August – Contemplating the What If’s!

This newsletter is ordinarily where we share about things we’ve been doing in world missions. However, in this letter, I want to share some things that have challenged me recently. I hope you don’t mind!
The last few days, I’ve been contemplating whether or not I’ve consistently counted the cost of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I’ve asked myself some difficult and challenging questions. Have I truly considered giving all for the sake of God’s call or am I compromising God’s will and call on my life for my own comfort and desires? Have I gotten so comfortable in this life that I am living more for me and “my” world, than for God and His eternal Kingdom?
If Jesus Christ truly is my Lord, Master, Savior, and King, then my life should be a verification of that. My life’s motto should be the same as the Apostle Paul who said in 1 Corinthians 6:20 “You are not your own; you were bought with a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”.
When it is time to go home to be with the Lord, I don’t want to go with a bunch of “What if’s” in my heart, such as:
  • What if I had truly done unto others, as I would have them, do to me?
  • What if I had forgiven everyone that had offended me and let go of the residue of those offenses in my life?
  • What if I had truly counted the cost and surrendered everything to the Lord including my time, my resources and my talents?
  • What if I had risked everything no matter what the cost to help get the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person who has not heard?
  • What if I had faithfully lived a life of faith and went beyond taking steps of faith to taking leaps and dives of faith?
  • What if I had lived every moment in light of God’s mercy seat and God’s judgment seat?
  • What if I had done what I did for the glory of God alone and didn’t look for affirmation from others for serving God?
  • What if I had actually believed the promises of Jesus and acted on them?
  • What if I had truly lived the commandments of Jesus?
These are just a few questions I am asking myself as I seek to challenge “me” to “Press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” as admonished by the Apostle Paul in Philippians 3:14. Wouldn’t you agree that our God is worthy of all our love and service?
It is a good thing to evaluate where we are spiritually in our lives! We don’t do it to condemn ourselves for what we haven’t done or to lose heart over what we could have done better. We do it to exhort ourselves to go deeper in our relationship and service to the Lord Jesus Christ. After all, He gave His life so we could be saved from our sin and spend a glorious eternity with Him in heaven. Our worship and service are our response to the great and amazing love our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ have already given us.
Why not, take a few minutes and ask yourself the “What if’s”? If some changes need to be made, make them now! Don’t procrastinate – or days, weeks, months and years could slip by before those changes are made. Or worse, they never get made at all! We don’t want to waste any time in this life for things that don’t matter. Right?
Let’s pray for one another as we seek God’s will for our lives and then go forward to fulfill it by His grace and power.
God bless you,  Brian Weller
  • PERU – We continue to support the 11 Loaves and Fishes Feeding Center ministries in Peru. These operate out of the churches that we work with, and the children are not only fed a nutritious meal, but we teach them God’s Word.
  • VIE____M – We were able to provide a motorcycle for an indigenous missionary that will be used for ministry transportation and to earn money for his family using it as an UBER type of vehicle in Ho Chi Minh City, Vi____m. In that city, formerly known as Saigon there are about 4 million motorcycles and the people there are used to riding on motorcycles.  We have promised to provide two more in the next month.  Those who receive the motorcycles will pay back the price of the motorbike, and that money will be used to purchase another motorcycle for an indigenous ministry.  They cost $1,000 each.  
  • CAMBODIA – James Sann is continuing the ministry to children at the Ang Dong Slum Community in Pnomh Penh.  The children are growing spiritually as they hear the Word of God and receive a very nutritious meal. 
  • CAMBODIA BIBLES – Through indigenous missionary James S. we been helping two other ministries with getting Bibles into Vi______m.  Thousands of Hmong Bibles went across the border, however, on the last shipment the police confiscated a few thousand.  Please pray for the bibles to be released. Also, please pray for James S. as the police stopped him and threatened him with arrest if he returns.
  • INDIA – We sent financial support through your donations to The Kaushal’s and for the Living Hope School in the slum area near Gurgaon.  The children here live in the nearby slums and receive two meals a day and an education.  They also are taught the Word of God.
  • We continue to stand with Jim Randall as he ministers and trains leaders in Southeast Asia and other countries as well.  Click here to read Jim’s latest prayer later and update.

Give Our All to Answer His Call!

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To read Jim Randall’s most recent mission update, just click the link below.
Please continue to Pray for Jim Randall as he ministers throughout the 10/40 window.  Prayer support for Jim is so very important as he ministers to many indigenous missionaries, pastors and leaders in that part of the world. 
Thank you, Message Ministries

July 2017 – SE Asia and Peru Updates

In the Bible, risk always seems to precede revival. On this trip to SE ASIA, God called me to take a risk. Mark 16:18 promises that all who believe “will lay hands on the sick and they will recover” – and the Lord put it in my heart to have the youth test God’s promise. 
After I taught about healing, I called any with physical pain to the front and asked everyone remaining to lay hands on them and pray for their healing. Immediately God began to release His power through those young vessels and heal many through their hands! In Cambodia, the Lord caused this to catch fire. The youth continued to pray for each other throughout the weekend, and God continued to heal through them! Some had formerly found little success in praying for the sick, but God released them into a new dimension of power. And what if I had disobeyed the Lord and avoided the risk?

I’ve missed many risks I should have taken in life; but when I have set fears aside and acted on God’s promises, God has often impressed me with His power and willingness to move.

Friends, Christianity is a risky religion. God gave birth to the Jewish people by calling Abraham to RISK everything and go to a nameless nation. God gave birth to the Old Covenant by calling Moses to RISK everything and bring the Jews to Abraham’s promised nation. The Father gave birth to the New Covenant by calling Jesus to LEAVE everything and come to Abraham’s nation to die for our sins. God also gave birth to the New Testament church by calling the apostles to RISK everything: to LEAVE Abraham’s nation, go to OTHER nations and preach the eternal gospel. This brings me to the question: what does God want to birth through our lives – and can we really expect it to happen without great risks? What risks is God calling you and I to take for the salvation of the world?
 I believe God wants us all to walk in more of His power for His own sake – but this will never happen as long as we remain in our comfort zone. Let’s get honest and humble with the Lord, confess our fearfulness and ask Him to help us to take risks for His name.

While in Cambodia, we conducted eyeglass clinic outreaches in two regions: a village outside of Phnom Penh and the Ang Dong Slum Community. Between these two outreaches, we provided eyeglasses for about 365 people. Every person at the first clinic heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and received prayer – many for the first time. Some gave their hearts to the Lord and many received healing. 

We only brought 500 pairs of eyeglasses because we wanted to see if eyeglass clinic outreaches bear fruit in SE Asia. They do!

 Next time we will bring at least 1,000 pairs of eyeglasses to draw people to hear the gospel. I just received a message from James Sann saying they just did an eyeglass clinic with the eyeglasses we left behind for them to use. Gloria a Dios!
Children’s Ministry & Feeding Center
REACH Missions Training Camp
n June, we opened our first evangelistic feeding center in SE Asia! By God’s grace and your support, we purchased everything needed to start feeding and reaching children in Cambodia’s Ang Dong Slum Community.  As far as we know, this is the first Christian feeding center in Ang Dong, and we believe that the Lord will use it to reach both children and adults with the gospel.

Food and materials needed for the feeding ministry will cost $200 a month, and the building rent will cost about $100 a month. This building also houses a water purification system that provides fresh water for about 700 families in the community. 

Thank you for your love and support.  We couldn’t have done it without you!
In July, we conducted a Missionary Training Camp to inspire Vietnamese youth to evangelize their own nation. 

26 million people in Vietnam have never heard the gospel – and Vietnam’s communist government makes it difficult for Western missionaries to do the work. The Vietnamese must reach their own neighbors! 

The camp greatly blessed the 50 youth, young adults and leaders who attended.

They left inspired and trained to fulfill the call of God and reach their country with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Cambodian children gather for a video about Jesus at the feeding center launch. Many children came from a nearby public school for food and ministry.


For security reasons we cannot include pictures of those who attended REACH.

We sent out two small mission teams to Peru in June and July.

The Cross Street Mission Team, led by Cort Bennett, ministered in Peru from June 15 to 26. They conducted two small, relational discipleship youth retreats at our Marquez mission base. The Lord deeply blessed all that participated; both our team and the Peruvian pastors reported that the retreats were great spiritual successes. The Cross Street Team also hosted an eyeglass clinic outreach and built a pre-fabricated home for a needy family. 

The Oasis Church Mission Team, led by my son-in-law Mike Goreski, ministered from July 1 to 9.

 They hit the ground running with a busy schedule of children’s ministry, eyeglass clinics and church ministry. They also built two prefabricated homes in Pachacutec – what I call “The Sandy Slum.” This team was a great blessing as well; the churches and leaders they worked with felt very thankful and welcome them back anytime.  
Thank you for praying for these teams.
 Also, we thank the Peruvian Corazones en Fuego team that joined arms with the USA teams to help reach the people of Peru. Gloria a Dios!

RUN THE RACE Youth Retreat #1 – Lima, Peru

RUN THE RACE Youth Retreat #2 – Lima, Peru

2017 CROSS STREET Team Prefab Home – Peru

2017 OASIS Team Prefab Home – Peru

Please continue to Pray for Jim Randall as he ministers throughout the 10/40 window.  Prayer support for Jim is so very important as he ministers to many indigenous missionaries, pastors and leaders in that part of the world. 
God is using Jim to make these leaders much more effective in their ministries to those who have not hear and to new converts to Jesus Christ.
Thank you, Message Ministries
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June 2017 – Pray for Mission Teams


 We’ve sent this month’s newsletter early because we will not return from SE Asia until July 3rd.  We ask you to please pray for the three teams listed below. These teams will partner with Message Ministries to reach souls in Peru and SE Asia over the next 30 days. Please pray daily as we GO!  Your prayers will make an eternal difference. Please pray that the teams would go out in the power of the Holy Spirit to minister the message of Eternal Life found in Jesus Christ. Thank you!
SE ASIA TEAM – Cambodia and Vietnam – June 13 – July 2
June 13-14: Travel to SE Asia.
June 15: Fly to Pnomh Penh, Cambodia – Prepare for Missionary Training Camp
June 16-19: Minister at REACH Indigenous Missionary Training & Discipleship Camp
June 20-24: Daily Ministry in an around Pnomh Penh, including ministry in the Ang Dang and Steung Meanchey Slum Communities. We will do street and door to door evangelism, including praying for the sick. We will also do Eyeglass Clinic Outreaches and minister in some churches. 
June 24: We will open our first SE Asia Children’s Ministry Feeding Center and Discipleship Ministry.
June 25:  Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam at Night
June 26:   Day of Planning for Indigenous Missionary Training & Discipleship Camp
June 27-29: Minister at REACH Indigenous Missionary Training & Discipleship Camp
June 30 – July 1:  Visit and Minister in Vietnamese Villages.
July 2: Fly to Bangkok, Thailand then Return Home to the USA.
June 15: Arrive in Lima, Peru – Prepare for Run the Race Youth Retreat
June 16-18: Run the Race Youth Retreat #1 at the MMM Mission Base in Marquez with the Corazones en Fuego Team.
June 19-20:   Build a Prefabricated Home for a needy Family in Pachacutec.
June 21: Ministry in two public schools in Pachacutec and an Eyeglass Clinic Outreach.
June 22: Team Day Off
June 23-25:  Run the Race Youth Retreat #1 at the MMM Mission Base in Marquez with the Corazones en Fuego Team.
June 26: Return to USA
July 1: Arrive in Lima, Peru – Minister at Children’s Feeding Center Ministry in Pachacutec.  Minister at Youth Meeting in Marquez or Street Outreach at night.
July 2: Morning Ministry at church in Ancon. Eyeglass Clinic Outreach and Church Service in Costa Azul.
July 3-6:  Build 2 Prefabricated Homes for needy Families in Pachacutec and Seis de Abril.
July 7: Day Off
July 8: Ministry at three Children’s Ministry Feeding Centers in Costa Azul, Pachacutec and Seis de Abril
July 9: Return to USA
Text “SEASIACAMPS” & preferred amount to 1-727-877-3224 (1-727-87-REACH). 
Please continue to Pray for Jim Randall as he ministers throughout the 10/40 window.  Prayer support for Jim is so very important as he ministers to many indigenous missionaries, pastors and leaders in that part of the world. 
God is using Jim to make these leaders much more effective in their ministries to those who have not hear and to new converts to Jesus Christ.
Thank you, Message Ministries

June – July 2016

Cross Street Peru Mission 2016 1

The Cross Street mission to Peru was full of adventure! We had a very full schedule. We ministered morning, noon and night on many days. In our two weeks in Arequipa and Lima, we ministered in 19 different places and at the Peru Youth Camp. We ministered in Christian schools, public schools, churches, youth groups, orphanages, on the streets and at a missions conference. By God’s grace and power we preached God’s Word through music, drama, Bible teaching and testimonies. We ministered to children, prayed for the sick, led people to The Lord, did eyeglass clinic outreaches and exhorted the Peruvian people to be faithful missionaries to their own country.
It was an amazing time of ministry and fellowship with the Cross Street and Corazones en Fuego teams.  The two teams worked as one to proclaim God’s Word and to serve all those we encountered through God’s divine appointments. I have to say, it is always a blessing to be in a country where people are so open to the gospel. There is such a freedom to share the gospel of Jesus in Peru.
My first visit to Arequipa in many years was wonderful.  We are excited to announce that we are establishing a Corazones en Fuego discipleship ministry there. Diana Del Carpio is ready to lead a team of Peruvian youth and young adults that are excited about reaching their region with the gospel. The CEF Team from Lima will be assisting Diana in this work. God is going to do wonderful things there! Missions has been changing in Peru since my first visit there in 1999. Now the Peruvian people are ready to take on the task of reaching their country with the gospel, and we are ready to help lead and assist with the task.
The Peru Youth Camp was full this year. We are grateful to Pastor Jose Amaya for all the hard volunteer work he put in to organize the camp. He also gave the call to missions at the camp. We had more youth respond to the call to be missionaries to their nation and beyond than ever before. Soon there will be a retreat at the Message Ministries Mission base in Marquez to help mobilize these youth and leaders. We are truly excited about that as well!
Thank you for your prayers and financial support for our ministry in Peru. On this trip, by God’s grace and with your help, we were able to lead many people to the Lord and see God’s Kingdom expanded in Peru. I also want to thank you for your prayers and financial support for our ministry in India, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, China and soon Vietnam. We are committed to taking dives of faith as we seek to fulfill God’s call to reach a lost world with the message of Jesus Christ. Together we are making a difference. Our prayer is that God will be glorified and that He draws people to Himself as we seek to be His light to the world.
Jim Randall Mission Update

Hello from rainy Chiang Mai.

We are in the rainy season which lasts from May through October. It rains a little almost every day. I carry my folding umbrella with me wherever I go these days. I even took it to Vietnam last month when I went to do leadership training for about 80 pastors. We don’t take photos to publish in newsletters and on the internet because of security reasons. Some of those attending pastor un-registered churches. We sometimes call them underground churches. I was able to pass out a “Teambuilding” booklet in Vietnamese for everyone who attended. I also sold extras at my cost for them to pass along to their leaders. The first 2000 copies are almost gone already. It has been my experience that if you pay for it, it has value. If it is free, there is not much value to it. The second book on “The Leader’s Job Description” will be sold (mostly) at my cost of about 25 cents each. The money will pay for reprinting when the first edition is gone. The government license to print it should come this month. They are also being translated into Burmese and will be printed by the end of summer. Someone is also translating them into Khmer (Cambodian) and Spanish. They are free on the internet in English and Vietnamese at:
If the Great Comission is true, our plans are notI have met with several missionaries and pastors this past week since I returned. I give advice on a variety of topics, mostly leadership and organizational management but also do mentoring and personal Bible Studies. I will visit a Thai church on Sunday at the request of the pastor who also does Business As Missions (BAM). He wants me to meet the Japanese non-Christian husband of a Thai leady at his church. The husband does not speak Thai or English. I hope my Japanese will come back to me. It usually does after about minutes of struggling. My brain clicks and then it’s back to remembering.
I met with a delegation from BAM Nigeria yesterday to plan for the BAM conference in Lagos in September. That’s the organization I started last August when I was there. I also spoke with an Australian friend who will bring a delegation from the BAM conference in South Africa. I learned that the Vice President of Nigeria is a Christian and a member of the church pastored by one of the men I met with yesterday. He will try to get him to visit the conference.
I am writing some new booklets but it is slow going. I can’t seem to get myself motivated to finish them. Some of the booklets are Bible teaching subjects and not leadership or management related. I see the need for short single subject booklets that are inexpensive to print. As I mention writing them, others encourage me to do so. Please pray that I can get motivated to finish the ones I have already started.

Thanks for praying for me and supporting the work I am doing. If you would like to help pay for the translation and printing cost of booklets, please send donations to Message Ministries and mark it for publishing ministry. Otherwise, donations will be used for travel costs and living expense. So far this year, I have been to Cambodia three times, Vietnam twice, Myanmar, Laos and Singapore once. I have also traveled several times to the north and western borders of Thailand twice. I love to travel but it is really tiring. It’s not because I will be 70 years old in a few months but because it is just tiring.

Thanks for praying for me. I love what I am doing and would rather be here doing what I’m doing than anywhere else on earth. If you would like to help me by praying and finances, please feel free to do so.

God bless you,

Cambodia Banner
Every month by God’s grace and power and through the gifts of our donors, we get to do a lot of different things in a lot of different places 
One of those little things last month was providing funds for a roof on the shelter that houses the fresh water tank for the people in the Steung Meanchey garbage dump community in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia.
Please continue to pray for James Sann as he ministers in this very poor community. Message Ministries supports him on a regular basis for his outreach in this community.

May 2016

The Cross Street and Corazones en Fuego Team - Constant Contact Header

This year we are purposely taking a much smaller Cross Street Youth Mission Team to Peru. We have 12 on the team, which is a good biblical number. Peru is ready to self evangelize, so there is no longer a great need for lots of mission teams from the USA. We will continue to send strategic teams when necessary, but we are trying to follow the biblical strategy of missions, which focuses on training and releasing indigenous leaders to do the work of the Kingdom of God. We are now set up in Peru with Message Ministries and Missions Inc, Peru. This ministry is led by a Peruvian leadership team with accountability in place to secure smooth sailing into the future. Is not the commission of our lord william carey

As we set our eyes and hearts on the 10/40 Window, we are helping Peruvian leaders raise up mission teams of their own. Some of the churches are now doing this on a regular basis. They do missions much better than we do, because they know the language and culture better. We’ve learned to get out of the way and assist in the work, instead of taking control of it.

Part of the purpose of this year’s Cross Street Mission Team is to help prepare for the future.

Along with some of the Corazones en Fuego team we will head to Arequipa, Peru for the first week to do a youth and young adult conference with Diana Del Carpio (Hector Del Carpio’s sister). The goal of the conference is to raise up young people that can reach their part of the country. After the conference we will invite the missions-minded youth and young adults to join us in outreaches around the city.

We hope to see a mission team formed of those who volunteer.

We will then go to Lima, Peru to minister in outreaches and at our 11th annual youth camp. Pastor Jose, the leader of Corazones en Fuego, will do a call to missions at the camp, seeking recruits for indigenous mission work. C.E.F. helps prepare leaders, youth and young adults to reach their country with the gospel by raising up mission teams from their home churches. From now on, Corazones en Fuego will have a greater emphasis on this. We are working closer with the local pastors than ever before, so this will be much more attainable. They are excited about all God has in store for them as they obey God in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Many of you know we plan on spending part of next summer in SE Asia. There, we will work with already established ministries to help evangelize and raise up indigenous young people to reach their countries with the gospel. Our plan is to include some of the bilingual Corazones en Fuego team in that mission. Please pray for us and this years Cross Street & Corazones en Fuego team as we minister in Peru. We will be there from June 16 to July 2nd. I am including a link to a webpage about this year’s team if you would like to pray for them.
Thank you!   Brian Weller
Peru- 11th Annual Youth Camp
June 27th, we will hold our 11th annual Peru Youth camp. This year’s theme is “Alcanzar”, which means, “Reach”. We are expecting 150 youth from all around the Lima region & Pisco. Many of these teens come from impoverished areas. For them, this camp will be the opportunity of a lifetime! At camp, they will hear God’s Word, grow in the Lord, and have an all-around great time! We are praying for and still need sponsors for 125 young people at $35 per teen. Would you consider helping us with this need?
To find our more you can visit our  Peru Camp Webpage  Thank you!
send a peruvian teen to camp

Camp Sponsorship – Paypal

Quick Text Donations:
& preferred amount to
1-727-877-3224 (1-727-87-REACH).
Send checks to:
Message Ministries
PO Box 7158
St. Petersburg, Florida 33734-7158
Thank you for praying for this year’s Peru Youth Camp.  We are excited about all God will do as youth from 15 churches come together for this amazing event.

July 2015

2015 July - MM Newsletter Header

 GOD IS ABLE TO… by JJ Weller

2015 PEru - JJ WellerIn Ephesians 3:20, Paul says that God is “able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think according to the Spirit at work within us.” What is the greatest place of personal holiness that you could ever ask for or think of? The greatest empowerment for ministry? Whatever comes to mind, be sure – it is exceedingly and abundantly below all that God is able to do through the Spirit at work within you. God’s treasury is infinite, and He waits for us to plunder it through prayer and faith. How much depth in our relationship with God is forfeited just because of laziness in prayer?
We all should begin to cry out to God in faith to flood every area of our lives – moral, ministry, and more. After all, He has promised to give the Holy Spirit to whoever asks (Luke 11:13). When we do receive a fresh touch from God for ministry, It’s easy to think that we have “arrived”. We settle for last year’s “anointing”, and never press forward to a higher level of usefulness. Avoiding this, In preparation for our recent Peru trip, we made it a point to ask God to do more through us than He had done the previous year. If God has promised to exceed our expectations, then it is only right to be desperate for more. We should never be satisfied to stay in one place. I remember it being prayed many times in our Peru meetings – “God, we don’t want last year’s results. We want a fresh move of your Holy Spirit.”
2015 Cross Street Peru 261
And, praise God, that is what we got! I think that this year we saw more come to Christ than we had ever seen before. Many times, when I saw a lost person, a holy determination came on me, and I thought, “That one, Lord! Bring that one!”. To my delight, the Lord seemed to draw them to Himself almost every time. In times of two-on-one ministry, It was wonderful to watch the Holy Spirit convict of sin, testify to hearts about Jesus, and draw them to repentance and faith within only a few minutes. Almost every person that received prayer for physical healing professed to have been healed. Seeing God’s personal ministry to believers through prayer was quite new to me. Often when we prayed, laying hands2015-06-21 21.13.51 on them, the Holy Spirit seemed to visit them and heal their hearts, convict of sin, impart faith, grant supernatural rest – you name it. It is amazing what God will do through willing vessels – irrespective of age.
This world must be reached with the Gospel. Jesus gave up His’ life to save this world. Will we give up our lives for the same purpose? It’s God’s will that this world be saved. Is it yours?
Hit the Link below to download this month’s newsletter 

THE HOUSE ON A HILL  by Anne Weller

2015 Cross Street Peru - Seis de Abril
The bus let us off at the corner.  We hiked up a short hill that looked out over Seis de Abril.  This is one of the poorer areas of Nuevo Pachacutec.  People have found their way here from all over Peru.  Most have come to Lima with visions of a beautiful life in the city and the promise of jobs and education – every man’s dreams.  When they get here they quickly realize that this is not the Lima they dreamed of.  Jobs are impossible to find and living in Lima City apartments is not an option for the poor.  They come to the human settlements above the city of Lima where there is a promise of land to those who homestead a lot for a specified period of time.  
According to a Reuters report 2015 Cross Street Peru 076there are about 160,000 people living in this area, but it’s hard to have an accurate estimate.  Houses do not have street numbers and streets do not have names.  There is just shack upon shack scattering and filling the hillsides as far up as you can look.  At night time the lights of Pachacutec shine like stars, but in the day the reality of poverty is blinding.  This is third world Peru. 
There are barrels of water at 2015-06-22 11.24.47many houses, basic 50 gallon garbage containers filled with water that has to be hiked up this deep sandy hill, 5 gallons at a time.  There are small wash tubs with dirty clothes that have to be washed with that water.  There are meals to be cooked, bodies to be washed and drinking glasses that will be filled with that same water. Sanitation is pit latrines.   Each family here lives by the prayer “Give us O Lord our daily bread”, because there are no refrigerators or freezers in these homes.  Jobs up here are just as hard to come by.  Thankfully there are feeding centers that will help the families get by. 
We continued our journey, 2015 Cross Street Peru 067down a steep hill then a two block walk from the bottom of the hill where the lot for Jenny and Percy’s house is.  They have 4 children: Wilson 2 months, Angel Gabriel 2,  Paolo 3,  and  Julio 7.   We hiked up the deep, loose, sandy hillside. It was the kind of sand that your shoes sink up to the ankles in.  Just climbing to the top of that hill left me breathless.  I had to sit for a good 20 minutes to recover from that hike! 
I looked out among the shacks that filled the hillside – homes for people living in such harsh conditions.  The winds blow cold and damp during these winter days.  Jenny came up the hill carrying the newborn, followed by the two toddlers.  I can’t imagine walking up that hill every day. Their only option is to walk up and down for whatever they need.  No buses or taxis will go this far up.  No matter what they need it will always have to be hiked up this hill. 
Our team worked tirelessly for 2015 Cross Street Peru 127two days putting together the prefab house and staining the outside.  The house has a rudimentary electric system that allows for lights in each small room. Hopefully they will have electric soon.  We borrowed some from a neighbor to make sure everything worked properly.  On the last day a small group of us went to the market and bought bunk beds and a table and chairs for the family.  It was dusk by the time the furniture was dropped off at the bottom of the hillside.  The whole group, along with the little boys  and Jenny came down to help carry mattresses, a bunk bed, a table and chairs up the hill.  The team assembled the bunk bed in the little room in the back.  The little boys were giddy with excitement as it came together.  We had not seen them smile like that during the past two days.
2015 Cross Street Peru 208
We gathered everyone together and said a prayer of dedication.  Jenny had tears streaming down her face and said, “Thank you for giving my children a better place to live.”  We took pictures.  Outside the window the lights of Pachacutec were shining like a million stars.
2015 Cross Street Peru - Seis De Abril Night2015 Cross Street Peru 214

2015 Cross Street Peru - Youth Camp

2015 - Cross Street Peru - PRefab Home
2015 Cross Street Peru 217

2015 Cross Street Peru 017

2015 Cross Street Peru 063
2015 Cross Street Peru 070

2015 Message Ministries Banner

Randall Mission Update by Brian Weller

Please pray for Jim Randall as he goes to Nigeria – Africa for the month of August.  He has been ministering faithfully in Southeast Asia and will continue to do so, but God has opened this door to Nigeria.  Jim had a word many years ago that he would minister in Africa one day, and after many years that time has come for him to GO. While there, he will minister to thousands of leaders all over Nigeria.


Would you please join us in prayer as we help to send Jim to Nigeria.  We truly believe it is God’s time for him to go.  He has so many valuable insights to share with leaders wherever he is.  Jim’s heart and the heart of Message Ministries are to help equip indigenous leaders to reach their nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Those of you that know Jim, know he is a leader of leaders and that he has so much to offer ministry leaders as well as anyone who is seeking to follow the Lord.
Please post this ministry schedule and pray for him daily.  Where possible, we have included the times and places where Jim is scheduled to minister.  Please pray for wisdom as he ministers and pray that the Holy Spirit would use him to encourage and exhort these men and women of God.  Also, please pray for health and for the finances needed to travel throughout Nigeria for a whole month.  Jim is trusting the Lord to meet the needs associated with this trip and we are trusting the Lord with him.
Jim wrote some booklets on leadership which he plans on printing before he goes to Nigeria.  If you would like to help with the cost of that, your support is welcome.  On his behalf, I want to thank you supporting Jim through your prayers and/or financial support.  Without you he could not do what God has called him to do and I know that God is doing wonderful things through his ministry.  We are all blessed to be a small part of that. 
Thank you and may God bless you,   Brian Weller   


August  2 — 9 til Noon

Assembles of God – Ereko

Topic: Church and the Great Commission

August  2 — 4 til  6pm

Egbin Power Station Christian Fellowship – Ikorodu, Lagos

Topic: Business as Missions

Aug.   4-7 — 3 hours Daily

Lagos MegaShift Business Meeting
Topic: Business as Missions
August  8 — 8:00am
MBFC Managing Business with Christ – Lagos
Topic: Business as Missions

August  9 — 9 til Noon
Assemblies of God – Alagbole
Topic: Church and the Great Commission

Christ Faith Church Annual Convention
Topics: Discipleship, Mentoring and Business as Missions
August 15
SVM2 South – Leaders from Different Denominations
Topic: Business as Missions
August 16 — 9 til Noon 
Christ Faith Church – Akwa-ibom
Topic: Church and the Great Commission
Aug. 17-19
MBFC Managing Business with Christ – Lagos
Topic:  Business as Missions
Aug. 20-22
Church Growth – Leaders from Different Denominations – Lagos
Topic:  Business as Missions
August  23 — 9 til Noon
Assemblies of God – Victoria Island
Topic: Church and the Great Commission
August  23 — 2 til 6pm
Assemblies of God – Victoria Island
Topic: Church and the Great Commission
Aug. 24-29
Scripture Union Annual Conference at Camp of Hope – Okigwe
Teaching every day.
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John 14 - 12 & 13


May 2015



The camp will be in Chaclacayo, Peru, and will be life changing for all those who attend. For many of these youth, having the opportunity to leave their dreary hometown surroundings is an extreme blessing in itself. They will spend four days with youth from different parts of Lima. They will eat together, play together, worship together, pray together and read His Word together. Many will attend for the very first time and experience God’s love, presence and power like never before!

2014 Cross Street Peru 1277


Most of the Christian youth will leave this camp spiritually refreshed, rejuvenated, renewed and revived. They will go back to their homes ready to serve the Lord, their families, and their churches, and to reach all of Peru with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Still, others will leave the camp as new believers, new creatures in Christ, and new members of the family of God. They will leave knowing who Jesus Christ truly is, and will want to tell others. That is exciting to me, and is one of the many things that fuels the passion in my heart to continue doing the mission work that we do.

We need the help of our mission supporters to pray and to help pay the expenses associated with the camp. It costs $35 for a teen to attend this camp, and we will have about 150 Peruvian youth. That price covers everything, and is a small price to pay when you consider the lifelong fruit that will come forth from the camp. Please consider helping by sponsoring one or more youth! Thank you!

Peru Youth Camp Sponsorship



God has been good to open doors of opportunity for me to minister to many people multiple times in 11 different countries in SE Asia, during my time here. My assignment in SE Asia has been to train leaders so they can do the work of the ministry and reach those I will never meet till we all get to Heaven. I’ve been writing leadership training booklets that will be translated into five languages: Thai, Lao, Myanmar, Khmer (Cambodia), Vietnamese and Mandarin. The first one is being translated into Vietnamese this month.  


I plan to go to Nigeria for the month of August to work with the 2015-01-30 07.54.56Student Volunteer Movement II. I will speak at their annual convention in Laos and travel to do training for various groups. Going to Africa will fulfill the Word of God to me from 40 years ago. I hope to have some of my leadership booklets in English to present to leaders where I teach. I will give them permission to reprint in English and/or translate into regional languages for distribution in Africa.

Thanks for praying for me and helping financially so that I can be your representative to train those who will reach those who have not yet heard the Good News of Jesus.

God bless you,   Jim

Please pray for the following:
1. Provision for the ministry, personal living expenses, travel and cost for translating and printing of the Leadership booklets.

2. Good health and safety.
3. Closer walk with the Lord and the ability to hear His voice and respond quickly.
4. Ability to write the remaining leadership booklets in a way that is understandable for Asians.
5. Ability to mentor the various leaders I meet and correspond with regularly here in Chiang Mai and SE Asia.
6. That God would go before me and prepare the way for the Nigeria trip.
Please go to Jim’s page  to read his full update:
2014 Cross Street Peru 776
in Peru. We can cover some of these funds with donations that have already come in, but we still need some help. The cost for a prefab home, complete with a concrete floor, windows, electric, and door locks, is $1,950. If there are any leftover funds, we’ll buy bunk beds, a table and chairs for the family. If you would like to help, we welcome your gifts.

Donate Funds for a Prefab Home


Brian’s new book “Backsliding in Heart – 5 Steps to a Backsliding Heart and Back Again ” is now available on Amazon.    


Most Christians have backslidden in their hearts at times in their lives with Jesus. But how does that happen? Did the twelve disciples ever backslide? Most importantly, if we have backslidden in heart, how can we slide forward, and stay in a thriving relationship with the Lord? In this simple but engaging book, Brian walks us through the biblical story of the disciple Peter’s downfall and restoration to help us answer these questions and more. He clearly reveals five steps to a backsliding heart and back again. 


February 2015

In Remembrance of Me Christian Website Banner
I am back in the USA and trying to process all God allowed Ron Bouvier and I to see. We met some amazing people on our mission to Southeast Asia with Jim Randall. We visited Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Instead of writing a report of the trip, I decided to post something that I wrote on the trip, which best expresses what is on my heart right now.
Day #7 – Thailand 
Would you please pray for wisdom and provision? I have been praying and seeking the Lord for His direction in regards to what our response should be to the needs (spiritual and material) that we have seen in Southeast Asia. The smiles of the children at the children’s homes we’ve visited flash through my mind, bringing both smiles and tears. The lost and hopeless look on the faces of people on the streets are continually streaming through my mind. I feel an urging to tell them about Jesus.
We can’t just walk away and do nothing! We can’t leave here without doing all that we can to bring the light of the gospel to these darkened nations. They have so little of the light of the gospel of Jesus. To walk away and do nothing would be spiritual treason toward our Heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and His’ Great Commission to reach the world that Jesus loves, and gave His life for.

Honestly, my brothers and sisters, my heart aches over all that I’m seeing, and a lot of what needs to be done seems impossible. Yet, I know that all things are possible to him who believes. Will you pray and believe with me? We aren’t just here to see! We know that with the seeing comes a divine edict to do something. By faith we can and will do it!

We all must go beyond just believing God to meet our own needs, and believing God to bring more comfort to our already comfortable “world”. We must stop spending so much time asking God for more blessings just for ourselves. We must open our eyes, look on the unharvested fields of the world, and see how bright white and ready they are for harvesting.

Let’s flee from the desire to build our own personal kingdoms, and let’s work with all our might for the Kingdom that will never end. God is counting on each and every one of us to do our part! If we will seek first the Kingdom of God, we will be seeking Gods will, and not only will we be able to accept the dismantling of our own personal Kingdoms, but we will embrace it for the sake of a Kingdom that is eternal. Then our focus will be to know God and to make Him known! The two are inseparable. Can I truly know God intimately, yet refuse to help proclaim His name boldly, especially to those who have never heard it? We do this by either going, sending others in our place or both.
Only 1% percent of the people here know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Approximately 85% have never heard the gospel. The indigenous leaders we have met here and in India are ready to go! Let’s help them! Let’s be their senders! Let’s all do something! To not do something is selfish and self centered. Isn’t it? I may be offending some by now, but I do it in the hope that others will be motivated and perhaps convicted by the Holy Spirit of God. He is the one who leads the army of God, as we reach into these bastions of darkness, where the devil has held the lost in chains for centuries, while we sit “In a land flooded with light”, as Falconer said.Are you a pastor or leader? Are you holding back the people you lead from fulfilling God’s great commission to reach the whole world? If so, it is time to repent. It’s not too late! God’s army is going forth! You can be used to lead God’s people out of spiritual slumber and into the great call to worldwide evangelism. Let go of the vision that sees no further than your own family, church family, country, continent or hemisphere.Some of you have read this far and I thank you for hearing what is on my heart. My goal is not to bring us into guilt and condemnation, but to help us to find freedom from the prisons we have built for ourselves. There is so much more that God wants to do in us and through us. My prayer is that we will all cry out to God with the words of Isaiah 6 “Here I am Lord, Send me”.


Let’s work together to fulfill the Great Commission of God, who loves the whole world, and wants them to know the truth that is only found in Jesus.

Your brother in the Family of God,

Brian Weller
With Jim Randall and Ron Bouvier, riding in a Tuk Tuk in Thailand

With Jim Randall and Ron Bouvier, riding in a Tuk Tuk in Thailand

his  children’s home and orphanage is in Myanmar.  Some of  the children are orphans, some are not wanted by their families,  and others have been rescued from human trafficking.

This children’s home and orphanage is in Myanmar. Some of
the children are orphans, some are not wanted by their families,
and others have been rescued from human trafficking.

Here we are with David S. at one of their ministries children’s homes.  This one is in Myanmar.  They have seven homes  in all. We visited four!

Here we are with David S. at one of their ministries children’s homes.
This one is in Myanmar. They have seven homes in all. We visited four!

2015 SE Asia - Message Ministries 519
Ron, Jim and I with James S., an indigenous  Cambodian missionary to the people of the slums  of Pnomh Penh and to the villages beyond.

Ron, Jim and I with James S., an indigenous Cambodian missionary to the people of the slums of Pnomh Penh and to the villages beyond.

This is one of the neighborhoods we visited in the slums of Pnomh Penh.  In rainy season the water will flow beneath all of these homes.  It is very unhealthy here!

This is one of the neighborhoods we visited in the slums
of Pnomh Penh. In rainy season the water will flow beneath all of these homes. It is very unhealthy here!

These children followed us through the slums and  smiled the whole time.  James ministers to these kids on a regular basis.  Please pray for them!

These children followed us through the slums and smiled the whole time. James ministers to these kids on a regular basis. Please pray for them!

2015 SE Asia - Message Ministries 569
We ministered in this village and shared the Good News  of Jesus.  Some gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus.   James Sann will be returning to minister to them!

We ministered in this village and shared the Good News of Jesus. Some gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus.
James S. will be returning to minister to them!

Jim Randall and a leader of the village we visited in Cambodia.

Jim Randall and a leader of the village we visited in Cambodia.

2015 SE Asia - Message Ministries 794

A family lives on this fishing boat on the Mekong River in Cambodia.

Ways you can help with the
ongoing ministry in Southeast Asia:
  • First and foremost, pray, pray, and pray! That is always first and foremost and God always makes a way, when His people humbly and confidently pray for His help! Then be faithful to respond as God leads. He may just lead you to pray, or He may ask you to do something tangible as well.If you would like to help you can give towards one of the following needs:
  • #1 – We are arranging for the writing of gospel tracts by indigenous pastors and missionaries of countries we have visited. You can financially support the printing of these materials. They will be distributed to those that can read in these countries. Those who can read can tell others! These materials will be provided to indigenous ministries for free to give out in their countries. We are starting with Cambodia and Thailand.
  • #2 – You can support an indigenous pastor or missionary to Myanmar or Laos through the ministry led by David S. and FTS for $80 a month. They are going into unreached villages to reach and teach the people about Jesus Christ. They are planting churches in many villages.
  • #3 – You can help Jim Randall to pay for indigenous leaders to come to the Bible Training schools that he will be teaching with his missionary friend Scott. They do these throughout the year for a week at a time. It only costs $10 for an indigenous pastor/missionary to attend. Jim is preparing to do two in Vietnam in March. They need a total of $1,500 to cover the cost of 50 in Hanoi and 100 in Saigon. Message Ministries has already committed to help, but your designated gift would help greatly.
  • #4 – You can send support to the orphanage/children’s home in Laos that we are going to help. Running the orphanage costs $600 a month.
  • #5 – Help Cambodian James S. with transportation to the villages outside of Pnomh Penh, Cambodia, including the one we visited on our trip. Your financial support will also help him to get to the people in the slums around the garbage dumps of Pnomh Penh. He could get a lot more done with a motorcycle. Right now, he either travels on a bicycle or pays for public transportation. The cost for a motorcycle is $2,500.
To help with these needs, please visit the donate link on the right side of this page.  Thank you!

January 2015

000 Christmas-Blessing-Project-Update
We sincerely thank you for helping us bless many children in Peru and India at Christmas.
By the grace of God, and your financial support we were able to provide gifts for children in 17 different locations in Peru. These included the 11 Loaves and Fishes Feeding Ministries that we support on a monthly basis. The two pictures on on the bottom right are from the Mercy Children’s Home in Amritsar, India where your donations provided children with a new set of clothes and shoes. We were blessed to be able to help Living Hope Ministries with this need.
I don’t know about you, but when I look at pictures like these, I am even more motivated to keep doing what we are doing! How about you? I believe God’s smile is bigger than the ones on these children faces, and I like when God smile’s!
Please hit the link below to view more pictures of this years Christmas Blessing Project. 
2015-01-03 10.36.49
2015-01-03 10.38.44
000 Corazones-en-Fuego-Teams
2015 Corazones en Fuego Team - Copy
Hello my friends!Please pray for our Corazones en Fuego (Hearts on Fire) outreaches and events. Our first summer youth retreat is from January 29-31.

Our Mission trip to Ica City, which is 5 hours south of Lima, will be February 13 – 16. We will preach the gospel through eyeglass clinics, dramas, music, door to door evangelism and testimonies. Please pray for us because we need 100 assistants and right now we have only 70.

Also please pray for God’s provision for the trip. We are working hard and trusting the Lord!

000 Southeast-Asia-Mission-Trip
At the end of January I will be heading back to Southeast Asia with my friend Ron Bouvier. Ron has been on a few trips with us to Peru and is one of our ministry board advisors. Ron and I will meet up with Jim Randall in Bangkok, Thailand and make visits to other Southeast Asian countries. The majority of this part of the world is unreached with the gospel. Our goal is to come alongside indigenous leaders to help them further their ministries, much like we have done in Peru.
Southeast Asia has a population of 625 million and comprises 11 countries. Over half of the population, or 316 million people have never heard about Jesus Christ. Our job is to help them hear for the first time! It was Carl Henry who said “The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.” Thank you for helping us to get it there on time!
Please pray for us as we GO. We are asking for God’s wisdom, divine appointments, traveling mercies, and provisions to meet the needs we encounter along the way.
Please continue to pray for Jim Randall who joyfully spends his “retirement” years in this very needy part of the world, helping to reach the unreached, by training indigenous leaders to be missionaries and pastors to their own people.
In His Service,  Brian Weller

December 2014

From Everlasting to Everlasting Church Web Banner
I have been reading the life story of Hudson Taylor, a missionary to China who spent 51 years ministering to the people there. Through his efforts multitudes were reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Thank you for standing with us in 2014 and please pray for us and with us as we step into 2015 with an even greater sense of purpose and destiny.  In our next newsletter, we will include a full report of all that God allowed us to do together in 2014.  Here are  a few things I gleaned from the writings of Hudson Taylor which inspire us as we look forward.

“You must go forward on your knees.”   

 “God uses men who are weak and feeble enough to lean on him.”

“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies.”

“The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.”

“I have found that there are three stages in every great work of God: first, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.”

“I used to ask God to help me. Then I asked if I might help Him. I ended up by asking Him to do His work through me.”

“Many Christians estimate difficulties in the light of their own resources, and thus attempt little and often fail in the little they attempt. All God’s giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on His power and presence with them.”

“Oh, how it must grieve the heart of God when He sees His children indifferent to the needs of that wide world for which His beloved, His only begotten SON died!”

Together we are making a difference in the lives of those that Jesus died for.  Please continue to pray with us and stand with us as we press forward into His purposes and plans.
Red Letters Religious Web Banner
I just read a quote from William Carey, the Father of the Modern Missions Movement.  He wrote to one of his supporters in England stating.  “I will go into the pit – if you will hold the rope!”  While I don’t personally feel I am in the pit, others in America wonder how I can bear living here.  I have Asia grace, the enabling ability to do what God has called me to do.  I love it!!!  Thank you for holding the rope making it possible for me to be here serving our God in places that are so very un-Christian.
It’s been a while since I wrote a newsletter because I have been busy doing the same old things, training and personal mentoring of key leaders.  I usually teach FREE seminars focusing on leadership skills for missionaries here in South East Asia, but also train and connect them with Business As Missions opportunities so they can earn money while doing the work of the ministry.  However, this last month, I had two new things happen in my life. 
The first thing was that I went to China.  This was the fulfillment of a promise God made to me 40 years ago while China was closed to Americans.  I stayed at the guest house of an orphanage that cares for handicapped children, mostly babies with deformities.  Often they only need surgery to repair their abnormalities.  Handicapped children are usually given up because of the “one child” policy in China and are adopted to families, mostly in the US.
The word has gotten out and I meet with someone almost every day here in Chiang Mai.  I help leaders become more productive in their ministry through training them how to organize and train their people so the leader can be free to expand their ministry.  Ministries are growing but many of the leaders are still doing everything themselves and often burn out.  I am beginning to see leaders change and make the transition to train their people to do what they themselves have been doing.  Growth without change is impossible.  Significant growth without significant change is impossible.
2014 Cambodia - November - Chhuk Group
I went to south Cambodia a few weeks ago to teach leadership skills to about 50 pastors from the Vietnam border area.  If we don’t train others to lead, we will not see the Kingdom of God grow.
In II Timothy 2:2, the Apostle Paul told Timothy to train faithful men who would also train others.  Without leaders, the Kingdom of God will not grow.  Ephesians 4:11-12 says that the purpose of leadership is to train the saints to do the work of the ministry.  This principle of God was used by the Apostles to establish the church.  Paul traveled about teaching and leaving leaders behind in every city.  Can we do less?
2014 Cambodia - November - Chhuk

Two out of every three people who have not heard the Gospel live within one thousand miles of Chiang Mai, Thailand where I live.  According to Romans 10:13-15 there are three categories of people in the whole world; Hearers, preachers and senders.  In the world there are only hearers but in the church there are only preachers and senders.  Which are you; a preacher or a sender?  If you are not preaching, you should be sending through prayer and/or finances.
I am here on your behalf.  Would you please pray for me?  If you would like to help with travel and training expenses, I welcome your support.  I have enough for personal living expenses but traveling to train native pastors can be expensive.

  • Please pray for the following:
    1.  God’s favor and wisdom as I help ministries throughout this part of the world.
    2.  God’s financial provision for me to travel and train struggling/growing leaders and ministries.  There are now more requests for help than I can fulfill without additional finances.  Travel cost are what I need the most.  The people
    I help are among the least and the last in God’s kingdom.
    3.  Open doors to share during my trip back to the US in December.
    4.  Clear direction and open doors for this next year so I can fulfill my call to help leaders grow.
    5.  It gets lonely here though I am busy.  Please pray for me to keep focused on God’s call to this part of the world.
 Valor Men's Retreat Ministry Website Banner
Since August, the youth from our missions group, Corazones en Fuego, have led two youth retreats! One was in August, and another was in October. More youth came to these camps than have come in the past. Before coming to the camp, most of the attending teens weren’t in a good relationship with God, nor were they attending church. As usual, on the first day of ministry, the attending teens weren’t too open to receive the Word.
2014 - November - Peru Youth Retreat
But over the week God really did show up, and change their lives. It was wonderful to see the teens being touched by God. We saw that the teens had a new desire to change, and to give their lives to God, following Him no matter what. Most of them had wrong ideas in their mind. Some thought that no one could change them. Others thought that there was no solution to their problems. Still, others were convinced that because they had neglected a relationship with God, God wouldn’t help them if they asked. The attending teens were looking for answers in places that answers couldn’t be found. But some of the teens from Corazones en Fuego have had those exact same questions and thoughts in the past, so they were able to counsel the attending teens, by sharing the Word of God, and their testimonies. They were able to share with them that God did change their lives, that God is more than able to help them, and that God actually wants to help them. Those little moments of testimony can change a young person’s life. The youth went back home with renewed hearts. This was only possible because of the amazing Power of God!
2014 - November - Pisco Prefab Home
In mid-November we took a mission trip to Pisco with some of the youth from Corazones en Fuego. There, we built a prefab home for a very poor family that serves at Pastor Carlos Llaja’s church. The family consisted of Jose, Cindy, and their two children, Nazareth (10) and Guadalupe (4).  There is a lot of delinquency in the area where they live, so the house that they were living in was not safe for their children. It was so touching to see the joy on Jose and Cindy’s faces when the construction of the new house was completed. They were so excited and thankful to God to have a ‘real house’, though it wouldn’t seem like a ‘real house’ to any of us. Being part of this project showed us again how great a love God has for us, that even when we disobey Him, He sometimes chooses to bless us. This house was just a little proof of that.
2014 - November - Eyeglass Clinic Outreach 1


At the end of November we held an eyeglass clinic in Chorrillos.  We had the opportunity to share the Word of God with many people! We prayed for all the needs that they had (healing, jobs, etc). Some of them even gave their hearts to the Lord! It was a big opportunity to help people by giving them the truth of The Word of God…that if they will open their hearts to Him, He will work in them.
2014 - November - Eyeglass Clinic Outreach 3
 2014 - November - Eyeglass Clinic Outreach 2