July 6, 2018 – Mission Accomplished – Cambodia Report

As I sit at my desk looking back on our time in Cambodia, I am overwhelmed at our great God who sent us as messengers to many unreached Cambodians. Now I miss our daily trips to those countryside villages! We felt thrilled each day as groups of unreached villagers greeted us, already waiting to receive free eyeglasses. Over 1,000 villagers received free glasses to help their physical sight, and hundreds of these also received spiritual sight through Jesus Christ!

About 100 Cambodians hearing the gospel for the first time!

Sometimes we’ve returned from missions disappointed that people did not respond as we expected. However, this time we left praising God for doing more than we envisioned! Over a two week period we drove dirt roads to many villages — most consisting of about 100-200 Buddhist farmers. We experienced the thrill of a lifetime as we watched God turn their darkness into light through the gospel! As we ministered, I often thought to myself, “this is a dream come true.” I know our Heavenly Father dreamed this trip and called us to go. Jesus died and rose again for these people and they needed to hear the truth of His plan of redemption.

Hundreds called on Jesus for salvation on this mission!

In Cambodia, along with Jim Randall, we were honored and thrilled to work with some of the most dedicated Christians on the planet. God knit our hearts together as we daily shared the Good News together in village after village. What amazing servants! The second week, a Chapel mission team from the Kadena Air Force base in Japan joined right in the work. God used them to spread the gospel through drama, music, testimony and the Word. They showed great work ethic and love for the Cambodian people.

Cambodian Christian leaders giving glasses and gospel tracts to Monks

Members of the Kadena AFB Chapel Team performing an evangelistic drama.

Cambodia is the Southeast Asian country we will focus on the most in this season. God has opened incredible doors for us there. We will partner with a strong Cambodian ministry that has effective and humble leaders who we know and trust. These leaders have a great passion for the Lord and have opened their doors to us. We have committed to fully support five of their indigenous missionaries/pastors who will plant churches in the villages we visited. You can support one of these indigenous pastors for only $150 a month. 100% will go directly to the missionary. We welcome your support! We will share more ways you can help us to help them as we go forward.
Thank you for helping us reach the unreached,
Brian Weller
Multitudes of Cambodians plunge into eternity every year without ever hearing of Jesus Christ. Cambodia’s lost souls need Jesus more than ever! Will you join our rescue mission?
Message Ministries is partnering with Cambodia’s Christian leaders to reach its unreached millions. Through effective evangelism, long-term discipleship, church planting initiatives and Christian leadership training, we are reaching the unreached and training new disciples to do the same. 
You can help us cover Cambodia with God’s great news! You can fully support a Cambodian church planter for only $150 a month? Or, if you would like to support one partially you can make a donation of $30 or more. We have sponsors for the five we committed to and have sent off their first months support. With your help we can add another 2 or 3 church planters/indigenous missionaries.
In the coming months we will share about the church planters we are supporting so you can pray for them and their ministries.
Join the mission!
Click the button below to adopt an indigenous church planter for only $150 a month or to be a partial supporter with a gift of $30 or more.

April – Reaching Unreached Villages in SE Asia

Our SE Asia Mission is only six weeks away, and we are doing what we can to prepare in every way. We’ll be there for almost a month, and we want to make the most of the opportunities our God has set before us.
The first part of the mission we’ll be in CAMBODIA reaching unreached villages with the Gospel. The first week, Anne, JJ, Jim Randall, and I will begin the outreaches, and the second week, we’ll be joined by a small youth mission team from Japan. Together, we’ll evangelize through eyeglass clinics, youth and children’s ministry, and evangelistic services. We’ll use music, drama, testimonies, and the teaching of God’s word to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
We’ll go to these villages with the indigenous missionaries and pastors that Jim and Scott have been training for the last couple of years. The missionaries are being sent out by their home churches to plant new churches in each of these unreached villages. We are thrilled to be a part of it! Gloria a Dios!
The last part of the trip, we’ll be in VIET___, hosting a camp for one hundred youth and leaders – and doing other ministry as well. The youth will be coming from different parts of the country and join together for worship, Bible teaching, and fellowship. This year’s camp will be twice the size of last year’s camp, and we are genuinely excited about this opportunity!
Please pray with us as we trust the Lord for the finances we need for this SE Asia Mission. We estimate the expenses will total about $14,000, including the cost of outreaches in Cambodia, the youth camp in Vietnam, and the travel expenses for Anne, JJ, and I to be on the field with Jim Randall for almost a month. This amount also includes the flights in SE Asia for the four of us.
Our SE Asia Mission is only six weeks away, and we are doing what we can to prepare in every way. We’ll be there for almost a month, and we want to make the most of the opportunities our God has set before us.
The first part of the mission we’ll be in CAMBODIA reaching unreached villages with the Gospel. The first week, Anne, JJ, Jim Randall, and I will begin the outreaches, and the second week, we’ll be joined by a small youth mission team from Japan. Together, we’ll evangelize through eyeglass clinics, youth and children’s ministry, and evangelistic services. We’ll use music, drama, testimonies, and the teaching of God’s word to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
We’ll go to these villages with the indigenous missionaries and pastors that Jim and Scott have been training for the last couple of years. The missionaries are being sent out by their home churches to plant new churches in each of these unreached villages. We are thrilled to be a part of it! Gloria a Dios!
The last part of the trip, we’ll be in VIET___, hosting a camp for one hundred youth and leaders – and doing other ministry as well. The youth will be coming from different parts of the country and join together for worship, Bible teaching, and fellowship. This year’s camp will be twice the size of last year’s camp, and we are genuinely excited about this opportunity!
Please pray with us as we trust the Lord for the finances we need for this SE Asia Mission. We estimate the expenses will total about $14,000, including the cost of outreaches in Cambodia, the youth camp in Vietnam, and the travel expenses for Anne, JJ, and I to be on the field with Jim Randall for almost a month. This amount also includes the flights in SE Asia for the four of us.
We will be doing Eyeglass Clinic Outreaches in as many as 10 villages. These clinics will draw people to where we are and:
  • Provide the indigenous missionaries with opportunities to meet the people of the village. 
  • Provide a real need for people to be able to see for reading and for work.
  • Provide a way to bring people to us, so we can meet them and share the gospel with them. 
We can purchase eyeglasses for .60 Cents each.
$60 provides 100 pair of glasses.
This youth camp will be in Viet___ and will be a great opportunity to minister to both youth and leaders. At the camp we will:
  • Present the gospel of Jesus to unsaved youth.
  • Train the next generation of youth missionaries. 
  • Provide Leadership Training for youth leaders.
Last year’s camp was extremely fruitful and left a big impact on all those who attended. 
The cost of the camp will be $4,000
$40 will send a youth to camp.
The other expenses associated with this mission:
  • Travel expenses to SE Asia and back plus flights to Cambodia, Vietnam and back to Thailand. 
  • Food and lodging for us and the indigenous workers who will be traveling with us.
  • Ministry Needs Bibles, Gospel Tracts, battery operated mixer, video projector, screen, piano/keyboard, headset microphones etc.. These will be left in SE Asia for future missions or given away.
Total Needed $9,000.
We welcome your partnership in this mission!


June – July 2016

Cross Street Peru Mission 2016 1

The Cross Street mission to Peru was full of adventure! We had a very full schedule. We ministered morning, noon and night on many days. In our two weeks in Arequipa and Lima, we ministered in 19 different places and at the Peru Youth Camp. We ministered in Christian schools, public schools, churches, youth groups, orphanages, on the streets and at a missions conference. By God’s grace and power we preached God’s Word through music, drama, Bible teaching and testimonies. We ministered to children, prayed for the sick, led people to The Lord, did eyeglass clinic outreaches and exhorted the Peruvian people to be faithful missionaries to their own country.
It was an amazing time of ministry and fellowship with the Cross Street and Corazones en Fuego teams.  The two teams worked as one to proclaim God’s Word and to serve all those we encountered through God’s divine appointments. I have to say, it is always a blessing to be in a country where people are so open to the gospel. There is such a freedom to share the gospel of Jesus in Peru.
My first visit to Arequipa in many years was wonderful.  We are excited to announce that we are establishing a Corazones en Fuego discipleship ministry there. Diana Del Carpio is ready to lead a team of Peruvian youth and young adults that are excited about reaching their region with the gospel. The CEF Team from Lima will be assisting Diana in this work. God is going to do wonderful things there! Missions has been changing in Peru since my first visit there in 1999. Now the Peruvian people are ready to take on the task of reaching their country with the gospel, and we are ready to help lead and assist with the task.
The Peru Youth Camp was full this year. We are grateful to Pastor Jose Amaya for all the hard volunteer work he put in to organize the camp. He also gave the call to missions at the camp. We had more youth respond to the call to be missionaries to their nation and beyond than ever before. Soon there will be a retreat at the Message Ministries Mission base in Marquez to help mobilize these youth and leaders. We are truly excited about that as well!
Thank you for your prayers and financial support for our ministry in Peru. On this trip, by God’s grace and with your help, we were able to lead many people to the Lord and see God’s Kingdom expanded in Peru. I also want to thank you for your prayers and financial support for our ministry in India, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, China and soon Vietnam. We are committed to taking dives of faith as we seek to fulfill God’s call to reach a lost world with the message of Jesus Christ. Together we are making a difference. Our prayer is that God will be glorified and that He draws people to Himself as we seek to be His light to the world.
Jim Randall Mission Update

Hello from rainy Chiang Mai.

We are in the rainy season which lasts from May through October. It rains a little almost every day. I carry my folding umbrella with me wherever I go these days. I even took it to Vietnam last month when I went to do leadership training for about 80 pastors. We don’t take photos to publish in newsletters and on the internet because of security reasons. Some of those attending pastor un-registered churches. We sometimes call them underground churches. I was able to pass out a “Teambuilding” booklet in Vietnamese for everyone who attended. I also sold extras at my cost for them to pass along to their leaders. The first 2000 copies are almost gone already. It has been my experience that if you pay for it, it has value. If it is free, there is not much value to it. The second book on “The Leader’s Job Description” will be sold (mostly) at my cost of about 25 cents each. The money will pay for reprinting when the first edition is gone. The government license to print it should come this month. They are also being translated into Burmese and will be printed by the end of summer. Someone is also translating them into Khmer (Cambodian) and Spanish. They are free on the internet in English and Vietnamese at: www.leadership101.asia.
If the Great Comission is true, our plans are notI have met with several missionaries and pastors this past week since I returned. I give advice on a variety of topics, mostly leadership and organizational management but also do mentoring and personal Bible Studies. I will visit a Thai church on Sunday at the request of the pastor who also does Business As Missions (BAM). He wants me to meet the Japanese non-Christian husband of a Thai leady at his church. The husband does not speak Thai or English. I hope my Japanese will come back to me. It usually does after about minutes of struggling. My brain clicks and then it’s back to remembering.
I met with a delegation from BAM Nigeria yesterday to plan for the BAM conference in Lagos in September. That’s the organization I started last August when I was there. I also spoke with an Australian friend who will bring a delegation from the BAM conference in South Africa. I learned that the Vice President of Nigeria is a Christian and a member of the church pastored by one of the men I met with yesterday. He will try to get him to visit the conference.
I am writing some new booklets but it is slow going. I can’t seem to get myself motivated to finish them. Some of the booklets are Bible teaching subjects and not leadership or management related. I see the need for short single subject booklets that are inexpensive to print. As I mention writing them, others encourage me to do so. Please pray that I can get motivated to finish the ones I have already started.

Thanks for praying for me and supporting the work I am doing. If you would like to help pay for the translation and printing cost of booklets, please send donations to Message Ministries and mark it for publishing ministry. Otherwise, donations will be used for travel costs and living expense. So far this year, I have been to Cambodia three times, Vietnam twice, Myanmar, Laos and Singapore once. I have also traveled several times to the north and western borders of Thailand twice. I love to travel but it is really tiring. It’s not because I will be 70 years old in a few months but because it is just tiring.

Thanks for praying for me. I love what I am doing and would rather be here doing what I’m doing than anywhere else on earth. If you would like to help me by praying and finances, please feel free to do so.

God bless you,

Cambodia Banner
Every month by God’s grace and power and through the gifts of our donors, we get to do a lot of different things in a lot of different places 
One of those little things last month was providing funds for a roof on the shelter that houses the fresh water tank for the people in the Steung Meanchey garbage dump community in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia.
Please continue to pray for James Sann as he ministers in this very poor community. Message Ministries supports him on a regular basis for his outreach in this community.

May 2016

The Cross Street and Corazones en Fuego Team - Constant Contact Header

This year we are purposely taking a much smaller Cross Street Youth Mission Team to Peru. We have 12 on the team, which is a good biblical number. Peru is ready to self evangelize, so there is no longer a great need for lots of mission teams from the USA. We will continue to send strategic teams when necessary, but we are trying to follow the biblical strategy of missions, which focuses on training and releasing indigenous leaders to do the work of the Kingdom of God. We are now set up in Peru with Message Ministries and Missions Inc, Peru. This ministry is led by a Peruvian leadership team with accountability in place to secure smooth sailing into the future. Is not the commission of our lord william carey

As we set our eyes and hearts on the 10/40 Window, we are helping Peruvian leaders raise up mission teams of their own. Some of the churches are now doing this on a regular basis. They do missions much better than we do, because they know the language and culture better. We’ve learned to get out of the way and assist in the work, instead of taking control of it.

Part of the purpose of this year’s Cross Street Mission Team is to help prepare for the future.

Along with some of the Corazones en Fuego team we will head to Arequipa, Peru for the first week to do a youth and young adult conference with Diana Del Carpio (Hector Del Carpio’s sister). The goal of the conference is to raise up young people that can reach their part of the country. After the conference we will invite the missions-minded youth and young adults to join us in outreaches around the city.

We hope to see a mission team formed of those who volunteer.

We will then go to Lima, Peru to minister in outreaches and at our 11th annual youth camp. Pastor Jose, the leader of Corazones en Fuego, will do a call to missions at the camp, seeking recruits for indigenous mission work. C.E.F. helps prepare leaders, youth and young adults to reach their country with the gospel by raising up mission teams from their home churches. From now on, Corazones en Fuego will have a greater emphasis on this. We are working closer with the local pastors than ever before, so this will be much more attainable. They are excited about all God has in store for them as they obey God in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Many of you know we plan on spending part of next summer in SE Asia. There, we will work with already established ministries to help evangelize and raise up indigenous young people to reach their countries with the gospel. Our plan is to include some of the bilingual Corazones en Fuego team in that mission. Please pray for us and this years Cross Street & Corazones en Fuego team as we minister in Peru. We will be there from June 16 to July 2nd. I am including a link to a webpage about this year’s team if you would like to pray for them. www.crossstreetyouth.com/peru-team.
Thank you!   Brian Weller
Peru- 11th Annual Youth Camp
June 27th, we will hold our 11th annual Peru Youth camp. This year’s theme is “Alcanzar”, which means, “Reach”. We are expecting 150 youth from all around the Lima region & Pisco. Many of these teens come from impoverished areas. For them, this camp will be the opportunity of a lifetime! At camp, they will hear God’s Word, grow in the Lord, and have an all-around great time! We are praying for and still need sponsors for 125 young people at $35 per teen. Would you consider helping us with this need?
To find our more you can visit our  Peru Camp Webpage  Thank you!
send a peruvian teen to camp

Camp Sponsorship – Paypal

Quick Text Donations:
& preferred amount to
1-727-877-3224 (1-727-87-REACH).
Send checks to:
Message Ministries
PO Box 7158
St. Petersburg, Florida 33734-7158
Thank you for praying for this year’s Peru Youth Camp.  We are excited about all God will do as youth from 15 churches come together for this amazing event.

April 2016

2016 April - Message Min NL Banner

PISCO, PERU – Fire Relief Mission Team

2016-04-24 22.49.51

The Pisco Fire Relief Team from the USA and Peru.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support of Message Ministries and Missions. By God’s grace and the caring hearts of those who support us we continue to move forward in faith to do what God has called us to. I want to share two specific answers to prayer from this month with you. The first was regarding the Pisco Fire Relief Project.


I was a part of a small mission team that traveled to Pisco, Peru to build homes for those who lost their homes in a fire, including families from the church of Pastor Carlos and Flor. Our team consisted of five from the USA and eleven from the Lima region. Our goal was to build five homes in five days!

One of the five houses we built in Pisco.

A big goal, since we started with nothing more than a pile of materials we bought the day we arrived from Pro Mart in Pisco. Praise God we were able to accomplish that goal. Besides that, we ministered four of the five nights that we were in Pisco. Two nights we held evangelistic meetings in the area where we were building. It was a blessing to see the community come together and to see some give their hearts to the Lord. Gloria a Dios! 

This trip showed us once again how great it is to have the national Christians doing much of the ministry in the countries that we work. I was extremely blessed to work along side some of our partnering Peruvian pastors of many years, including Fabian, Jose and Julio. It was also a great blessing to have some of the Corazones en Fuego young adult team with us. I was truly amazed at how much was accomplished for the 2016-04-22 21.02.06blessing of the people and the glory of the Lord. Special thanks to Mike Goreski, Hector Del Carpio, Cort Bennett and Cameron Betsch who went to Peru at their own expense to help with this mission. Gracias! Gloria a Dios!!
Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support of Message Ministries and Missions.  By God’s grace and the caring hearts of those who support us we continue to move forward in faith to do what God has called us to. 
In His service,  Brian Weller


THAILAND2016-02-02 12.45.21

Village Church Building Project

We are excited about the donation of $4,500 that came in which enables us to provide funds to build a church building and pastors’ apartment for a village in the northern part of Thailand.  Pastor Japui and his family are very excited.  
image1 (3)This village was previously unreached with the gospel until some indigenous missionaries with FTS ministries came to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. This village is now being transformed by the message of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.  On an earlier visit, after a time of prayer, some people were healed by the power of God and some came to know the Lord including the local witch doctor.  
God is doing great things and we are excited to be a part of His work around the world.  What an honor we all have to fulfill God’s call together as we do all we can to get the gospel to the whole world. 

2016 PERU YOUTH CAMPAlcanzar-Insert-#1


Peru Youth Camp – Paypal


March 2016

2016 March - Message Min Newsletter Banner
For the last month, we have been helping some of the victims 100 Homes Burn to the Ground Piscoof a terrible fire in Pisco, Peru that destroyed 100 homes and everything in them. This is an area we have worked in on various trips to Peru. Some of the houses that burned down are prefab homes that we built with our USA and Peruvian mission teams.
We first worked in Pisco in 2007 after a terrible earthquake destroyed much of the city, causing 70% of the homes to be uninhabitable. The area where the fire recently hit is one of the squatter villages that came into being after the earthquake, and now these dear people have lost everything once again. We are doing our best to help Pastor Carlos and Flor reach out to the Temporary Shelters in Piscopeople in need there! Some of you have helped already with your prayers and donations, and we truly appreciate that. Together we were some of the first responders! In the initial phase we provided food, water and temporary shelter. You can see some of the temporary homes we put up just to provide some type of shelter (right). Our next phase is to provide more permanent homes for the people.

Hector Del Carpio and I met and decided that we needed to build homes that would not burn so easily if there ever was another fire. We’ve come up with a plan to build little homes using fire resistant materials like Hardie board and tin studs. The cost of each home will be $975. We hope to initially provide ten homes. Our plan is to build at least five Food and Water for Fire Relief in Piscoon our April mission to Peru and then leave the materials for the other five for the Peruvian teams to build. We have funding for four homes right now and need funds for six more. Our USA team is Hector, Mike (My son in law), his friend Cameron and myself. We will be joined by the Corazones en Fuego (Hearts on Fire) Peruvian youth and young adult team, led by Pastor Jose Amaya. We will also be doing evangelistic services most nights in the area where we will be building.

Please pray for God to move in a wonderful way as we share His message and for the provisions needed for this mission and for the homes. Thank you!


Prayer Requests
*  Please pray for Jim Randall as he continues his ministry in SE Asia. He recently returned from Vietnam where he was teaching and training indigenous missionaries and pastors. He is also in the process of having his first two training books printed for distribution to indigenous leaders in Vietnam. Please pray for God’s leading, power and provision.
*  Please pray for wisdom for our Peruvian leadership team (Pastor Fabian, Pastor Jose and Pastor Gilberto) as they lead Message Ministries in Peru. Pray for God’s provision as they go forward to reach the rest of their nation with the gospel.
*  Please pray for the indigenous ministries and missionaries we support in the 10/40 window (Free to Serve in SE Asia, Living Hope Ministries in India, and many indigenous missionaries in India, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.)

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February 2016

2016 February - Message Min NL Banner

SE ASIA MISSION by Brian Weller
Phil Kurpe and I riding in a Songteaw.

Phil Kurpe and I riding in a Songteaw.

On our recent trip to Southeast Asia, God continued to open my eyes to the spiritual and practical needs of the 10/40 Window. There is such a need for the gospel to go forth. These people must hear about Jesus Christ. There are so many people needing practical help to in that part of the world, from the desperately poor inhabitants of the slums of Pnomh Penh to the countless children being trafficked in all of these countries.

On our visit to these dark places, we were privileged and honored to work with Jim Randall once again. Jim has a great love and passion for the Lord and for helping indigenous pastors and missionaries reach their countries with the Gospel.
He took Phil Kurpe and I on a very busy missions adventure, in which we visited four countries – Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. We traveled by plane, Tuk Tuk, songteaws, bus, and truck.
CAMBODIA  with James Sann

James Sann and I, in the Andong Village slum community in Pnomh Penh.

We started in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with James Sann. James took us to the slum communities where he ministers around the garbage dumps.
This was my third visit to the Steung Meanchey slum community and my first visit to the Andong Village slum community, which isn’t too far away. These areas are desperately poor and in dire need of the hope that can only come through Jesus Christ.
In the picture on the right you can see that people live over the stagnant water. When we were there it was dry season so the conditions weren’t all that bad, but it was still infested with disease-carrying mosquitoes. By Gods grace and the donations of our mission supporters we were able to provide mosquito nets for 200 more families. We want to help James continue to reach these dear people!
A village transformed by Jesus Christ
and the Power of God!
We visited the children’s home that we support in Laos and visited two others in Myanmar.We are not able to show pictures of those for security reasons. We also were able to meet up with a couple of the indigenous missionaries that we support on a monthly basis.
David S. of Free to Serve ministries has a very fruitful ministry of discipling and training indigenous pastors, evangelists, and missionaries which they send out into Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and China. We will be working with them more, and seeking to raise support for these indigenous missionaries. If you would like to help, you can fully support one of these missionary families for only $100 a month. We have seen their ministries firsthand and they are doing some amazing work.While with David we visited a village outside of Chiang Rai, Thailand that they’ve reached with the Gospel. They went and preached Jesus, prayed for the sick, and the sick were healed. In response to that, the witch doctor committed his life to the Lord and others followed. They have established a local church there and sent in one of their missionary pastors to disciple the people there. Our hope is to help them build a building that could act as a meeting place for the church and a home for the Thai missionary pastor.
The cost would be about $4500. Please write us if you would like to help with that need.
Human Trafficking on the Border
2016 SE Asia - Message Ministries 267


We had the opportunity to visit Mae Sot, Thailand which is right on the border of Myanmar (Burma). We met with Lana V. of Life Impact International, a ministry she started that rescues children and youth from human trafficking. She has an amazing story of faith and courage and is an inspiration to be around. She took us to a location on the border of Thailand and Myanmar where a lot of human trafficking takes place. My heart was broken to hear first hand stories of what was going on there.
Later that day, we met many children, youth and young adults who have been rescued from human trafficking by Lana and this very amazing ministry. What really touched my heart about this ministry is that their lives have been transformed by the Love of God. They aren’t just being rescued out of something – they are being rescued into the loving arms of their Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. That night, as we ministered to the children, youth and young adults, I didn’t see broken people in need of a transformation in front of me. I saw a group that had been transformed by God’s love. I truly was blessed and amazed! The fruit of this ministry was obvious.
They were sitting right in front of us.


I believe we will be working more with Life Impact Intl. in the future. We had an awesome time ministering to the youth, although going through two translators was something I will need to get used to in the future. They translated from English to Thai, and from Thai to Burmese. I was pleasantly surprised that some of the Burmese youth were quoting the scriptures out loud from memory as they were being read by the translator. Like us, this ministry desires to disciple and send youth and young adults out to the neighboring nations with the gospel. Please pray for them.
While we were there Jim Randall trained their staff of 54. This ministry is growing and is looking for ways to be more fruitful and to prepare for growth. Jim is gifted at helping people and ministries get to the next level. He actually returned a week after we left to do more training.  
Corazones en Fuego Discipleship Group – Leadership Team
The 2016 Corazones en Fuego leadership team

The whole ministry in Peru is strong and going forward at a fast pace under the leadership of a great group of leaders. They are of one heart and are in constant communication with each other and our home office. 


We are all excited to report that our Corazones en Fuego (Hearts on Fire) Discipleship Training Ministry is back up and running again in Peru. These youth and youth leaders come from some of the churches that we work with and they are being trained to help reach their nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are also being trained to help train other young leaders. We believe this ministry is going to grow and be stronger than ever before. Pastor Jose and Amanda Amaya started CEF many years ago in their home and are leading it once again. We are expecting exciting things from these youth and leaders in the next year and in the years to come. Please pray for the Corazones en Fuego group.
Brian Weller and I with a Thai Village Pastor

Hello from Southeast Asia.

I have been very busy for the past couple of months. I have been in Cambodia three times, in Laos and Myanmar once, northern and western Thailand twice each. I have spent little time in Chiang Mai.

I had to leave the country before the first of the year to re-enter Thailand so that I could apply for a new Retirement Visa. After two days of red tape, I received a three-month visa. I will need to re-apply next month and will be given a one-year visa. I will also need to buy another multiple re-entry permit. The visa and re-entry permit cost around $300. It’s all part of the cost of doing the Lord’s work.

I was in Cambodia and northern Thailand doing pastor training for national pastors. They have no time for formal Bible School so this is the best way for them to learn the Bible and become more effective for the Kingdom of God. In Thailand, they come mostly from Myanmar and Laos. It takes time when you have multiple interpreters. In Cambodia, some of the pastors are illiterate so they have to listen carefully. It is interesting to watch them listen. Pol Pot killed all the educated people in Cambodia in the mid to late 1970’s so for a generation after that, there were almost no teachers.
I will return to Vietnam to do more pastor training for a week beginning on 14 March. I will meet with the pastor who has translated my leadership booklets and arrange for printing. A missionary has already committed to buy 500 of each title. These booklets will help to multiply the lessons I teach and raise up more effective leaders. I will either sell the booklets at cost, to help pay for the next printing, or just give them away. If you would like to help with the printing cost, please let me know.
Teaching at a Burmese Church.
I was in Western Thailand twice in the past few weeks at Life Impact International. They have a ministry that rescues children from prostitution and slavery along the border with Myanmar. Tribal children are often sold because their parents can’t care for them. Some are drug addicts and sell their kids for a few dollars for more drugs. I went to take Brian Weller to minister to the kids there and they got me to do some staff training while I was there. The leader immediately asked me to come back for a week. I was with them all last week and will go again soon to develop a leadership training program. They have a staff of 54 people, from Burma and Thailand. God has given the leader, Lana Vasquez, great favor with the government. She has the same authority as the police to go into any place on the Thai side of the border to rescue children who are being sold and used. She is the only non-Thai person with that kind of authority. The kids at her facility are full of life as the healing power of God transforms their lives through the ministry received there. I have seen LOTS of children’s homes in this part of the world and life Impact has a program worth imitating. Lana’s work is so successful that she has been asked to go to Brazil to set up some homes there. She wants her staff well trained before she thinks about going.
I will return to the US in May for the birth of Stephanie’s second child, a boy this time. I fill the role that a mom usually fills because her mother died in 1999. I will look after her and the family for a couple of weeks till she is up to it herself. I will go to Texas and Alabama to visit family and friends there. I have been asked to go to Colorado Springs meet people at a Missions Conference. It would be really beneficial in making connections for BAM Nigeria. We just had a conference call yesterday with people from Asia, Africa and the US planning for projects in Nigeria and a BAM Conference in October.

Thanks for praying for me and for supporting me so that I can expand the Kingdom of God through training and mentoring leaders in Asia and Africa. Honestly, If I had had this kind of training 20 years ago, I would have been much more effective. One person says it is like the difference between a hammer and a nail gun. I do lots of training here in Thailand as well as coaching and mentoring leaders locally as well as via Skype. Thanks for supporting me financially so that I can help them do what God has asked them to do. Every bit helps because I am doing LOTS more travel. Having been a missionary most of my life, my SSI check is small but it covers my living expenses. Missions donations are all used for travel expenses, training materials and ministry expenses. Also, please pray for continued good health.

God Bless, Jim
God is a God of Missions



January 2016



On Wednesday, January 27th I leave for Southeast Asia in the heart of the 10/40 window with my friend Phil Kurpe.  We will meet up with missionary Jim Randall in Bangkok, Thailand and move on from there. While there, we plan on visiting and ministering in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.  
All of these countries are desperate for the message of Jesus Christ and the hope that only our God can give. They are full of people in need of help – both spiritual and practical.

These four countries have a combined population of approximately 142 million people. Almost 85% of these precious SE Asia Map 4people are Buddhists. In Cambodia only 1.6% of the population are followers of Jesus Christ. In Laos 2.6%. Myanmar 5% and Thailand a mere .5%. Many of these people are hopeless and are seeking for real answers, which we know are only found in Jesus Christ!

As followers of Jesus Christ we know that there is no hope without Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father – the God of all hope. These precious people are seeking for the same answer that many of us sought before the Lord of Glory stepped into our lives and gave us His hope and salvation.
Our Lord Jesus Christ wants them to hear His message. That is why we are going to spread the Good News of Jesus. Would you pray for Phil, Jim and I as we travel through these needy lands seeking to bring the love, hope and gospel of Jesus to those we encounter?

While in Southeast Asia:

  • We plan on visiting James Sann and the people living in the Steung Meanchey garbage dump in Cambodia. We also plan on visiting a place where the government has begun to relocate some of these people. James said it is like a refugee camp there.
  • We plan on meeting up with some of the indigenous ministries that we support in Laos and Myanmar, including the children’s home that we support in Laos.
  • We plan on spending time with David S., our Burmese missionary friend who has started seven children’s homes and trains indigenous pastors and missionaries to reach into the unreached areas of SE Asia and China.
  • We plan on meeting up with Scott F. who does a lot of ministry in Vietnam. He is our contact with church leaders who have requested that we help organize and put on youth camps in Vietnam. They have also requested that we help train their youth leaders.
  • We plan on visiting and meeting other ministry leaders as we continue to expand the ministry in Southeast Asia.

Thank you for your prayers and your support.

We will encounter many needs and opportunities while we are there. If you would like to help us meet some of those needs we welcome your financial gifts as well.
10 40 map with caption
Hit the link below to download a pdf file of this month’s newsletter.

April 2014

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2014SEAsia 570

As I sit at my desk writing you this month, I am reflecting on the recent mission trip JJ and I took to Southeast Asia, where we visited and ministered in Thailand and Cambodia. While there, we met very amazing people doing very amazing things. Working with Jim Randall was a blessing and privilege. I was amazed by how many people Jim had met in one year there, by the amount of connections he had made, and by the ministries that have been blessed by his insights.

2014SEAsia 624

In Thailand, we met Pastor Lu, who is bringing the gospel to the people of China. A large number of house churches have been planted through his teaching ministry. We met Keith, who is teaching native ministers (including several who operate children’s homes) how to do Aquaponic farming so that they can be self-supporting. We met Dang, who has started many children’s homes where children are given shelter, educated, fed, and discipled to Jesus in the northern part of Thailand.

2014SEAsia 611

In Cambodia, we met people like James, who is ministering to very poor families in the slum areas around Pnomh Penh. He is starting a business to create jobs and free people from a future in the slums. We also met Pina, a Cambodian woman and mother of five; God is using her to rescue women out of human trafficking. She gives these women a home, disciples them to Jesus, and teaches them to cut hair and thus earn an honest income. Her team also ministers to families in one of the slums. The truth is that we met many wonderful servants of God! All of them are very humble and all of them walk by faith to reach these countries that are totally immersed in Buddhism, Ethno-Religions, and idolatry. The people need Jesus desperately, and those we met need help to get His message of salvation to the people there.

2014SEAsia 514

Our eyes were opened to a whole new mission field, and with that comes a whole new set of opportunities and responsibilities. For years, I’ve said that the greatest ability in the Kingdom of God is availability and the second greatest ability is response-ability, which is the ability to respond to God and His leading. As Ambassadors of Jesus Christ, God expects us to be available to hear His call and then to respond to His call by going or by sending. In doing this, we see God’s purposes fulfilled in and through our lives. In John 4:35, Jesus says, “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” When we do this in obedience, we see what God wants us to see, so that we can feel what God wants us to feel, and we can do what God wants us to do.

2014SEAsia 496

Now that JJ and I have seen both the spiritual and physical needs in southeast Asia, we are obligated to respond by God’s grace and power. Please pray with us as we launch into these new opportunities. It will be a journey of faith, and we want to be faithful to His call.  It is one thing to open our eyes and look on the fields; it is another to respond by the Holy Spirit to what we have seen on the fields. When God opens our eyes, it is so we can see what He sees and then do what He wants to do.

Please pray for us, our leaders, and our ministry support team as we seek to answer God’s call humbly and faithfully. May God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven as we press on and into the center of His will.

Special thanks to you, Jim Randall, for being a faithful servant of God. We have learned so much spending time with you in Southeast Asia!


In His Service,  Brian Weller


2014 April – Message Min Newsletter


March 2014

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Please Pray!  We Are in Southeast Asia

by Brian Weller

Cambodia - Children ministry at Dump 2By the time you receive this, JJ and I will be in Thailand, ministering in a part of the world where we have never been. We will meet people we have never met, eat food we have never eaten, and hear a language that we can’t read, write or understand (without a translator). As I write this article a few days before our departure, I feel a love in my heart for the people of these nations: Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. I know that love is from God and that the call to GO is from Him as well!

I know in my heart:

  • God wants them to know Him
  • God wants to help them
  • God wants us to tell them about salvation through Jesus Christ

I also know without a doubt that God loves them just as much as He loves us, and He wants them to have the same opportunity to hear the message of salvation that we had. Jesus came and died on the cross for all of humanity, not just a part. Many of the people in these nations have never heard the gospel. We know it is our responsibility before God to tell them by going or by sending others with the message and other expressions of God’s love. We see it as our responsibility to help the indigenous ministers and missionaries in these nations to reach their own people.

We leave home not knowing what to expect! We just want to serve God faithfully and to serve the people He loves. We are traveling to learn how we can help them know Jesus and how we can help native missionaries and ministries to become self-supporting. We will visit churches, ministry leaders, orphanages, and more.  Please pray for God’s direction, protection, and provision as we GO!

We will be away for two weeks and will be working with Jim Randall, an old friend and veteran missionary. Jim has given up his life in the USA so that he can give people in the “10/40 window” an opportunity to hear about Jesus. He lives with very little so that he can give a lot. Please pray that we can be a blessing to Jim and to the people of this part of the world while we are there.

Thank you for your love and your prayers!   Brian Weller


Peru – Month of Missions Update by JJ Weller


JJ and Rildo (A new friend) In Nauta, Peru

From January 23rd to February 18th I was in Peru doing mission work. I wasn’t as busy as I expected to be, but the Holy Spirit worked powerfully. What else can we expect when we come into cohorts with the same Holy Spirit who worked in the Book of Acts?

Most of my ministry during my trip to Peru consisted of encouraging the church by lifting up the work of Jesus on the cross and by calling them to prayer and revival.  I had a lot of people praying for me, and the results of this were made clear almost every time that I preached. The Holy Spirit surprised my translator and I one night, when, after our poorest sermon presentation yet, the congregation was brought by the Holy Spirit into a time of earnest repentance and passionate prayer for Revival.
I joined the Peruvians in leading a youth camp in a town called Nauta. The Holy Spirit used this group of teens immensely. By the end of the week, every camp attendee present believed that they had been born again, and a visible transformation had taken place in almost all of the new professing believers!  They will be continually discipled by the leadership of the church in Nauta that we partnered with to run the camp.

It was a wonderful time of learning, growing, and loving. Thanks for all of your prayers and financial support!


Children we ministered to in  Grau, Peru


Randall Mission Update by Jim Randall

Hello from Thailand,
photo(5)I began typing this on Friday (Feb. 28) in a mountain village in the north east of Thailand among a Hmong tribal group.  I am at a Lutheran church with a Thai ministry that does health training for villages in the north.  The leader, Dang, speaks English but her two assistants do not.  However, one of them speaks Japanese so we have been communicating in Japanese instead of English.  Dang’s foundation also supports Children’s Homes and Orphanages.  They come from Bangkok to conduct health clinics and share the Gospel in some very remote villages.  I was asked to visit several orphanages and give photoadvice about how to become more effective in their ministry.  In the Hmong village, I was asked to share the Word of God twice a day and pray for other needs.  I did not have much time since the messages had to be translated first into Thai and then Hmong.  I had the opportunity to pray with five of them to become Christians.  PTL!  I was not sure why the Lord had prompting me to go for four days with the team but now I know.  When we follow the Lord’s prompting, we always receive His blessing.  I also prayed for an older couple in their 70’s who had come for a health check-up.  (Dang is on the left and the Pastor is on the right.)  photo(4)They are not believers yet and the husband is struggling with opium addiction.  You can join with me in praying for their salvation and his deliverance from this addiction.  They allowed me to pray for them and the pastor is now sure they will become believers very soon.  There are many tribal villages in this rugged mountain area where there are few churches.  Laos is just on the other side of the mountain and many of these people go back and forth across the border.  Please pray for the tribal people of Thailand.  Most are open to the Gospel but there are few who go to these remote areas.

2014 Randall Thailand Couple

Brian Weller, president of Message Missions, and his son, JJ, are coming on March 6, for two weeks.  My deceased wife, Paula, and I worked with Brian many years ago before any of us became involved with Foreign Missions.  Paula was his singing partner when I met them. I will take them to see some of the work going on here in this part of the world so they can determine what the Lord wants them to do here.  (https://www.messagemissions.com ) We will go to Cambodia to see several ministries there and also hope to get to Myanmar as well.  Their time here is short so we need to maximize our schedule.  I will introduce them to missionaries and native pastors so they can get a greater understanding of the need in this part of the world where two out of three people on earth who have never heard the Gospel reside.

The need is great and the opportunities to train and encourage native pastors and workers is ever present.  We have our part but it is the locals who have the work of making disciples.  We can be like Aaron and Hur who held up the hands of Moses so the battle could be won (Exodus 17:12).  Don’t under estimate your part in reaching those who are waiting to hear the Good News that God loves them.  Seeing the joyful smiles on the faces of those who have just entered into eternal life is worth all the effort and sacrifice.  Thank you for your part in their eternal life.  Some day you will get to meet these dear people in Heaven as they come to say, “Thank you” for your part in sending Jim Randall to tell them the Good News of eternal life.

Please pray for me.  Doors continue to open to train and minister to people throughout this part of the world but I need long range direction.  I could stay busy just in Thailand but I want to maximize my time and service for the Kingdom of God.  The need is great but the laborers are few.

Prayer requests:

  • 1. Direction for Brian and JJ’s time here in Asia.  Pray for open doors for future involvement.
    2. God’s provision for the work here and safety for our travels (March 5 – 20)
    3. Long term direction for me here in Asia and God’.
    4. Please pray for my kids back in the US.  Safety, protection and closer walk with the Lord for: Stephanie, Hector, Abby and Tim.
    5. It sometimes it gets really lonely here so I am beginning to pray for someone to work alongside.

God bless you and thanks for praying, Jim