Our Mission trip to Ica City, which is 5 hours south of Lima, will be February 13 – 16. We will preach the gospel through eyeglass clinics, dramas, music, door to door evangelism and testimonies. Please pray for us because we need 100 assistants and right now we have only 70.

Also please pray for God’s provision for the trip. We are working hard and trusting the Lord!

000 Southeast-Asia-Mission-Trip
At the end of January I will be heading back to Southeast Asia with my friend Ron Bouvier. Ron has been on a few trips with us to Peru and is one of our ministry board advisors. Ron and I will meet up with Jim Randall in Bangkok, Thailand and make visits to other Southeast Asian countries. The majority of this part of the world is unreached with the gospel. Our goal is to come alongside indigenous leaders to help them further their ministries, much like we have done in Peru.
Southeast Asia has a population of 625 million and comprises 11 countries. Over half of the population, or 316 million people have never heard about Jesus Christ. Our job is to help them hear for the first time! It was Carl Henry who said “The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.” Thank you for helping us to get it there on time!
Please pray for us as we GO. We are asking for God’s wisdom, divine appointments, traveling mercies, and provisions to meet the needs we encounter along the way.
Please continue to pray for Jim Randall who joyfully spends his “retirement” years in this very needy part of the world, helping to reach the unreached, by training indigenous leaders to be missionaries and pastors to their own people.
In His Service,  Brian Weller

December 2014

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I have been reading the life story of Hudson Taylor, a missionary to China who spent 51 years ministering to the people there. Through his efforts multitudes were reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Thank you for standing with us in 2014 and please pray for us and with us as we step into 2015 with an even greater sense of purpose and destiny.  In our next newsletter, we will include a full report of all that God allowed us to do together in 2014.  Here are  a few things I gleaned from the writings of Hudson Taylor which inspire us as we look forward.

“You must go forward on your knees.”   

 “God uses men who are weak and feeble enough to lean on him.”

“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies.”

“The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.”

“I have found that there are three stages in every great work of God: first, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.”

“I used to ask God to help me. Then I asked if I might help Him. I ended up by asking Him to do His work through me.”

“Many Christians estimate difficulties in the light of their own resources, and thus attempt little and often fail in the little they attempt. All God’s giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on His power and presence with them.”

“Oh, how it must grieve the heart of God when He sees His children indifferent to the needs of that wide world for which His beloved, His only begotten SON died!”

Together we are making a difference in the lives of those that Jesus died for.  Please continue to pray with us and stand with us as we press forward into His purposes and plans.
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I just read a quote from William Carey, the Father of the Modern Missions Movement.  He wrote to one of his supporters in England stating.  “I will go into the pit – if you will hold the rope!”  While I don’t personally feel I am in the pit, others in America wonder how I can bear living here.  I have Asia grace, the enabling ability to do what God has called me to do.  I love it!!!  Thank you for holding the rope making it possible for me to be here serving our God in places that are so very un-Christian.
It’s been a while since I wrote a newsletter because I have been busy doing the same old things, training and personal mentoring of key leaders.  I usually teach FREE seminars focusing on leadership skills for missionaries here in South East Asia, but also train and connect them with Business As Missions opportunities so they can earn money while doing the work of the ministry.  However, this last month, I had two new things happen in my life. 
The first thing was that I went to China.  This was the fulfillment of a promise God made to me 40 years ago while China was closed to Americans.  I stayed at the guest house of an orphanage that cares for handicapped children, mostly babies with deformities.  Often they only need surgery to repair their abnormalities.  Handicapped children are usually given up because of the “one child” policy in China and are adopted to families, mostly in the US.
The word has gotten out and I meet with someone almost every day here in Chiang Mai.  I help leaders become more productive in their ministry through training them how to organize and train their people so the leader can be free to expand their ministry.  Ministries are growing but many of the leaders are still doing everything themselves and often burn out.  I am beginning to see leaders change and make the transition to train their people to do what they themselves have been doing.  Growth without change is impossible.  Significant growth without significant change is impossible.
2014 Cambodia - November - Chhuk Group
I went to south Cambodia a few weeks ago to teach leadership skills to about 50 pastors from the Vietnam border area.  If we don’t train others to lead, we will not see the Kingdom of God grow.
In II Timothy 2:2, the Apostle Paul told Timothy to train faithful men who would also train others.  Without leaders, the Kingdom of God will not grow.  Ephesians 4:11-12 says that the purpose of leadership is to train the saints to do the work of the ministry.  This principle of God was used by the Apostles to establish the church.  Paul traveled about teaching and leaving leaders behind in every city.  Can we do less?
2014 Cambodia - November - Chhuk

Two out of every three people who have not heard the Gospel live within one thousand miles of Chiang Mai, Thailand where I live.  According to Romans 10:13-15 there are three categories of people in the whole world; Hearers, preachers and senders.  In the world there are only hearers but in the church there are only preachers and senders.  Which are you; a preacher or a sender?  If you are not preaching, you should be sending through prayer and/or finances.
I am here on your behalf.  Would you please pray for me?  If you would like to help with travel and training expenses, I welcome your support.  I have enough for personal living expenses but traveling to train native pastors can be expensive.

  • Please pray for the following:
    1.  God’s favor and wisdom as I help ministries throughout this part of the world.
    2.  God’s financial provision for me to travel and train struggling/growing leaders and ministries.  There are now more requests for help than I can fulfill without additional finances.  Travel cost are what I need the most.  The people
    I help are among the least and the last in God’s kingdom.
    3.  Open doors to share during my trip back to the US in December.
    4.  Clear direction and open doors for this next year so I can fulfill my call to help leaders grow.
    5.  It gets lonely here though I am busy.  Please pray for me to keep focused on God’s call to this part of the world.
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Since August, the youth from our missions group, Corazones en Fuego, have led two youth retreats! One was in August, and another was in October. More youth came to these camps than have come in the past. Before coming to the camp, most of the attending teens weren’t in a good relationship with God, nor were they attending church. As usual, on the first day of ministry, the attending teens weren’t too open to receive the Word.
2014 - November - Peru Youth Retreat
But over the week God really did show up, and change their lives. It was wonderful to see the teens being touched by God. We saw that the teens had a new desire to change, and to give their lives to God, following Him no matter what. Most of them had wrong ideas in their mind. Some thought that no one could change them. Others thought that there was no solution to their problems. Still, others were convinced that because they had neglected a relationship with God, God wouldn’t help them if they asked. The attending teens were looking for answers in places that answers couldn’t be found. But some of the teens from Corazones en Fuego have had those exact same questions and thoughts in the past, so they were able to counsel the attending teens, by sharing the Word of God, and their testimonies. They were able to share with them that God did change their lives, that God is more than able to help them, and that God actually wants to help them. Those little moments of testimony can change a young person’s life. The youth went back home with renewed hearts. This was only possible because of the amazing Power of God!
2014 - November - Pisco Prefab Home
In mid-November we took a mission trip to Pisco with some of the youth from Corazones en Fuego. There, we built a prefab home for a very poor family that serves at Pastor Carlos Llaja’s church. The family consisted of Jose, Cindy, and their two children, Nazareth (10) and Guadalupe (4).  There is a lot of delinquency in the area where they live, so the house that they were living in was not safe for their children. It was so touching to see the joy on Jose and Cindy’s faces when the construction of the new house was completed. They were so excited and thankful to God to have a ‘real house’, though it wouldn’t seem like a ‘real house’ to any of us. Being part of this project showed us again how great a love God has for us, that even when we disobey Him, He sometimes chooses to bless us. This house was just a little proof of that.
2014 - November - Eyeglass Clinic Outreach 1


At the end of November we held an eyeglass clinic in Chorrillos.  We had the opportunity to share the Word of God with many people! We prayed for all the needs that they had (healing, jobs, etc). Some of them even gave their hearts to the Lord! It was a big opportunity to help people by giving them the truth of The Word of God…that if they will open their hearts to Him, He will work in them.
2014 - November - Eyeglass Clinic Outreach 3
 2014 - November - Eyeglass Clinic Outreach 2



November 2014

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During this Thanksgiving season we are extremely thankful for so many things at Message Ministries and Missions! We are truly thankful and humbled by God’s faithfulness as we look at all He does on a regular basis to make a way where there seems to be no way. We know that all good things come from His hands, and for that reason, we are committed to work passionately for the glory of God. Gloria a Dios! Today, I’m reminiscing about the many people God has allowed us to help together. I am specifically thinking about:
* The many individuals who have given their hearts to the Lord.
* The many children who received meals in Jesus’ name through the Loaves and Fishes Feeding Ministries.
* The many families whose lives were changed when they received a prefabricated home through the Give a Home Project.
* The many indigenous pastors and leaders who have received ministry and training through the Hearts on Fire Bible School.
* The many mission team members who went on mission trips and were used by God to make an impact on the mission field.
This Thanksgiving, I am also thinking about the many things we are thankful for as individuals and as a ministry!
* We are thankful to God for His gift of eternal life, His love, His mercy, His grace, and His power.
* We are thankful that God has given us His Holy Spirit to empower us as we GO.
* We are thankful for the Word of God that lights our way and helps to make our paths straight.
* We are thankful for you and the sacrifices you make to help us fulfill God’s Great Commission.
* We are thankful for the churches who partner with us to proclaim His Gospel, feed the poor, and care for the orphans.
* We are thankful for the indigenous pastors, leaders, and missionaries who do the hard work on a daily basis.
* We are thankful for our families who love and support us in this divine call as missionary workers.
* We are thankful to God that He honors the steps of faith we all must take as we seek to serve Him.
Our prayer is that we learn to be thankful and continue to give our all to answer God’s call in our lives. One day, He will return and we will not be able to do what we can do now! May we all live, give, care, and share what God has given us. May we all learn to be centered on His purposes and plans and not our own. If we do, when He returns, we will hear Him say, “’Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”
Be blessed today and always,  Brian Weller

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*  You will notice a couple different things in this months newsletter.  First, we are set up with non-profit postage which will save a lot of money.  The second thing is we have become wholesale printers so that we can print our own materials at wholesale prices.  Our newsletters will not look as “glossy” as they did before, but printing this way will help us to be thrifty with the donations we receive.
*  Many have asked for a way to set up ongoing donations on our website.  We now have that option at www.messagemissions.com/donations.
* Our 2015 Message Ministries – Missions Quotes Calendars are now available.  If you would like one or more please let us know.
*  Please check out our new video about the Christmas Blessing Project at www.christmasblessingproject.com.  Please share with your friends!



October 2014

2014 Message Ministries - Brandon Peru Team 308 - Copy

“Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you something to drink?  Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give you clothing?  When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you?  “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’”  Matt. 25:37-40


2014 Message Ministries - Brandon Peru Team 419

Pachacutec is a place where the “least” live in deplorable, sandy and dirty conditions – and if we take Matthew 25:40 seriously, Jesus was there before we were.

The team worked hard. They provided new shoes, tested eyes, gave 2014-09-29 13.00.48away eyeglasses and built a prefab house for a family who had been living in a shelter smaller than some of our bathrooms. We hugged a bunch and prayed with a bunch whose needs seemed overwhelming.  We also danced on a road with our new friends as our musicians played their guitars.

The greatest experience of all was to see some of these precious

2014-09-28 21.27.58

people put their faith in Jesus. I praise God for the 12 who put aside the comforts of home to be among the least.  After all Jesus said “when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!”


High level aerial view of Yangon Myanmar or Burma

Please pray for Jim Randall as he ministers in Cambodia, Myanmar, and China this month. Jim is genuinely a blessing to many as he spends his “retirement” years ministering the gospel in the places that need it most. The Southeast Asian countries where Jim works are filled with poverty and are only about one percent Christian. Will you commit with me to pray for Jim on a daily basis? He has an amazing ministry training indigenous Christian leaders in that part of the world.
2014SEAsia 561

Keith Falconer once said, “I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light.” Jim is living this out in his own life even though it is very lonely at times. He presses on selflessly to fulfill God’s call on – and through – his own life. If you would like to send Jim a word of encouragement, let us know, and we will pass your e-mail along to him.

Please also be in prayer as we make plans to return to Southeast Asia, where we’ll be assisting Jim with his ministry. We intend to visit and help Jim’s friend David, an indigenous missionary in the region (We are not publishing David’s last name online for security reasons – it’s not always safe to be a missionary in that part of the world.).  David has planted churches and launched several children’s homes that he operates in Southeast Asia. God is using him and other Christian leaders to rescue orphans and children from human trafficking. Their ministry gives these vulnerable children a home, food to eat, an education, and an opportunity to know Jesus.

If you’re a parent, you know that raising even one child is expensive. One of David’s ideas for financing the children’s homes has been aquaponic fish farming. These allow the homes to produce their own food, sell the additional product for a profit, and teach the children a skill they can use for the rest of their lives. Our goal is to fund the installation of aquaponic fish farms at each of the children’s homes that David started and operates. The cost is approximately $2,000-$2,500 to set up one aquaponic fish farm. It’s a small investment that will bring long term blessings to many precious children. As we look to God to meet this need, please include this need in your prayers. Thank you and God bless you!

September 2014

Normally our newsletters are about mission reports and opportunities, but as I sit at my desk today, the Holy Spirit has filled my heart with some other thoughts. Please let me share with you what God is challenging me with this morning!
  •  I’m thinking about the almost 3 billion unreached people in the world today.
  •  I’m thinking about those who have no hope and have not even heard the message of salvation found in Jesus Christ.
  •  I’m thinking about how so much more could be done if we would just get our eyes off ourselves, our own desires, our own things, and truly surrender all to Jesus Christ.
  •  I’m thinking about how much more we could accomplish if we could come to the place where we only kept for ourselves what we truly need and rose to the level of giving the rest away to reach the unreached peoples of the world and help those who live in squalor.
 If Jesus Christ be God and died for me CT STUDD


The true spiritual reality is that God “made us alive together with Christ (“by grace you have been saved”), raised us up together, and brought us “to sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus” (Ephesians 2:5-6). If we would seek to see things from God’s heavenly point of view, our whole way of thinking would change and we would be all about fulfilling Gods plan – most of the time and not just some of the time.
  •  Isn’t it time we begin to live that way?
  •  Isn’t it time we begin to count the cost of what it means to truly be His disciple?
  •  Isn’t it time we begin to take up our cross in truth, deny ourselves, and follow Him daily?
  •  Isn’t it time we begin to let go of the things of the world that give us too much comfort and distract us from God and His purposes?

Jesus said, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). Isn’t it time for us to live in freedom! I have lived in bondage and I have lived in freedom and freedom is always better. To live under the Lordship of Jesus Christ instead of the Lordship of myself and my desires is so much better. It’s better for me, for those directly around me, and for those God has called me to reach.

As believers, we have been saved by grace, yet we will all give an account of our lives before our Heavenly Father. At this point we should ask ourselves an important question: “Will I be embarrassed before the Lord regarding my service to the one who gave so much to gain our freedom and salvation?” Let’s think about it now and ask ourselves: “What would we change if we knew Jesus was returning in the next day, week, month or year?” Write it down, and then move towards change. We all must repent of our spiritual sloth and laziness.

The precious life God has given us is meant to be spent – poured out – on Him and His divine purposes. Remember the words of Jesus in Luke 22:42: “Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done.”  To live for anything else is futile; it will only bear fruit that is rotten and worth little or nothing. I have lived that way at times in my life, and in those times I was filled with anxiety, worry, fear, and selfishness. I accomplished very little for the glory of God. Can you identify with that? Is that where you are now? If it is, what will you do to make the changes necessary to see the fulfillment of God’s will for your life?
matthew 6-33
Matthew 6:33 tells us God’s will: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”  When we seek first His Kingdom, it means we have to deliberately dethrone ourselves from the Kingdom of Self. We truly have to give it all to Jesus. That is when things change and when we realize that our time is God’s time, our resources are God’s resources, and all of our gifts from His throne of Grace. Will we release them back to Him or grasp them tightly until He comes? Is Jesus going to be Lord of my life, or am I going to stay seated on the throne making my own life decisions based on what I want instead of what He wants? We are free to choose our paths. The Holy Spirit will lead me, but He won’t “make” me change!
I pray sincerely that every one of us will choose His will as we move forward in life.
In His Service,  Brian Weller
Please be in prayer for the mission team leaving for Peru on September 26.  This team of twelve people come from three different churches in Brandon, Florida. First United Methodist Church, Limona Village Chapel UMC and Faith Primera Iglesia.


While in Peru they will be:


  • Building a prefab home
  • Hosting eyeglass clinic outreaches
  • Doing VBS ministries
  • Ministering in churches and on the streets.

We are excited about having this team, and excited about all they can accomplish while in Peru.   We don’t take many mission teams from the USA to Peru, so we are going to keep them very busy!

E.M. BOUNDS -Prayer

August 2014

Greetings from Rainy Chiang Mai!   I have been busy doing Leadership Consulting with a number of mission organizations, mostly small ones with 50 or fewer churches.  I am also helping orphan homes, of which there are many.  Actually, I am helping the leaders to become more 2014SEAsia 264organized and find ways to generate income for the support of the children.  I am helping them to learn and develop a farming system called Aquaponics, so that they can feed themselves and have some to sell for income.  I have been working with those helping Hill Tribes like Akha, Lahu, Karen and Hmong people in the region.


Prison Ministry.  I have just started working with a young Thai man who has lived in the US most of his life and has started a prison ministry in the Chiang Mai area.  He is also developing a farm to train parolees and to support them as he finds jobs for them.  So far, they are all young  tribal people, ages 17 to 20, who got into trouble because they couldn’t find jobs.  Some who cannot find jobs quickly are starting trade school.  So far, all of these young men have become Christians and will become influencers in society. Salt and light!


I may go to Myanmar to do some pastor training for a group that was started by a Filipino missionary whose name is Robert.  He has been working alone and needs someone to help him move to the next level.  I have spoken at one of their churches in Cambodia and may also do a seminar there.  I meet weekly with Robert to lay a foundation so he can begin to delegate to others rather than doing all the work himself.
I have been helping a number of other missionaries to develop their ministry or Business As Missions projects for Thailand and surrounding countries.  I met with a man from southern China on Saturday for a second time.  We talked (and prayed) for about two hours.  I plan to take a possible supporter  to meet him and see some of the businesses who are also doing community outreach in China.  New opportunities pop up every week.


Thank you for praying for me.  I have not traveled internationally as much as last year but it will pick up later this month or in September.  I have found that I can keep quite busy here in Thailand.  I plan to be ministering in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam as well as China before the end of the year.  The opportunities and needs are great.  Would you like to come for a short or long ministry trip?  I can arrange it for you or your church group.
Please pray for good health, new opportunities and finances for achieving what’s set before me. Please write a note if you have time.  It gets really lonely, though I am surrounded by others.


God Bless you! Jim Randall
It is exciting to see the Corazones en Fuego team at work.  This team was birthed out of the ministry of our Hearts on Fire Bible School in Marquez (Lima, Peru). Marco, Pastor Jose and now Pastor Edward have been training this amazing team of Peruvian youth to do mission work.  They are discipling them in evangelism, missions, and how to use their talents for The Lord. These youths are part of great local churches where they receive ongoing discipleship, but come together to do mission work and outreaches in their own country as the Corazones en Fuego youth mission team.


Here is a picture of one of their recent mission days when they went to Cerro Gorila inPachacutec (Lima) to construct a prefabricated home for Pastor Carlos, Veronica and their three young children.  We built a home for them a few years ago, but their family has grown. Now their older son and daughter are living in the original prefab home which was built for them by Living Hope Community Church.  They are pastoring two churches & feeding centers in the upper levels of Pachacutec and are glad to be living closer to those ministries.  The new home was built in the back part of the Light in the Desert Church in Cerro Gorila and will give them a lot more room for their growing family.


It is a great blessing seeing these Peruvian youths and leaders serving the Lord and it is great knowing we don’t have to be there to get things done.  They are even more able than us to do what needs to be done. Thank you for your continued love and support!

July 2014

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Every year, somehow, some way, God puts together an amazing Cross Street – Peru Youth Team. This year was no exception as God lined up one of our best teams ever! This group was genuinely focused on serving God and serving the people He loves. When we left for Peru, we knew it would take overflowing Godly passion to accomplish all that we had to do. Every member of the team stepped up to meet the challenge.

2014 Cross Street Peru 776

Prefab home built by the team in Pachacutec with Pastor Fabian.

This year we stayed at our Hearts on Fire (Corazones en Fuego) Bible School in Marquez. That saved us two or three hours a day in travel time and kept the whole team together. Another blessing was having with us some of the Peruvian teens and youth leaders from Corazones en Fuego join us. The Corazones en Fuego group is the Peruvian version of Cross Street Youth. These young people and their leaders added abundantly to what we were able to accomplish.
Our first week in Lima,Peru kicked off with an eyeglass clinic and outreach in Brena. We shared Jesus with the 120 people who received glasses and with those on the street through our outreach and personal sharing. A few days later we conducted a similar outreach in an area called La Siberia, a drug-infested section of the port area of Callao, west of Lima. At our eyeglass clinic there, another 110 people received eyeglasses and heard the gospel. Some came forward to give their hearts to the Lord during the street concert, drama, and the testimonies and message we presented. A dental clinic was also conducted simultaneously at La Siberia.
2014 Cross Street Peru 1251

Chaclacayo, Peru – Youth Camp 2014

That first week, the team also ministered in two public schools; built two prefabricated homes; conducted a one-day mini-Vacation Bible School (VBS); and ministered at the Peru Youth Camp that we sponsor each year.  For me, one of the highlights of the Peru Youth Camp was2014-06-28 22.31.28 seeing about 70 Peruvian young people come forward as Marco gave the call to missions. They came forward in response to God’s call to reach Peru and “even unto the end of the earth” with the gospel. More young missionaries to train and send!
The second week, our team built another prefabricated home and ministered in three VBS meetings in three different churches and also in a couple of church services. It was an amazing time with some amazing people and with our super-amazing God who always does what He promises!
2014 Cross Street Peru Two 254

The Team that stayed for two weeks built this house.

We praise God for all of you who helped send this team to Peru, supported a young person for youth camp, or helped with the home construction. (Some of you helped with all three projects!) By God’s grace – and with your help – we accomplished all of our goals in Peru and so much more this summer. A big thanks and God bless you to all of our supporters and partners in Christ.
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Well, where to begin? its hard to put this experience into words . We saw abject poverty like you wouldn’t believe. The team split into two groups to build prefab houses. One was for a family of four headed by a single mother. Her children, Miller, age 7, Juliana, age 4 and Dorado, age 3, were living in a tent like structure on the side of a sandy mountain at the top of their world, Seis de Abril. No bed, no couch.
2014-06-22 16.07.00

Adi in front of her home made of sheets.

Tonight I will rest on a comfortable bed in a warm room knowing that tomorrow everything I need and many things that I want will be available to me. Not so for Adi, Miller, Juliana and Dorado. Sure, Tonight they will rest in their new home, that was built with love by an amazing group of teens and adults. And tomorrow, they will even wake up with a new hope…but many of their basic needs are still unmet. We are trying to empty the ocean with a bucket here. Are we making progress? Well, yes. Look at what was accomplished in 3 days time.
2014-06-22 16.07.18

Juliana inside their old home.

Knowing that just one family will have a sturdy home and a roof over their heads is an accomplishment! It’s something I’m sure Adi never dreamed would happen. She cried out to The Lord and He heard her and delivered her from that temporary dwelling. It’s humbling to see this kind of poverty and realize there is only so much that we can do to make a dent. And even though we can make a dent…it’s a small one. It’s humbling to know, with all that I have and all that I discard, that true poverty is just a 6 hour flight away.
2014 Cross Street Peru 631

Our team in front of Adi’s new home.

We gave her a special clock for her new home. It was donated by Susie Gorton in Bradford, Pa. It’s a special ministry The LORD has called her to. Clocks, something so simple but surprisingly very significant.
2014 Cross Street Peru 623

Anne sharing about the clock with Adi.

As I showed Adi the clock, and explained that every hour it plays the hymn “Amazing Grace”, she started to cry, saying, “I have never had a watch, a cell phone or a clock. I never know what time it is.” She was sobbing and praying “Thank you Father for hearing my prayers. Thank you for all these blessings. This clock, this home…thank you.” She told me, “I don’t have a mother or father but I have my Heavenly Father”.  The tears were falling from all of us. We have so much to be thankful for.
2014-07-03 15.16.42

Anne and Marco bringing gifts for Adi’s new home.

Adi came to Lima in search of her husband who left Iquitos to find a job. She brought her three children here hoping for something better. This is a common story in these sandy slums. The details change but there are so many single mothers here and really no jobs to speak of.  I’m not sure how they survive. How did we find Adi? Pastor Carlos and his family live in this area, they are very poor as well.  They have a ministry here and Adi comes to their church. When we are coming to Peru we ask the pastors we work with to help find someone that needs a better home, it’s not hard to find here in Seis de Abril. Pastor Carlos knows the people and helps us build the houses as well. We can count on him to finish details we run out of time on.
You can read more of Anne’s stories  
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The only reason that we have any right at all to go out into the world and make disciples is because Jesus has all the power. He said in Matthew 28:18: “All authority in heaven and on Earth has been given to me”. He is the king. He has the power. He has the authority to convict, to save, to heal, to cast out demons, to restore, to fill with the Holy Spirit, and more… and he is waiting to exert it. “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations” (v.19). That’s the order that he said it in. God forbid we try to make disciples without a personal knowledge of his authority! 
2014 Cross Street Peru 052

JJ sharing the gospel with a woman who was healed in Brena.

Jesus never asked us to preach without power. In fact, he forbids that we preach without power. When the disciples hadn’t yet received the power of the Holy Spirit, he didn’t say “go and preach”… he said go and “wait… and you will be clothed with power from on high” (Luke 24:49). Only then would they have power to be effective witnesses for Jesus (Acts 1:8). Every ministry promise in the New Testament relies on the Holy Spirit, so if we don’t begin to seek God to pour out his Spirit on us, we can’t expect to see any of them in our lives. But when God the Holy Spirit is at the helm, amazing things happen through otherwise weak people like you and I. 
This was the case on our recent trip to Peru. God did incredible things through the simplest means. I watched the shocked look on the face of a man as he read a gospel tract over and over for 3 minutes straight.  A tract! What a simple thing it was for my team member to hand it to him…but God convicted him through it. Simple, humble, & even nervous prayers for healing were offered up throughout the week…and people were healed, again and again! We aren’t healing evangelists. We’re teenagers! People were saved, lives were rededicated to Christ, and Christians were discipled. 
It is incredible to imagine the repercussions of all that God did. That is the only possible explanation for all that happened on this trip: God did it. I hope that at the end of our years, we can all look back and say “There is only one explanation for all that happened in this life…God did it”. 
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Hello from the Orient,
I really appreciate your prayers for me here in this dark land.  I call it dark because there are so few Thai people who have any interest in knowing about the Living God.  They live in spiritual darkness completely ignorant that there is an alternative.  Africa was called, “The Dark Continent” not because the people were mostly black but because of the great spiritual darkness.  At this time, Asia is the “Dark Continent.”  Two out of three people who have not heard the Gospel live within a thousand miles of Chiang Mai.  Not only are they ignorant that they live in darkness but there are so few to bring the Light.  It is so sad that 19 out of 20 Thai people you see on the streets are going to Hell when they die. They live in complete spiritual blindness. 
I often ask the Lord what I’m doing here since I can’t seem to learn to speak Thai.  My hearing as damaged years ago and I cannot distinguish tones in the language.   However, I am having a wonderful time mentoring young, mostly Asian, missionaries who can speak the language well.
2014SEAsia 490

Jim in Cambodia

One missionary that I mentor via Skype regularly is Manoj, from Nepal working in India.  Another is Matt, a young Canadian missionary working in Chiang Rai, Thailand.  A new one is Robert, a Filipino missionary leader who leads a network of 50 pastors in Myanmar and Cambodia.  There are several others in Malaysia and Cambodia that I have regular opportunity to advise and encourage.  I meet with local missionaries here in Chiang Mai and have also picked up a couple of leaders in Africa that I correspond with as well.

Sometimes I get discouraged because I am not out doing what the younger missionaries are doing but then remember all those that I am investing in on a daily basis.

Please pray for:

    1. I have an invitation to go to Vietnam to mentor a leader there who is in major transition and needs help.  I will probably go at the end of this month.
    2. I will go in August to Myanmar with Robert (above) to conduct a one week leadership school for church planters.
    3. I am working on several connections for missionaries to do BAM (Business As Missions) involving several types of businesses in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. 
    4. Sandy Cohen is not coming until mid September but I have new connections for her with Christian business people here in Thailand, south China and Myanmar.
    5. I have two important BAM meetings this week.  One with Josephine, a business missionary from Malaysia and with Eng, Director of Finance for OMF, who will move to Myanmar in the fall.  I will introduce both to a non-Christian Thai businessman with whom God has given me favor.  The purpose of BAM is to reach lost business people as well as finance missionary work.  If we don’t connect with the lost business people how will we reach them.
    6. I have hurt my back and getting therapy but REALLY need healing.  Can’t sleep well.

Thanks for praying !!!  I would love to hear from you so please feel free to send me a note if you have time and especially if you have a word from the Lord for me.

Blessings,  Jim

June 2014

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Cynthia on a mission trip in 2014

For six years of my life, I wanted nothing to do with God. I quit going to church, and, like many teenagers today, my life was filled with resentment and darkness. I looked for shelter in alcohol. I began to identify with the “emo” crowd, started to do drugs, and even more. I can say without doubt that I was completely lost!

Today, I can declare the love and grace of God because he loved me and gave me a second chance.  If it wasn’t for God’s grace I would not have this story to share with you, and I probably wouldn’t even be alive.

283075_117417488355221_343455_n - Copy

Cynthia at Youth Camp in 2011

When I was 16, I was invited to a camp organized by Message Ministries with Ps. Brian Weller. I didn’t want to go, but I ended up going. The first day, I felt bored and just wanted to go home.  I didn’t want my life to change. But God had a purpose for me, and on the second night, He touched my life. He released me, restored me, opened my eyes, and made me see how wrong I had been. Still, he reminded me how much He loves me and at that moment I understood that He was the only one who could fill the gaping hole that I had in my life.  I opened my heart to him again so that he could work on me. The change God made in me that night was so amazing (inside and out) that when I finished praying, I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw a different person. I was not ‘the old Cynthia’… now I was a new creature! (2 Cor 5:17).

From that day on, I decided to start on a new road in my life. I decided to serve God. Today I am part of the “Hearts on Fire” Missions Group. We have just one purpose: to win more lives to Christ, by teaching them the word of God, encouraging them through our previous experiences and reminding them that God is the only one that can solve their problems.

2014 Peru Mission Team in Nauta

Cynthia on Mission Trip to Nauta in February 2014

We do missionary trips to domestic places. We recently returned from a missionary trip to the jungle. That trip taught me a lot. I am thanking God for allowing me to be part of his work here on Earth! There is nothing more gratifying than seeing people being restored by God. Seeing how God works in people really inspires me to go forward and not to fall; to keep fighting the good battle until the day in which Jesus comes back for his church.

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2013 Peru - Cross Street Mission Team 472

Last years team sharing at a public school.

Please pray for the Cross Street Peru Mission Team as we prepare to go minister in Peru. Once a year we take the Cross Street team to Peru to help the Peruvians reach their country with the gospel.  The team has been meeting, praying, preparing and practicing since January in order to be effective and fruitful on this trip.  This is our first American mission team to Peru since last summer’s Cross Street Team.  The other mission teams we’ve sent out this year have been made up of Peruvians, including the “Corazones en Fuego” youth team.

It is exciting to see the Peruvians doing the hard work as we slip more and more into a “backup role”.  Even though we continue to support the 10 feeding centers and other local ministries, the Peruvians are taking more and more responsibility as we at Message Ministries begin to focus more on the 10/40 window. We praise God for Marco Aroni and the other Peruvian leaders, for their hard work in directing the ministry in Peru.

This year’s Cross Street team is made up of 20 youth and leaders who come from 9 different churches.  The whole team will be together in Peru from June 20 – 30, and one half of the team will stay until July 7th. While there, the team will be doing street & public school outreaches, building prefab homes, hosting eyeglass clinic outreaches, doing VBS ministry, and ministering at the 9th annual Cross Street Youth Camp.


2013 Peru - Cross Street Mission Team 781 - Copy

Teens from Costa Azul at Last Years Camp

This years camp is just a few weeks away and we are trusting the Lord for the funds needed to pay for the camp. 
We still need about $5,000 to meet the need. That amount will pay the way for 160 Peruvian Youth to attend. Between lodging, transportation and food expense, camp costs $35 for each teen.


Would you consider sponsoring one, two or more youths this year? Each year we see many teens give their hearts to the Lord, and many others step into the role of Peruvian missionaries! 


Thank you!   Brian Weller 

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Hello from Thailand,

2014SEAsia 490

Jim in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia.

The coup that took place a month ago has not affected me at all except for the earlier curfew from 10 PM to 6:00 AM.  It is now midnight to 4:00 AM.  Things in Chiang Mai seem normal except for the occasional soldier walking around with an M-16.  Thailand has not had major problems like Myanmar and Cambodia.  It is thought that when the king, age 86, dies, that there will be a major problem.  The son is a playboy and the youngest daughter is affiliated with China where she lives.  The oldest daughter doesn’t want any part of it and she is single and too old to have an heir.  Please keep praying for the stage to be set for revival among the ethnic Thai people.

Since Sandy Cohen hurt her back at the gym, she won’t come until August.   At that time, we will go to China and other surrounding countries to try to find projects she can become involved with both personally and with finances.  I have some new opportunities for her in Myanmar and here in Thailand.

Since last year, I have been working with two Business As Missions people in Cambodia who have been struggling with their business as missions project in Phnom Penh.  Last week, I put them in contact with a Japanese businessman here in Thailand who may be able to help develop a new product line.  Sandy may be able to help them if they can adapt their project to fit her parameters.  Please pray for Darin and James to get their business going and help the kids in the garbage dump in Phnom Penh.

2014SEAsia 162

Ministry that teaches Aquaponics to other ministries in Thailand.

I am now working with some new people here in Thailand.  One is a very unusual young Thai man who has a prison ministry.  I will go with him next week to do some ministry in a local prison.  I will also help him develop an Aquaponics system of raising fish and growing veggies to sell.  It will help create jobs for released prisoners.  I have also met a Malaysian/Singaporean lady who has a business that is doing fairly well.  We may be able to expand it into Cambodia.  However, I am helping her develop a business plan for a large orphanage north of here.  She would teach English and develop some business programs to help them become self-supporting.  We will meet again next week to put together a proposal.

I enjoy being here in Thailand and especially helping missionaries succeed.  I have meetings every week helping missionaries develop their ministries.  There seems to be a trend toward starting businesses throughout this region to support local ministries.  This is especially true in creating jobs for young Thai people who become Christians and need time to be mentored before being sent out to reach others.

2014-03-15 07.22.57

Jim and Brian on bus ride to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Thank you for praying for me and helping me financially to stay on the mission field.  I actually love it here though I would like to get back occasionally to see family and friends.  People ask me about retiring.  I tell them that I can’t find that word or idea in the Bible.  As my old friend Wayne Myers used to say, “I’m not going to RETIRE, I’m going to RE-FIRE and keep going.”  I hope to die with my boots on.  That is, out doing the Lord’s work when my time comes.  Come join me.

Prayer Requests:
1.    Closer walk with the Lord.  I would like to have a personal revival with more power in my life.
2.    God’s blessings on my kids and grandkids.
3.    Open doors for greater ministry and projects mentioned above.
4.    Continued good health.
5.    All the finances I need to travel.  In August, I will be gone most of the month to China, Myanmar and Cambodia doing Business As Missions.

God bless you, Jim

Keepers of the Aquarium

Pastel Blue Website BannerPaul Harvey, the radio and television commentator, once said to his audience of Christians throughout the United States, “We’ve strayed from being fishers of men, to being keepers of the aquarium.” Unfortunately, this is truer today than it was when he first said it many years ago.  Christians and Christian churches in the U.S. need to make some big changes – before it’s too late.


The average church in the U.S. spends 85% of its income, on salaries, building expenses and supplies. (I know that most of you are not in “average” churches.) That is a sad reality, but what makes it more disheartening is that the statistic doesn’t seem to bother many believers. We must all ask ourselves, “Is this what Jesus meant for us to do when He commanded us to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”? (Mark 16:15).  He never told us to stop, settle down, and build little kingdoms.

Only about 5% of the world’s population lives in the United States. About 3 billion in the world have never even heard about Jesus even once. Most of those people live in the “10/40 window,” the rectangular area of North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia between 10 degrees and 40 degrees north latitude. In fact, 85% of all unreached people groups live in the 10/40 Window.


The question is: What are you and I going to do to start making changes? It has to start with us! We have to start today, and we have to put other things on hold so that we can do the most important thing – working for the fulfillment of God’s Great Commission by Going into All the World. John Piper said we must, “Go, Send, or Disobey!”

Brothers and sisters, please don’t wait for someone else to lead the way. Don’t wait for the building program at your church to be completed. Don’t wait until your car or house is paid off. Don’t wait until your pastor gets a vision for missions. It may never happen! We simply cannot let people die in their sins in unreached parts of the world without ever warning them by sending the gospel. God’s Great Commission always trumps a man or woman’s vision that does not line up with God’s. Read the Word – not your church’s vision statement – unless it lines up with God’s.


There is no time to waste. People are dying as you read! Do you know a missionary working in the 10/40 window? Step forward and offer to help. If you don’t know anyone doing that, join with us, and we will connect you with people who are living and dying to complete God’s Great Commission in that part of the world.

Do it now, while it’s on your mind, or the cares of this life will come knocking to distract you once again. By God’s grace, power, and authority we must GO forward saying “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). We can and we must!

In His Service,  Brian Weller

P.S. A special thanks to all of you who already go the extra mile to fulfill God’s call. God knows your heart, sees your sacrifices, and is preparing a reward for you. Thank you again!