2018 A Year of Opportunities

We’re both inspired and blessed to look back and see what God allowed us to do together in 2017. Together we took dives of faith to reach people with the gospel, and I sincerely believe God was honored.
God changed many lives as the gospel went forth through direct MM mission outreaches and our indigenous partners worldwide.
Here is a list of some of the things we did together!
  • Thousands heard about Jesus Christ for the first time and many received Christ.  
  • Tens of thousands of meals were provided through the children’s feeding ministries in Peru and SE Asia.
  • Children were taught the Word of God at children’s ministries in Peru, SE Asia and India
  • Prefab homes were built for needy families in Peru.
  • Thousands received help through the Peru Flood Relief Project.
  • MM Mission Teams ministered in Peru, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and Laos.
  • People were blessed with the gift of sight and salvation through MM eyeglass clinic outreaches in Peru and SE Asia.
  • Youth in Peru, Vietnam and Cambodia attended MM discipleship and mission training retreats and camps.
  • Indigenous Pastors and Missionaries received financial support to preach the gospel to unreached villages.
  • Indigenous Vietnamese missionaries received motorcycles to travel to unreached villages with the gospel.
  • Many received healing as we prayed for the sick in the name of Jesus.
  • Orphans received food, shelter, education and discipleship at a children’s home /orphanage in Laos.
  • Most recently, your generosity provided gifts and the gospel for thousands of children and adults worldwide through the Christmas Blessing Project.
We are calling 2018  “A Year of Opportunities.” As we look out on the harvest fields of the world, we feel an eagerness to respond to God and fulfill His call. Throughout the year we will present special opportunities for the family of God to join us in fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission. Like you, we want to stand before the Lord and hear, “well done, my good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:23).
Please keep us in prayer as we go forward into this Year of Opportunities. Together, let’s take dives of faith and trust the Lord to do “more than we could ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20). God’s greatness inspires us to do greater things to bring glory to His name and to rescue the lost and hopeless. We pray that God fills your year with opportunities to demonstrate God’s glory to this broken world.
On December 25th, we partnered with Free to Serve Ministries to provide a Christmas Blessing Project outreach to 70 unreached villagers in Pankoi Village, Thailand. Our partner Pastor K. has labored as an evangelist and church planter in the Pankoi Village for some time now, and this outreach granted many new converts for him to disciple.
On Christmas, Free to Serve ministries gathered the Pankoi Village together for a special Christmas meal, played Christian music and preached the gospel. After the gospel message, 7 villagers received Christ immediately. Others received Christ later that day in private, and 3 more families came to Christ within weeks after the outreach through their new relationship with Pastor K. FTS leader David believes these new converts will soon lead their families to Christ. How it brightens our hearts to hear of salvation among the unreached!
During this outreach, God’s hand was also present to heal and deliver from demons. One Pankoi woman had not been able to walk for years, and thus could not work or play a significant role in the village. Our partners prayed for her in the name of Jesus, and to her amazement, God granted her to walk again! Other villagers visited our partners in private to seek deliverance from years of demonic oppression. Jesus set them free from the tormenting spirits and the villagers responded by surrendering their lives to Christ. Jesus is alive, and He loves the unreached people of Southeast Asia!
Thank you so much for supporting the Christmas Blessing Project in Southeast Asia. Your financial and prayer support has contributed to God’s great work in the Pankoi Village.
Thank you for helping to make this CBP Outreach a reality through your prayers and financial support.
Would you please pray for JJ Weller as he spends the next few months in the nation of Peru. He is staying at our mission base in Marquez and is working and ministering alongside the group of pastors and churches that we work with in Peru.
Please pray for God’s direction, anointing, wisdom and health to be on JJ. Please pray for Cynthia Noa our Message Ministries ministry assistant in Peru who is helping JJ organize the different ministry opportunities and helping with translation as well. Thank you! 
Please pray that the local churches will be strengthened, challenged and built up though JJ’s messages of encouragement and exhortation.
JJ went at his own expense and has not asked for any help with expenses. If you would like to be one of his SENDERS we are putting a donation link below. Thank you!
If you would like to be an active part of the 2018 Year of Opportunities by making a one time donation or a monthly commitment, we have included a donate button.  We have also included a link to the Donation Page on our website where you can sign up for monthly, semi monthly, bi weekly, weekly or quarterly donations. 
Thank you in advance for your partnership
in fulfilling God’s Great Commission!

June 2017 – Pray for Mission Teams


 We’ve sent this month’s newsletter early because we will not return from SE Asia until July 3rd.  We ask you to please pray for the three teams listed below. These teams will partner with Message Ministries to reach souls in Peru and SE Asia over the next 30 days. Please pray daily as we GO!  Your prayers will make an eternal difference. Please pray that the teams would go out in the power of the Holy Spirit to minister the message of Eternal Life found in Jesus Christ. Thank you!
SE ASIA TEAM – Cambodia and Vietnam – June 13 – July 2
June 13-14: Travel to SE Asia.
June 15: Fly to Pnomh Penh, Cambodia – Prepare for Missionary Training Camp
June 16-19: Minister at REACH Indigenous Missionary Training & Discipleship Camp
June 20-24: Daily Ministry in an around Pnomh Penh, including ministry in the Ang Dang and Steung Meanchey Slum Communities. We will do street and door to door evangelism, including praying for the sick. We will also do Eyeglass Clinic Outreaches and minister in some churches. 
June 24: We will open our first SE Asia Children’s Ministry Feeding Center and Discipleship Ministry.
June 25:  Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam at Night
June 26:   Day of Planning for Indigenous Missionary Training & Discipleship Camp
June 27-29: Minister at REACH Indigenous Missionary Training & Discipleship Camp
June 30 – July 1:  Visit and Minister in Vietnamese Villages.
July 2: Fly to Bangkok, Thailand then Return Home to the USA.
June 15: Arrive in Lima, Peru – Prepare for Run the Race Youth Retreat
June 16-18: Run the Race Youth Retreat #1 at the MMM Mission Base in Marquez with the Corazones en Fuego Team.
June 19-20:   Build a Prefabricated Home for a needy Family in Pachacutec.
June 21: Ministry in two public schools in Pachacutec and an Eyeglass Clinic Outreach.
June 22: Team Day Off
June 23-25:  Run the Race Youth Retreat #1 at the MMM Mission Base in Marquez with the Corazones en Fuego Team.
June 26: Return to USA
July 1: Arrive in Lima, Peru – Minister at Children’s Feeding Center Ministry in Pachacutec.  Minister at Youth Meeting in Marquez or Street Outreach at night.
July 2: Morning Ministry at church in Ancon. Eyeglass Clinic Outreach and Church Service in Costa Azul.
July 3-6:  Build 2 Prefabricated Homes for needy Families in Pachacutec and Seis de Abril.
July 7: Day Off
July 8: Ministry at three Children’s Ministry Feeding Centers in Costa Azul, Pachacutec and Seis de Abril
July 9: Return to USA
Text “SEASIACAMPS” & preferred amount to 1-727-877-3224 (1-727-87-REACH). 
Please continue to Pray for Jim Randall as he ministers throughout the 10/40 window.  Prayer support for Jim is so very important as he ministers to many indigenous missionaries, pastors and leaders in that part of the world. 
God is using Jim to make these leaders much more effective in their ministries to those who have not hear and to new converts to Jesus Christ.
Thank you, Message Ministries

January 2017


World Missions Newsletter / January 2017
A Missions Moment – Isn’t It Time?
In this Missions Moment, Brian shares the importance of surrendering our time, our talents, our resources and more to God. We want to do this because our God loves us and has a plan that far surpasses any plan we could ever dream up. If we surrender to God we will walk in His Power, His Purpose and His Presence as we move forward in life. Isn’t it time to make the necessary changes that will draw us closer to God and deeper into His purposes for us, and what He wants to do through us?

Please be in prayer for Hector Del Carpio and me as we prepare to minister in Southeast Asia in February. We will connect with Jim Randall, and we’ll visit and minister with the ministries we work with in Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, V________ and Laos. We will do a lot of traveling during this 16-day trip. This is our final newsletter before the trip, so I am going to list below some prayer requests for the trip, and while we’re in Southeast Asia, I’ll post updates on our prayer page www.facebook.com/groups/messageministriesprayer. If you are not a member of that group, please message me on Facebook and ask to be added.
  • Please pray for our visits to the Steung Meanchey and Ang Dong slum communities in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Ang Dung is where we helped install a water filtration system for the thousands of people who live there. We hope to do some vocational training while we are there and share the gospel with the people. Please pray for our visit to a village a couple hours from Pnomh Penh where we will be sharing the gospel with the hopes of planting a church there.
  • Please pray for our visit to a public school in the slums where we hope to start a children’s ministry outreach that will offer children a good meal and the Word of God. James Sann will be implementing this program with our financial help. We will need to invest around $400 to get some pots and pans, plates, cups, silverware, etc. We may also need to purchase a TV and DVD player to show children’s gospel videos. We welcome your help with reaching these goals. We will fund these efforts on a monthly basis.
  • LAOS – Please be in prayer for our visit to the orphanage/children’s home that we support in Laos.
  • THAILAND & MYANMAR – Please pray for our visit to the northern part of Thailand with David S. We have been supporting indigenous missionaries through FTS ministries in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and China. We hope to visit with some of these pastors and do some ministry while we are there. We will be talking to David specifically about doing some ministry with the youth and young adults when we return with a ministry team in July. With God’s help, we plan on returning for a month in June/July 2017.


  • Please be in prayer about an opportunity to provide the ministries that we work with in Southeast Asia the chance to broadcast radio shows in their own languages and to share about their ministries through one of our partner ministries, www.onejamnationradio.com.
  • Please pray for God’s provision for this trip and for everything connected with it.
  • Please pray for Jim Randall as he arranges our schedule, visas, and travel plans and as he continues his ministry there.

In His Service,  Brian Weller

We I was also encouraged and blessed by the reports about the Christmas Blessing outreaches in Southeast Asia. The reports from villages in Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia caused my heart to rejoice. In some of these areas, a meal was provided, and clothes were given instead of toys. The necessities of life are often the greatest needs in these regions. I have included a couple of pictures here, and I want to thank you for your help with the Christmas Blessing Project. Many lives were saved, and I know of two churches that are being planted in villages in Myanmar because of these Christmas outreaches. We praise God for His faithfulness and for your help. You can see more pictures at our website, www.christmasblessingproject.com
Please continue to pray for Jim Randall as he continues to minister to leaders in SE Asia and around the world.  
Leaders like Jim have a very important role in the Kingdom of God today. Through many years of seeking the Lord, studying God’s Word and ministry experience Jim is able to help younger missionaries, pastors, evangelists and leaders to be more fruitful at a younger age and avoid some pitfalls that many fall into to. 
Here is a link to Jim’s page on our website
Thank you!
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December 2016


World Missions Newsletter

December Update & Newsmerry-christmas-from-message-ministries

The last month was a busy time here at Message Ministries and Missions as we finalized the Christmas Blessing Project Outreaches around the world. We praise God for the many opportunities He has given us in 2016 and look forward to the opportunities that await us in 2017. Here are some recent developments:

   *  The Corazones En Fuego Peruvian mission team visited a very poor region of Peru called Huancavelica. In Huancavelica, 2016-12-03-08-31-07they taught the Word of God through Eyeglass Clinic outreaches, youth meetings and a Christmas Blessing Project Outreach. The CBP outreach touched the lives of 200 children.   

*  Pastor Fabian Santillan, our long time friend and ministry co-worker, has answered God’s call to minister to incarcerated Peruvians. In November, Fabian ministered the word of God and the Pacto De Vida Universidad Bible curriculum to over 250 incarcerated men and women in Huaraz. Please pray as we move forward with this ministry!

   * James Sann’s water filter project in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia will be completed soon if all goes according to plan. The people of the Andong Slum Community will receive fresh water in the name of the Lord Jesus.
   *  Thanks to our donors, we have sent out almost $10,000 for the Christmas Blessing Project. Thank you! This provides gifts for children in Peru, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia. We still have more to do to complete this years CBP.

So many things are going on that we can’t fit in this newsletter. Please connect with us through our website — and especially our Facebook prayer page — for regular, detailed updates go to www.facebook.com/groups/messageministriesprayer/

Please pray for us as we prepare for the following in January and February:
   *  JJ Weller and Cort Bennett will join a small CEF Peruvian mission team to minister at a youth camp in Arequipa, Peru. This is a great opportunity to work alongside Arequipa’s pastors to reach the lost youth of their region.

   *  Hector Del Carpio and I will return to SE Asia in early February to work alongside Jim Randall. While there, we will visit Vietnam to meet with Vietnamese leaders about youth camps we will minister in June 2017.

Thank you for standing with us, praying for us, and supporting us as we GO! We are truly ready to GO and DO whatever our Lord Jesus calls us to do. We praise God for His faithfulness and for allowing us to work together to make a difference around the world! God bless you!

In His service,   Brian Weller

2017 Missions Quotes and Prayer Calendar

calendar-2017-ad-4We are so grateful to the donor who provided the funds to print this year’s Missions Quotes Calendars.  We had considered not printing them this year because of the extra cost, but this donor’s help changed our mind. Since we are wholesale printers, we were able to print them at a great price.  If you would like more calendars than we sent you, let us know! We have plenty! Please follow along with the calendar and pray for each prayer focus of the month. Intercessors, thank you for your prayers, and donors, thank you for your donations!
If you would like one please write us at messagemissions@gmail.com and leave your name and address.  If you would like more than one for a friend please feel free to request that when you write.
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We have created a Message Ministries Podcast page with Bible Teaching in English and Spanish, Missions Moments (2 to 4 minutes) and our Jesus Music Flashback Radio Show (30 Minutes).
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November 2016

World Missions Newsletter

2016-happy-thanksgiving-from-message-ministriesAs we enter Thanksgiving season we have so much to be thankful for! I want to share some of my thanks-giving!

  • I am extremely thankful for God’s love and grace, which brought me into a life-saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He gave His life for me and for the whole world.
  • I am tremendously thankful for my amazing family. I certainly don’t deserve a family as wonderful as them, but God gave them to me. I thank Him for that. 
  • I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to be a grandfather to our new grandson Noah – the son of our daughter Katie and her husband Mike. We all love him so much and feel very blessed to have a baby in the family again. 
  • I am overwhelmingly thankful to God for the opportunity to serve Him in world missions. I love being able to reach out with the gospel of Jesus and to help meet practical and spiritual needs by the grace of God and with an amazing group of caring people.  

Let’s all be sure to focus on thanks-giving this Thanksgiving! We start to complain when we lose focus on the greatness of God.  

Let’s focus on him and be thankful for His seen and unseen blessings. He loves you with His whole heart!
Blessings to you and your family,  Brian Weller
christmas-blessing-project-card-2016-frontChristmas is almost one month away. Through our Christmas Blessing Project, we hope to provide $5 gifts for approximately 2000 children in Peru, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. That might not sound like much in comparison to larger ministries, but it requires a big step of faith for us. This special need alone will require about $10,000. For most of these children the gift that we provide will be their only Christmas gift. They will be thrilled to get it! 
The Christmas Blessing Project is an effective and affordable way for families to serve the poor this Christmas. At only $5 per gift, even your children and grandchildren can get involved!
I encourage you to participate in a gift program to the poor this Christmas, even if it isn’t through Message Ministries.
  • Do it because you care about the many poor children that have next to nothing.
  • Do it because you want to bless them in the name of the Lord Jesus, whose birth we celebrate.
  • Do it because you desire to foster that same care in your little ones. For many years our family had very little, but we always somehow found a way to give to those in need. Families that care together and share together seem to come together as they experience God’s love and blessings.
christmas-blessing-project-card-2016-backIf you would like to help, please note that we want to send funds to our indigenous partners by December 1st (although we will send some later).  Our partners will then purchase gifts for each of the children they minister to and have a Christmas Celebration at their churches, feeding centers, children’s homes or street outreaches. We will post pictures on our website for you to see as we get them. We are including another Christmas Blessing Project promotional card that you can give to someone else who might be interested. If you would like more information or would like to see pictures from previous years, go to www.ChristmasBlessingProject.com. 
Thank you in advance for your help!  
Here are some options for giving:
To give by text: 727-87REACH (727-877-3224)
Type in the Amount and the word CHRISTMAS
2016 Message Ministries Tent Project
2016 Message Ministries Tent Project 2
2016 Message Ministries - Bibles for Believers
2016 Message Ministries - Bibles for Believers 2
2016 Message Ministries - Pnomh Penh, Cambodia 1
2016 Message Ministries - Pnomh Penh, Cambodia 2
This will be home to a good sized water purification system, providing clean water for the people in the community.  We will also have bibles studies, children’s ministries and hopefully some vocational training.
Jim Randall Mission Update

September and October have been busy months. I was in Nigeria for 30 days from early September to early October. I was home in Chiang Mai for a week then off to Vietnam. During that week, I was soooooo sick. I can’t remember having ever been more sick with flu type symptoms. I slept almost constantly for three days and ate lots of Amoxicillin that I bought from the drug store around the corner. I bought another course in Vietnam because I still had symptoms. I still have a slight cough but that’s it.

In Nigeria, I spoke in lots of churches and training seminars in the southern half of the country. We also had our First BAM (Business As Missions) Nigeria Conference. We had about 50 high level Christian leaders who came. We had several come from other countries in the region who want to start a BAM movement in their countries. I have been invited to Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Ghana. I will probably go to Nigeria again in March to conduct a seminar on how to put together a business plan in preparation for the next BAM Nigeria conference in October. We hope to fund two business start-ups that have a Missions focus. There are some very top Nigerian Christian business leaders who will be involved in seeing a Missions movement started in Nigeria. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of prophetic words I received from God 40 years ago.

I went to Hanoi to do Bible training for a group of about 50 pastors, most of whom are from the tribal areas in the far north near China. I then went to Saigon for another week to join in a Conference with about 250 pastors and leaders. I was one of about five leaders. It was very good and encouraging to see the zeal of the Vietnamese Christians. They are ready for a Spiritual Awakening to take place there. We gave Vietnamese copies of my two booklets on Leadership to each one.

Brian Weller will come in February to meet with leaders in preparation for a large Youth Summer Camp in July. We are expecting this to be the beginning of a youth movement in Vietnam. There will be between 200 and 300 youth in attendance.

My Jewish friend from Dallas is coming in December to look at two ministries for possible funding. She is not a Christian but willing to fund Christians who are doing some significant “humanitarian” work. I will take her to Cambodia to see the land mine victims who work at the Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Company. http://www.cambodianharvest.com// This company was started 11 years ago by an old friend of mine when she was 70 years old to provide jobs for victims of land mines who are now handicapped. They are usually missing a foot, leg, arm or hand after stepping on a land mine left from the Pol Pot era in the 1970’s. They need at least half a million US Dollars to expand. They have reached their maximum capacity. They have started a church and 70-80 % of the people have become Christian.
We will also go to Mae Sot to visit Life Impact Ministries. They rescue children from human trafficking and slavery. They are very successful a nd are the only ministry in Thailand that has government approval to go into any business or place to rescue children. The police have no authority over them. They only need half a million dollars. They already have 25 acres in Thailand but need another 35 acres and a facility across the river in Myanmar.

As you can see, I am busy. I have lots going on here in Chiang Mai with 
mentoring, consulting with ministries and writing. I am editing my fourth booklet on Strategic Planning. Burmese has been translated, waiting for funds for printing and Cambodian and Thai are being done now. I had 500 each of three titles printed in English in Nigeria in September for the conference. They are free online in English and Vietnamese and will soon be in Myanmar, Cambodian and Thai. Tribal languages are being recorded onto CD for leaders in Northern Vietnam. Some only speak or read limited Vietnamese.

If you would like to help with the cost of translation and printing of these booklets, let me know. Translation is usually around $75 to $100 USD and printing is about $.25 each. I give most of them free to leaders but charge if they want additional copies for their leaders. I only charge enough to cover the cost of printing more in the future.

The Thai Emperor has died. There is a one month mourning period that will go for another week plus a one year period of mourning. I was in Bangkok in 1982 taking photos at the Buddhist temple of the Jade Buddha when the King came to change the robe on the statue. He passed within 10 feet of where I stood. He reigned for 70 years and it is reported that his missionary English teacher prayed with him to become a secret Christian. Is there such a thing as a secret Christian? It is uncertain if the son will ascend to the throne but there is likely to be serious political trouble and possible revolt now that he is gone. The son (probable successor) has a bad reputation as a playboy and is not respected by many. Trouble has been brewing for years and this next year may produce a serious revolt now that the beloved king is gone.

If you would like to help with other costs like travel expenses or living expenses in SE Asia, please go to:

Please pray for:

  • Health and safety.
  • Political stability in Thailand
  • Publishing of the leadership booklets
  • Travel for the next two months and my Jewish friend’s visit/funding projects
  • Funds for the work here
  • Ability to hear clearly from the Lord.

God bless you and thanks for sharing in the Lord’s work here in SE Asia and Africa.

Thank you,  Jim Randall


Donate – Jim Randall


October 2016

2016-10-09-12-38-28I recently returned from an amazing trip to Peru. What a blessing it was and is to work with some of the most dedicated, humble, and hardest-working pastors and leaders on this planet. It is amazing how far a group of leaders can go and how much they can accomplish when they are walking in unity. 
Our leadership team in Peru is standing strong together to fulfill the call of God to reach their great nation through a variety of outreach efforts, mission trips, discipleship training, and evangelism. This includes the wonderful work going on in and through the local Peruvian churches, including the eleven Loaves and Fishes Feeding Centers, the Eyeglass Clinic Outreaches, the Corazones en Fuego youth teams, and the Able Hands Vocational Training Center. It is always sad to leave my good friends in Peru, but as I returned to the USA, I praised God for all He has done and is doing as we walk together in unity, as servants of God to accomplish His purposes and plans.
2016-10-13-11-28-43On this trip, JJ, Cort, Antonetta, Garrett, and I were blessed to teach on missions, evangelism, and discipleship at the Corazones en Fuego Youth Missions and Discipleship Retreat in Marquez. We were also blessed to visit various churches and ministries and to conduct outreaches that included eyeglass clinics, children’s ministries, and more! As we step into the future, we are excited about many of the great things that God is doing, including:
#1 – PACTO DE VIDA UNIVERSITY: We have the opportunity to bring Pacto De Vida University classes into some of the Peruvian prisons. The classes will be adapted and streamlined into a discipleship course for those in the prisons who are believers. This is something that has been on the heart of Pastor Fabian for quite some time. We met with Dr. Deaton, the founder of Pacto De Vida University, and we are moving forward with the first outreach at a prison in the Huaraz area. Please pray for Pastor Fabian and Cecilia as they launch this new mission outreach. They already pastor two churches in the Lima area, and they are now blessed to have the added help of their son Leo, who has been attending Bible School.
#2 – CORAZONES EN FUEGO GROUPS: We are moving forward with the vision to establish Corazones En Fuego or “CEF” (Hearts on Fire) youth and young adult discipleship and missionary training groups throughout Peru in the regions where the churches we work with have conducted missions trips. Pastor Jose and Pastor Gilberto have established working relationships throughout Peru through their various mission outreaches. Please pray for Diana Del Carpio, who is starting a CEF group in Arequipa.  As I write this newsletter, JJ and Cort are there now to help her establish that ministry.
#3 – MESSAGE MINISTRIES MISSIONS BASE: We are excited to have most of the Marquez Roof Project finished. When it’s completed, we will have a better base of operations for Message Ministries and Missions-Peru. As I 2016-10-07-13-33-38have shared before, this base is available for the churches that we work with to have gatherings and retreats of all types, and it provides the CEF Teams with a training location to GO forth from. We are thrilled with how God provided the funds we needed to complete the roof. We still need some funds for the windows, and we are trusting God for the remainder of what is needed. Thank you for your prayers and support.
As we work toward spending more time ministering in Southeast Asia and in the “10/40” window, we felt led by the Holy Spirit to build strong the arm of our ministry in Peru. I can joyfully report to you that the Peruvian ministry is now stronger than ever, and I am truly thankful to God for a group of leaders who are so willing to humble themselves before one another and before Him. They are an amazing group of servant leaders, and we know that it is only by God’s grace and power that we have accomplished any of the things we have been able to do. We are truly blessed to be servants of God. 
In His service,  Brian Weller
PS: If you would like to stay updated on what we are doing, see our pictures, view our videos, read our reports, and join our prayer team, please visit our Facebook prayer group at www.facebook.com/groups/messageministriesprayer. If you send us a request, we will add you as a member.
On our recent trip to Peru, our team of 5 from the USA and the Corazones en Fuego Peru mission team worked together to do some Eyeglass Clinics and Outreaches in three different locations.  Praise God for those who received glasses so they can read, work more efficiently, or be able to study in school without squinting.  We also praise God for those who received spiritual sight through the clear presentation of the gospel at the final station of the clinic where we have people ready to pray with people and share the gospel.  Here are a few pictures of the outreaches.


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June – July 2016

Cross Street Peru Mission 2016 1

The Cross Street mission to Peru was full of adventure! We had a very full schedule. We ministered morning, noon and night on many days. In our two weeks in Arequipa and Lima, we ministered in 19 different places and at the Peru Youth Camp. We ministered in Christian schools, public schools, churches, youth groups, orphanages, on the streets and at a missions conference. By God’s grace and power we preached God’s Word through music, drama, Bible teaching and testimonies. We ministered to children, prayed for the sick, led people to The Lord, did eyeglass clinic outreaches and exhorted the Peruvian people to be faithful missionaries to their own country.
It was an amazing time of ministry and fellowship with the Cross Street and Corazones en Fuego teams.  The two teams worked as one to proclaim God’s Word and to serve all those we encountered through God’s divine appointments. I have to say, it is always a blessing to be in a country where people are so open to the gospel. There is such a freedom to share the gospel of Jesus in Peru.
My first visit to Arequipa in many years was wonderful.  We are excited to announce that we are establishing a Corazones en Fuego discipleship ministry there. Diana Del Carpio is ready to lead a team of Peruvian youth and young adults that are excited about reaching their region with the gospel. The CEF Team from Lima will be assisting Diana in this work. God is going to do wonderful things there! Missions has been changing in Peru since my first visit there in 1999. Now the Peruvian people are ready to take on the task of reaching their country with the gospel, and we are ready to help lead and assist with the task.
The Peru Youth Camp was full this year. We are grateful to Pastor Jose Amaya for all the hard volunteer work he put in to organize the camp. He also gave the call to missions at the camp. We had more youth respond to the call to be missionaries to their nation and beyond than ever before. Soon there will be a retreat at the Message Ministries Mission base in Marquez to help mobilize these youth and leaders. We are truly excited about that as well!
Thank you for your prayers and financial support for our ministry in Peru. On this trip, by God’s grace and with your help, we were able to lead many people to the Lord and see God’s Kingdom expanded in Peru. I also want to thank you for your prayers and financial support for our ministry in India, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, China and soon Vietnam. We are committed to taking dives of faith as we seek to fulfill God’s call to reach a lost world with the message of Jesus Christ. Together we are making a difference. Our prayer is that God will be glorified and that He draws people to Himself as we seek to be His light to the world.
Jim Randall Mission Update

Hello from rainy Chiang Mai.

We are in the rainy season which lasts from May through October. It rains a little almost every day. I carry my folding umbrella with me wherever I go these days. I even took it to Vietnam last month when I went to do leadership training for about 80 pastors. We don’t take photos to publish in newsletters and on the internet because of security reasons. Some of those attending pastor un-registered churches. We sometimes call them underground churches. I was able to pass out a “Teambuilding” booklet in Vietnamese for everyone who attended. I also sold extras at my cost for them to pass along to their leaders. The first 2000 copies are almost gone already. It has been my experience that if you pay for it, it has value. If it is free, there is not much value to it. The second book on “The Leader’s Job Description” will be sold (mostly) at my cost of about 25 cents each. The money will pay for reprinting when the first edition is gone. The government license to print it should come this month. They are also being translated into Burmese and will be printed by the end of summer. Someone is also translating them into Khmer (Cambodian) and Spanish. They are free on the internet in English and Vietnamese at: www.leadership101.asia.
If the Great Comission is true, our plans are notI have met with several missionaries and pastors this past week since I returned. I give advice on a variety of topics, mostly leadership and organizational management but also do mentoring and personal Bible Studies. I will visit a Thai church on Sunday at the request of the pastor who also does Business As Missions (BAM). He wants me to meet the Japanese non-Christian husband of a Thai leady at his church. The husband does not speak Thai or English. I hope my Japanese will come back to me. It usually does after about minutes of struggling. My brain clicks and then it’s back to remembering.
I met with a delegation from BAM Nigeria yesterday to plan for the BAM conference in Lagos in September. That’s the organization I started last August when I was there. I also spoke with an Australian friend who will bring a delegation from the BAM conference in South Africa. I learned that the Vice President of Nigeria is a Christian and a member of the church pastored by one of the men I met with yesterday. He will try to get him to visit the conference.
I am writing some new booklets but it is slow going. I can’t seem to get myself motivated to finish them. Some of the booklets are Bible teaching subjects and not leadership or management related. I see the need for short single subject booklets that are inexpensive to print. As I mention writing them, others encourage me to do so. Please pray that I can get motivated to finish the ones I have already started.

Thanks for praying for me and supporting the work I am doing. If you would like to help pay for the translation and printing cost of booklets, please send donations to Message Ministries and mark it for publishing ministry. Otherwise, donations will be used for travel costs and living expense. So far this year, I have been to Cambodia three times, Vietnam twice, Myanmar, Laos and Singapore once. I have also traveled several times to the north and western borders of Thailand twice. I love to travel but it is really tiring. It’s not because I will be 70 years old in a few months but because it is just tiring.

Thanks for praying for me. I love what I am doing and would rather be here doing what I’m doing than anywhere else on earth. If you would like to help me by praying and finances, please feel free to do so.

God bless you,

Cambodia Banner
Every month by God’s grace and power and through the gifts of our donors, we get to do a lot of different things in a lot of different places 
One of those little things last month was providing funds for a roof on the shelter that houses the fresh water tank for the people in the Steung Meanchey garbage dump community in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia.
Please continue to pray for James Sann as he ministers in this very poor community. Message Ministries supports him on a regular basis for his outreach in this community.

May 2016

The Cross Street and Corazones en Fuego Team - Constant Contact Header

This year we are purposely taking a much smaller Cross Street Youth Mission Team to Peru. We have 12 on the team, which is a good biblical number. Peru is ready to self evangelize, so there is no longer a great need for lots of mission teams from the USA. We will continue to send strategic teams when necessary, but we are trying to follow the biblical strategy of missions, which focuses on training and releasing indigenous leaders to do the work of the Kingdom of God. We are now set up in Peru with Message Ministries and Missions Inc, Peru. This ministry is led by a Peruvian leadership team with accountability in place to secure smooth sailing into the future. Is not the commission of our lord william carey

As we set our eyes and hearts on the 10/40 Window, we are helping Peruvian leaders raise up mission teams of their own. Some of the churches are now doing this on a regular basis. They do missions much better than we do, because they know the language and culture better. We’ve learned to get out of the way and assist in the work, instead of taking control of it.

Part of the purpose of this year’s Cross Street Mission Team is to help prepare for the future.

Along with some of the Corazones en Fuego team we will head to Arequipa, Peru for the first week to do a youth and young adult conference with Diana Del Carpio (Hector Del Carpio’s sister). The goal of the conference is to raise up young people that can reach their part of the country. After the conference we will invite the missions-minded youth and young adults to join us in outreaches around the city.

We hope to see a mission team formed of those who volunteer.

We will then go to Lima, Peru to minister in outreaches and at our 11th annual youth camp. Pastor Jose, the leader of Corazones en Fuego, will do a call to missions at the camp, seeking recruits for indigenous mission work. C.E.F. helps prepare leaders, youth and young adults to reach their country with the gospel by raising up mission teams from their home churches. From now on, Corazones en Fuego will have a greater emphasis on this. We are working closer with the local pastors than ever before, so this will be much more attainable. They are excited about all God has in store for them as they obey God in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Many of you know we plan on spending part of next summer in SE Asia. There, we will work with already established ministries to help evangelize and raise up indigenous young people to reach their countries with the gospel. Our plan is to include some of the bilingual Corazones en Fuego team in that mission. Please pray for us and this years Cross Street & Corazones en Fuego team as we minister in Peru. We will be there from June 16 to July 2nd. I am including a link to a webpage about this year’s team if you would like to pray for them. www.crossstreetyouth.com/peru-team.
Thank you!   Brian Weller
Peru- 11th Annual Youth Camp
June 27th, we will hold our 11th annual Peru Youth camp. This year’s theme is “Alcanzar”, which means, “Reach”. We are expecting 150 youth from all around the Lima region & Pisco. Many of these teens come from impoverished areas. For them, this camp will be the opportunity of a lifetime! At camp, they will hear God’s Word, grow in the Lord, and have an all-around great time! We are praying for and still need sponsors for 125 young people at $35 per teen. Would you consider helping us with this need?
To find our more you can visit our  Peru Camp Webpage  Thank you!
send a peruvian teen to camp

Camp Sponsorship – Paypal

Quick Text Donations:
& preferred amount to
1-727-877-3224 (1-727-87-REACH).
Send checks to:
Message Ministries
PO Box 7158
St. Petersburg, Florida 33734-7158
Thank you for praying for this year’s Peru Youth Camp.  We are excited about all God will do as youth from 15 churches come together for this amazing event.

April 2016

2016 April - Message Min NL Banner

PISCO, PERU – Fire Relief Mission Team

2016-04-24 22.49.51

The Pisco Fire Relief Team from the USA and Peru.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support of Message Ministries and Missions. By God’s grace and the caring hearts of those who support us we continue to move forward in faith to do what God has called us to. I want to share two specific answers to prayer from this month with you. The first was regarding the Pisco Fire Relief Project.


I was a part of a small mission team that traveled to Pisco, Peru to build homes for those who lost their homes in a fire, including families from the church of Pastor Carlos and Flor. Our team consisted of five from the USA and eleven from the Lima region. Our goal was to build five homes in five days!

One of the five houses we built in Pisco.

A big goal, since we started with nothing more than a pile of materials we bought the day we arrived from Pro Mart in Pisco. Praise God we were able to accomplish that goal. Besides that, we ministered four of the five nights that we were in Pisco. Two nights we held evangelistic meetings in the area where we were building. It was a blessing to see the community come together and to see some give their hearts to the Lord. Gloria a Dios! 

This trip showed us once again how great it is to have the national Christians doing much of the ministry in the countries that we work. I was extremely blessed to work along side some of our partnering Peruvian pastors of many years, including Fabian, Jose and Julio. It was also a great blessing to have some of the Corazones en Fuego young adult team with us. I was truly amazed at how much was accomplished for the 2016-04-22 21.02.06blessing of the people and the glory of the Lord. Special thanks to Mike Goreski, Hector Del Carpio, Cort Bennett and Cameron Betsch who went to Peru at their own expense to help with this mission. Gracias! Gloria a Dios!!
Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support of Message Ministries and Missions.  By God’s grace and the caring hearts of those who support us we continue to move forward in faith to do what God has called us to. 
In His service,  Brian Weller


THAILAND2016-02-02 12.45.21

Village Church Building Project

We are excited about the donation of $4,500 that came in which enables us to provide funds to build a church building and pastors’ apartment for a village in the northern part of Thailand.  Pastor Japui and his family are very excited.  
image1 (3)This village was previously unreached with the gospel until some indigenous missionaries with FTS ministries came to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. This village is now being transformed by the message of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.  On an earlier visit, after a time of prayer, some people were healed by the power of God and some came to know the Lord including the local witch doctor.  
God is doing great things and we are excited to be a part of His work around the world.  What an honor we all have to fulfill God’s call together as we do all we can to get the gospel to the whole world. 

2016 PERU YOUTH CAMPAlcanzar-Insert-#1


Peru Youth Camp – Paypal


March 2016

2016 March - Message Min Newsletter Banner
For the last month, we have been helping some of the victims 100 Homes Burn to the Ground Piscoof a terrible fire in Pisco, Peru that destroyed 100 homes and everything in them. This is an area we have worked in on various trips to Peru. Some of the houses that burned down are prefab homes that we built with our USA and Peruvian mission teams.
We first worked in Pisco in 2007 after a terrible earthquake destroyed much of the city, causing 70% of the homes to be uninhabitable. The area where the fire recently hit is one of the squatter villages that came into being after the earthquake, and now these dear people have lost everything once again. We are doing our best to help Pastor Carlos and Flor reach out to the Temporary Shelters in Piscopeople in need there! Some of you have helped already with your prayers and donations, and we truly appreciate that. Together we were some of the first responders! In the initial phase we provided food, water and temporary shelter. You can see some of the temporary homes we put up just to provide some type of shelter (right). Our next phase is to provide more permanent homes for the people.

Hector Del Carpio and I met and decided that we needed to build homes that would not burn so easily if there ever was another fire. We’ve come up with a plan to build little homes using fire resistant materials like Hardie board and tin studs. The cost of each home will be $975. We hope to initially provide ten homes. Our plan is to build at least five Food and Water for Fire Relief in Piscoon our April mission to Peru and then leave the materials for the other five for the Peruvian teams to build. We have funding for four homes right now and need funds for six more. Our USA team is Hector, Mike (My son in law), his friend Cameron and myself. We will be joined by the Corazones en Fuego (Hearts on Fire) Peruvian youth and young adult team, led by Pastor Jose Amaya. We will also be doing evangelistic services most nights in the area where we will be building.

Please pray for God to move in a wonderful way as we share His message and for the provisions needed for this mission and for the homes. Thank you!


Prayer Requests
*  Please pray for Jim Randall as he continues his ministry in SE Asia. He recently returned from Vietnam where he was teaching and training indigenous missionaries and pastors. He is also in the process of having his first two training books printed for distribution to indigenous leaders in Vietnam. Please pray for God’s leading, power and provision.
*  Please pray for wisdom for our Peruvian leadership team (Pastor Fabian, Pastor Jose and Pastor Gilberto) as they lead Message Ministries in Peru. Pray for God’s provision as they go forward to reach the rest of their nation with the gospel.
*  Please pray for the indigenous ministries and missionaries we support in the 10/40 window (Free to Serve in SE Asia, Living Hope Ministries in India, and many indigenous missionaries in India, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.)

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