2018 A Year of Opportunities

We’re both inspired and blessed to look back and see what God allowed us to do together in 2017. Together we took dives of faith to reach people with the gospel, and I sincerely believe God was honored.
God changed many lives as the gospel went forth through direct MM mission outreaches and our indigenous partners worldwide.
Here is a list of some of the things we did together!
  • Thousands heard about Jesus Christ for the first time and many received Christ.  
  • Tens of thousands of meals were provided through the children’s feeding ministries in Peru and SE Asia.
  • Children were taught the Word of God at children’s ministries in Peru, SE Asia and India
  • Prefab homes were built for needy families in Peru.
  • Thousands received help through the Peru Flood Relief Project.
  • MM Mission Teams ministered in Peru, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and Laos.
  • People were blessed with the gift of sight and salvation through MM eyeglass clinic outreaches in Peru and SE Asia.
  • Youth in Peru, Vietnam and Cambodia attended MM discipleship and mission training retreats and camps.
  • Indigenous Pastors and Missionaries received financial support to preach the gospel to unreached villages.
  • Indigenous Vietnamese missionaries received motorcycles to travel to unreached villages with the gospel.
  • Many received healing as we prayed for the sick in the name of Jesus.
  • Orphans received food, shelter, education and discipleship at a children’s home /orphanage in Laos.
  • Most recently, your generosity provided gifts and the gospel for thousands of children and adults worldwide through the Christmas Blessing Project.
We are calling 2018  “A Year of Opportunities.” As we look out on the harvest fields of the world, we feel an eagerness to respond to God and fulfill His call. Throughout the year we will present special opportunities for the family of God to join us in fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission. Like you, we want to stand before the Lord and hear, “well done, my good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:23).
Please keep us in prayer as we go forward into this Year of Opportunities. Together, let’s take dives of faith and trust the Lord to do “more than we could ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20). God’s greatness inspires us to do greater things to bring glory to His name and to rescue the lost and hopeless. We pray that God fills your year with opportunities to demonstrate God’s glory to this broken world.
On December 25th, we partnered with Free to Serve Ministries to provide a Christmas Blessing Project outreach to 70 unreached villagers in Pankoi Village, Thailand. Our partner Pastor K. has labored as an evangelist and church planter in the Pankoi Village for some time now, and this outreach granted many new converts for him to disciple.
On Christmas, Free to Serve ministries gathered the Pankoi Village together for a special Christmas meal, played Christian music and preached the gospel. After the gospel message, 7 villagers received Christ immediately. Others received Christ later that day in private, and 3 more families came to Christ within weeks after the outreach through their new relationship with Pastor K. FTS leader David believes these new converts will soon lead their families to Christ. How it brightens our hearts to hear of salvation among the unreached!
During this outreach, God’s hand was also present to heal and deliver from demons. One Pankoi woman had not been able to walk for years, and thus could not work or play a significant role in the village. Our partners prayed for her in the name of Jesus, and to her amazement, God granted her to walk again! Other villagers visited our partners in private to seek deliverance from years of demonic oppression. Jesus set them free from the tormenting spirits and the villagers responded by surrendering their lives to Christ. Jesus is alive, and He loves the unreached people of Southeast Asia!
Thank you so much for supporting the Christmas Blessing Project in Southeast Asia. Your financial and prayer support has contributed to God’s great work in the Pankoi Village.
Thank you for helping to make this CBP Outreach a reality through your prayers and financial support.
Would you please pray for JJ Weller as he spends the next few months in the nation of Peru. He is staying at our mission base in Marquez and is working and ministering alongside the group of pastors and churches that we work with in Peru.
Please pray for God’s direction, anointing, wisdom and health to be on JJ. Please pray for Cynthia Noa our Message Ministries ministry assistant in Peru who is helping JJ organize the different ministry opportunities and helping with translation as well. Thank you! 
Please pray that the local churches will be strengthened, challenged and built up though JJ’s messages of encouragement and exhortation.
JJ went at his own expense and has not asked for any help with expenses. If you would like to be one of his SENDERS we are putting a donation link below. Thank you!
If you would like to be an active part of the 2018 Year of Opportunities by making a one time donation or a monthly commitment, we have included a donate button.  We have also included a link to the Donation Page on our website where you can sign up for monthly, semi monthly, bi weekly, weekly or quarterly donations. 
Thank you in advance for your partnership
in fulfilling God’s Great Commission!

June 2017 – Pray for Mission Teams


 We’ve sent this month’s newsletter early because we will not return from SE Asia until July 3rd.  We ask you to please pray for the three teams listed below. These teams will partner with Message Ministries to reach souls in Peru and SE Asia over the next 30 days. Please pray daily as we GO!  Your prayers will make an eternal difference. Please pray that the teams would go out in the power of the Holy Spirit to minister the message of Eternal Life found in Jesus Christ. Thank you!
SE ASIA TEAM – Cambodia and Vietnam – June 13 – July 2
June 13-14: Travel to SE Asia.
June 15: Fly to Pnomh Penh, Cambodia – Prepare for Missionary Training Camp
June 16-19: Minister at REACH Indigenous Missionary Training & Discipleship Camp
June 20-24: Daily Ministry in an around Pnomh Penh, including ministry in the Ang Dang and Steung Meanchey Slum Communities. We will do street and door to door evangelism, including praying for the sick. We will also do Eyeglass Clinic Outreaches and minister in some churches. 
June 24: We will open our first SE Asia Children’s Ministry Feeding Center and Discipleship Ministry.
June 25:  Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam at Night
June 26:   Day of Planning for Indigenous Missionary Training & Discipleship Camp
June 27-29: Minister at REACH Indigenous Missionary Training & Discipleship Camp
June 30 – July 1:  Visit and Minister in Vietnamese Villages.
July 2: Fly to Bangkok, Thailand then Return Home to the USA.
June 15: Arrive in Lima, Peru – Prepare for Run the Race Youth Retreat
June 16-18: Run the Race Youth Retreat #1 at the MMM Mission Base in Marquez with the Corazones en Fuego Team.
June 19-20:   Build a Prefabricated Home for a needy Family in Pachacutec.
June 21: Ministry in two public schools in Pachacutec and an Eyeglass Clinic Outreach.
June 22: Team Day Off
June 23-25:  Run the Race Youth Retreat #1 at the MMM Mission Base in Marquez with the Corazones en Fuego Team.
June 26: Return to USA
July 1: Arrive in Lima, Peru – Minister at Children’s Feeding Center Ministry in Pachacutec.  Minister at Youth Meeting in Marquez or Street Outreach at night.
July 2: Morning Ministry at church in Ancon. Eyeglass Clinic Outreach and Church Service in Costa Azul.
July 3-6:  Build 2 Prefabricated Homes for needy Families in Pachacutec and Seis de Abril.
July 7: Day Off
July 8: Ministry at three Children’s Ministry Feeding Centers in Costa Azul, Pachacutec and Seis de Abril
July 9: Return to USA
Text “SEASIACAMPS” & preferred amount to 1-727-877-3224 (1-727-87-REACH). 
Please continue to Pray for Jim Randall as he ministers throughout the 10/40 window.  Prayer support for Jim is so very important as he ministers to many indigenous missionaries, pastors and leaders in that part of the world. 
God is using Jim to make these leaders much more effective in their ministries to those who have not hear and to new converts to Jesus Christ.
Thank you, Message Ministries

June 2015

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Please follow along with us as we minister in Peru with this years version of the Cross Street Youth mission team. We will be in Peru from June 19 to July 7.  We have been training and preparing with this team for months and are now looking forward to all God will do through this amazing group of youth and leaders who come to us from 6 different churches.  Here is our mission team schedule.  Please consider posting it somewhere noticeable in your house to remind you to pray for us daily as we GO!  Thank You,
3:30 – 5:30pm – Eyeglass Clinic Outreach – Valle Verde
7:00 – 9:00pm – Street Outreach & VBS Ministry for Children
10:00 – 5:00pm – Build Prefab homes in Pachacutec.
7:00 – 9:00pm – Street Outreach in 6th de Abril
9:00 – 2:00pm – Teams continue building two prefab homes
3:00 – 5:00pm – Public School Outreach
9:00-12:00pm – Teams finish building two prefab homes
1:00 – 3:00pm – Public School Outreach
4:00 – 6:00pm – Public School Outreach
12:00 – 2:00pm – Eyeglass Clinic Outreach in Barracones in Callao
2:30 – 4:00pm – Street Outreach in Barracones in Callao
7:00 – 9:00pm – Street Outreach in Puerto Nuevo in Callao
JUNE 26 – JUNE 29: Friday through Monday
LISTO (Ready) Cross Street Youth Camp in Chaclacayo, Peru. Please pray for the 150 Peruvian Youth and Leaders who will be attending the camp. The team will be ministering in the morning, afternoon and evening ministry sessions.
JUNE 30 – TUES: First part of mission team returns to USA.
3:00 – 5:00pm – VBS Ministry Outreach – Soccer Field in Brena
7:00 – 9:00pm – Street Outreach in Brena
12:30 – 2:30pm – Youth Conference at Guia Divina School
5:00 – 7:00pm – Eyeglass Clinic Outreach in Angamos
7:00 – 9:00pm – Vocational Training School Graduation
3:00 – 5:00pm – VBS Ministry Outreach – Soccer Field in Marquez
6:30 – 9:00pm – Street Outreach in New Area of Marquez
10:30 – 12:30pm – VBS Ministry Outreach in Bolegnesi
7:00 – 9:00pm – Street Outreach in Comas
10:00 – 12:00pm – VBS Ministry Outreach in Pachacutec – Adela
12:30 – 2:30pm – VBS Ministry Outreach in Pachacutec – Celestina
6:30 – 9:00pm – Church Service – Independencia
2014 Cross Street Peru 539
I find myself doing more and more mentoring of young leaders helping them think through their vision and plans. It is easy to become overwhelmed at the size of the job that is before us. It’s like building a large building. At first, it seems like such an enormous task, but if each craftsman does what he is supposed to do at the right time, the building will begin to take shape and eventually be completed. Our work expands with continuing generations of new people being born. We are only responsible for the time in which we live, but hopefully building in such a way that new generations can build on the work we have done. The job will not be finished till Jesus returns. When Jesus finished His atoning work on the Cross, he said, “It is finished.” At some point he will utter these words again but in regard to our work here on earth. I and many others, like you, are doing the work assigned to us and hoping that our generation will see the completion of the Great Commission.Thanks so much for praying for me and those I minister to, help with planning, and encourage in the implementation of their calling. I meet with someone almost daily to plan, pray and encourage them that they are doing the Lord’s work and He is pleased with them. I’m like the grandfather that they can talk with and help them work through their problems and issues. I have lots of experience to share. That does not mean that I have all the answers but at least I can tell them what not to do from my personal experiences.May God Bless You,


Jim Randall

April 2014

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2014SEAsia 570

As I sit at my desk writing you this month, I am reflecting on the recent mission trip JJ and I took to Southeast Asia, where we visited and ministered in Thailand and Cambodia. While there, we met very amazing people doing very amazing things. Working with Jim Randall was a blessing and privilege. I was amazed by how many people Jim had met in one year there, by the amount of connections he had made, and by the ministries that have been blessed by his insights.

2014SEAsia 624

In Thailand, we met Pastor Lu, who is bringing the gospel to the people of China. A large number of house churches have been planted through his teaching ministry. We met Keith, who is teaching native ministers (including several who operate children’s homes) how to do Aquaponic farming so that they can be self-supporting. We met Dang, who has started many children’s homes where children are given shelter, educated, fed, and discipled to Jesus in the northern part of Thailand.

2014SEAsia 611

In Cambodia, we met people like James, who is ministering to very poor families in the slum areas around Pnomh Penh. He is starting a business to create jobs and free people from a future in the slums. We also met Pina, a Cambodian woman and mother of five; God is using her to rescue women out of human trafficking. She gives these women a home, disciples them to Jesus, and teaches them to cut hair and thus earn an honest income. Her team also ministers to families in one of the slums. The truth is that we met many wonderful servants of God! All of them are very humble and all of them walk by faith to reach these countries that are totally immersed in Buddhism, Ethno-Religions, and idolatry. The people need Jesus desperately, and those we met need help to get His message of salvation to the people there.

2014SEAsia 514

Our eyes were opened to a whole new mission field, and with that comes a whole new set of opportunities and responsibilities. For years, I’ve said that the greatest ability in the Kingdom of God is availability and the second greatest ability is response-ability, which is the ability to respond to God and His leading. As Ambassadors of Jesus Christ, God expects us to be available to hear His call and then to respond to His call by going or by sending. In doing this, we see God’s purposes fulfilled in and through our lives. In John 4:35, Jesus says, “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” When we do this in obedience, we see what God wants us to see, so that we can feel what God wants us to feel, and we can do what God wants us to do.

2014SEAsia 496

Now that JJ and I have seen both the spiritual and physical needs in southeast Asia, we are obligated to respond by God’s grace and power. Please pray with us as we launch into these new opportunities. It will be a journey of faith, and we want to be faithful to His call.  It is one thing to open our eyes and look on the fields; it is another to respond by the Holy Spirit to what we have seen on the fields. When God opens our eyes, it is so we can see what He sees and then do what He wants to do.

Please pray for us, our leaders, and our ministry support team as we seek to answer God’s call humbly and faithfully. May God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven as we press on and into the center of His will.

Special thanks to you, Jim Randall, for being a faithful servant of God. We have learned so much spending time with you in Southeast Asia!


In His Service,  Brian Weller


2014 April – Message Min Newsletter


March 2014

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Please Pray!  We Are in Southeast Asia

by Brian Weller

Cambodia - Children ministry at Dump 2By the time you receive this, JJ and I will be in Thailand, ministering in a part of the world where we have never been. We will meet people we have never met, eat food we have never eaten, and hear a language that we can’t read, write or understand (without a translator). As I write this article a few days before our departure, I feel a love in my heart for the people of these nations: Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. I know that love is from God and that the call to GO is from Him as well!

I know in my heart:

  • God wants them to know Him
  • God wants to help them
  • God wants us to tell them about salvation through Jesus Christ

I also know without a doubt that God loves them just as much as He loves us, and He wants them to have the same opportunity to hear the message of salvation that we had. Jesus came and died on the cross for all of humanity, not just a part. Many of the people in these nations have never heard the gospel. We know it is our responsibility before God to tell them by going or by sending others with the message and other expressions of God’s love. We see it as our responsibility to help the indigenous ministers and missionaries in these nations to reach their own people.

We leave home not knowing what to expect! We just want to serve God faithfully and to serve the people He loves. We are traveling to learn how we can help them know Jesus and how we can help native missionaries and ministries to become self-supporting. We will visit churches, ministry leaders, orphanages, and more.  Please pray for God’s direction, protection, and provision as we GO!

We will be away for two weeks and will be working with Jim Randall, an old friend and veteran missionary. Jim has given up his life in the USA so that he can give people in the “10/40 window” an opportunity to hear about Jesus. He lives with very little so that he can give a lot. Please pray that we can be a blessing to Jim and to the people of this part of the world while we are there.

Thank you for your love and your prayers!   Brian Weller


Peru – Month of Missions Update by JJ Weller


JJ and Rildo (A new friend) In Nauta, Peru

From January 23rd to February 18th I was in Peru doing mission work. I wasn’t as busy as I expected to be, but the Holy Spirit worked powerfully. What else can we expect when we come into cohorts with the same Holy Spirit who worked in the Book of Acts?

Most of my ministry during my trip to Peru consisted of encouraging the church by lifting up the work of Jesus on the cross and by calling them to prayer and revival.  I had a lot of people praying for me, and the results of this were made clear almost every time that I preached. The Holy Spirit surprised my translator and I one night, when, after our poorest sermon presentation yet, the congregation was brought by the Holy Spirit into a time of earnest repentance and passionate prayer for Revival.
I joined the Peruvians in leading a youth camp in a town called Nauta. The Holy Spirit used this group of teens immensely. By the end of the week, every camp attendee present believed that they had been born again, and a visible transformation had taken place in almost all of the new professing believers!  They will be continually discipled by the leadership of the church in Nauta that we partnered with to run the camp.

It was a wonderful time of learning, growing, and loving. Thanks for all of your prayers and financial support!


Children we ministered to in  Grau, Peru


Randall Mission Update by Jim Randall

Hello from Thailand,
photo(5)I began typing this on Friday (Feb. 28) in a mountain village in the north east of Thailand among a Hmong tribal group.  I am at a Lutheran church with a Thai ministry that does health training for villages in the north.  The leader, Dang, speaks English but her two assistants do not.  However, one of them speaks Japanese so we have been communicating in Japanese instead of English.  Dang’s foundation also supports Children’s Homes and Orphanages.  They come from Bangkok to conduct health clinics and share the Gospel in some very remote villages.  I was asked to visit several orphanages and give photoadvice about how to become more effective in their ministry.  In the Hmong village, I was asked to share the Word of God twice a day and pray for other needs.  I did not have much time since the messages had to be translated first into Thai and then Hmong.  I had the opportunity to pray with five of them to become Christians.  PTL!  I was not sure why the Lord had prompting me to go for four days with the team but now I know.  When we follow the Lord’s prompting, we always receive His blessing.  I also prayed for an older couple in their 70’s who had come for a health check-up.  (Dang is on the left and the Pastor is on the right.)  photo(4)They are not believers yet and the husband is struggling with opium addiction.  You can join with me in praying for their salvation and his deliverance from this addiction.  They allowed me to pray for them and the pastor is now sure they will become believers very soon.  There are many tribal villages in this rugged mountain area where there are few churches.  Laos is just on the other side of the mountain and many of these people go back and forth across the border.  Please pray for the tribal people of Thailand.  Most are open to the Gospel but there are few who go to these remote areas.

2014 Randall Thailand Couple

Brian Weller, president of Message Missions, and his son, JJ, are coming on March 6, for two weeks.  My deceased wife, Paula, and I worked with Brian many years ago before any of us became involved with Foreign Missions.  Paula was his singing partner when I met them. I will take them to see some of the work going on here in this part of the world so they can determine what the Lord wants them to do here.  (https://www.messagemissions.com ) We will go to Cambodia to see several ministries there and also hope to get to Myanmar as well.  Their time here is short so we need to maximize our schedule.  I will introduce them to missionaries and native pastors so they can get a greater understanding of the need in this part of the world where two out of three people on earth who have never heard the Gospel reside.

The need is great and the opportunities to train and encourage native pastors and workers is ever present.  We have our part but it is the locals who have the work of making disciples.  We can be like Aaron and Hur who held up the hands of Moses so the battle could be won (Exodus 17:12).  Don’t under estimate your part in reaching those who are waiting to hear the Good News that God loves them.  Seeing the joyful smiles on the faces of those who have just entered into eternal life is worth all the effort and sacrifice.  Thank you for your part in their eternal life.  Some day you will get to meet these dear people in Heaven as they come to say, “Thank you” for your part in sending Jim Randall to tell them the Good News of eternal life.

Please pray for me.  Doors continue to open to train and minister to people throughout this part of the world but I need long range direction.  I could stay busy just in Thailand but I want to maximize my time and service for the Kingdom of God.  The need is great but the laborers are few.

Prayer requests:

  • 1. Direction for Brian and JJ’s time here in Asia.  Pray for open doors for future involvement.
    2. God’s provision for the work here and safety for our travels (March 5 – 20)
    3. Long term direction for me here in Asia and God’.
    4. Please pray for my kids back in the US.  Safety, protection and closer walk with the Lord for: Stephanie, Hector, Abby and Tim.
    5. It sometimes it gets really lonely here so I am beginning to pray for someone to work alongside.

God bless you and thanks for praying, Jim

February 2014

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by Mike and Katie (Weller) Goreski

Mike and Katie Goreski sharing some time with the locals!

Mike and Katie sharing some time with the local children!

We saw the Lord do many amazing things in the 15 days we were in Africa. We helped kick off a men’s meeting at the local church, hosted a youth conference, hosted multiple kids days where we shared the word, did crafts, played with the kids and fed them their biggest meal of the week and hosted a medical clinic at the local church where we were able to provide medicine, first aid and prayer for over 250 sick people. Most importantly, throughout all these ministry opportunities we witnessed many new salvations.

One of the greatest parts of the trip was working alongside local pastors who have a go-til-you-drop mentality when it comes to kingdom work. They are amazing examples of what Jesus has called us to be; we were so blessed to see them in their element and just sit with them one on one, listen to their stories and encourage them in any way we could.


Marco Aroni from Peru with some new friends in Kitgum, Uganda

Mission puts the work of Lord into perspective; as we went to bless and love on others, the oneness of Gods people allowed us to receive the same in return. We saw people who seemed to have so little but whom God sees, and so clearly revealed to us, are the ones who have so much! They are incredible examples of men and women “storing up treasures in heaven rather than here on this earth.”

Mariel Piper with some new friends!

Mariel Piper with some new friends!

Each morning we walked from our guest house to the missionary’s house to meet as a team for bible study then head out for ministry. We would walk through “town” seeing everyone go about their daily tasks. Toward the end of our journey we would pass a bore hole. Everyday children laughed and played as they pumped water into their jerry cans. From an American perspective this would be a laborious task, but for them it is a daily chore that they see as a blessing to have so close by; the water they need to survive and sustain a healthy life. Truly humbling, it’s amazing how God can speak so simply. Revealing our need to approach the Savior with the same joy those kids go to the bore hole with; the expectancy that when we go to his throne of grace, he will provide our every need and we will never be thirsty because of his promise.

We are so grateful for your prayers and financial support.  Without you, our trip to Uganda would not have been possible. Mission trips are not just about the people who put their feet on foreign soil but those who constantly support missionaries with prayer as they go. We are truly so blessed by your sacrifice to give. Thank you.


March 2014 –  Asia Mission Trip

by Brian Weller

Brian and JJ Weller

Brian and JJ Weller

On March 5th, JJ and I will leave for Southeast Asia to minister with Jim Randall in Thailand, Cambodia, and perhaps Laos. We’ll be looking for the best ways for Message Ministries to partner with Jim, who assists native-led ministries in that part of the world, the heart of the “10/40 window.”  We’ll be meeting with native pastors and other leaders, and we also plan to visit some orphanages. We will also look for ways to help the native missionaries start small businesses so that they can be self-supporting; Jim has already been doing this successfully.

The entire Southeast Asia region is in great need of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christians are a small minority in this part of the world, which is one reason Jim spends so much time training native pastors and missionaries. There are other tremendous needs as well! Look at these spiritual statistics about the countries we plan to visit:

Thailand – 85% Buddhist – .5% Christian
Cambodia – 83% Buddhist – 1.6% Christian
Laos – 57% Buddhist – 2.6% Christian

Please pray with us for God’s divine appointments as we GO! Also, please pray for Jim as he coordinates our schedule; so many different opportunities are there, and our prayer is to connect with the precise people that God wants us to meet.

Also, please pray with us for God’s provision for the cost of this trip. We know God will make a way –  He always does! JJ will have just two weeks of rest upon his return from Peru before we leave for Asia. We praise God for the doors He opens around the world; we want only to be faithful, to walk through those doors, and to be fruitful!



Rooftop-View-EP-Album-Cover-for-DistributionBrian and JJ have finished recording a new, four-song EP called Rooftop View. It includes the songs “Run,” “Thief in the Night,” “Heart of Passion,” and “Rooftop View.”  The new CD will include the songs from both the Rooftop View and Home at Last EP’s. We are not selling the CDs through the newsletter; instead, we are sending them out for a donation of any size toward our Southeast Asia Mission Trip. If you would like one, please let us know when making a donation.  Thank you!


January 2014

A Visit From Southeast Asia by Brian Weller

JJ, Jim and Brian

It was a great blessing to have Dr. Jim Randall visit our mission office in Florida. Anne and I have not seen Jim in person for years, so it was great to just pick up right where we left off. Jim first taught me about the “10/40 Window,” those regions of the eastern hemisphere, plus the European and African part of the western hemisphere, located between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator, where so many millions have still never heard the Gospel. Jim has worked with Gospel for Asia, YWAM, the U.S. Center for World Missions, and New Horizons for Japan, a ministry he and his late wife Paula started many years ago. Jim Randall brings a wealth of wisdom, understanding and experience to us. He truly has a great love for the Lord, for God’s people, and for those who don’t yet know Jesus.

While he was here, Jim brought us up to speed on what God is doing through his ministry in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Laos, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

Please take a few minutes to visit Jim’s page on our website, say a prayer for him, and watch the video we put together while he was here. The video outlines and explains the work Jim is doing in Southeast Asia.

The number of people who know Jesus as Lord and Savior in these  countries is miniscule. For example:

  • Thailand – 0.5%
  • Cambodia – 1.6%
  • Vietnam – 1.8%

Because so many have not yet heard the message of Jesus Christ, much work remains to be done!

CT Studd QuoteIt’s a real blessing to work alongside Jim as he reaches out to train and equip native pastors and missionaries to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jim additionally provides training and opportunities for workers in the field to be self-supporting by helping them to launch small businesses. The Business as Missions training (known as “BAM”) also provides business-related help to orphanages and Christian schools.

Please pray for Jim as he heads back, and please pray for us as we seek to fulfill our own calling as Jim’s mission support agency. JJ and I are planning to visit Jim in Southeast Asia in the first part of 2014, and we’re looking forward with excitement and hope.

Jim Randall Mission Page Link


Jungle Mission Trip Update  by Marco Aroni

Hauta - Iquitos - RiverOn February 3rd, we are leaving Lima to minister the word of God in Nauta, a city in the Peruvian Amazon and in nearby communities. While we’re there, we will conduct a youth camp, an eyeglass clinic, and a general Gospel outreach. You may have read about the persistence of witchcraft in this region. Sexual immorality is also a big problem in this region, and it even involves children as young as ten. Please pray for wisdom as we address this issue.

Our team of thirteen includes eight young people from Ventanilla; they’re excited about reaching out to the people of this region and bringing the message of salvation to them. Our team also includes Pastor Jose and Amanda Amaya and our friend JJ Weller from the U.S.

Please pray for us the week of February 3 – 10.

We need your prayer support as we GO!

JJ Peru Jungle Mission Trip Web Page


Thank You For Your Help in 2013

Matthew 5-16Thank you so much for your love and support in 2013. Your prayers and financial help have made a Great Big Difference in the lives of many in Peru, India, and southeast Asia.

Each month, we send out 150 to 200 newsletters by “snail” mail, and about 700 more by e-mail.  One of our board members donates inexpensive printing, and that’s a great blessing. We are a smaller ministry, but are extremely grateful we have a Great Big God who has a Great Big Love for the world. We are also blessed to work with some of the most amazing native missionaries, pastors, and Christian leaders anywhere in the world.

Together and by God’s grace in 2013, we:

  • Provided tens of thousands of meals – and discipleship – at the ten  Loaves and Fishes Feeding Centers in Peru.
  • Built numerous prefabricated homes for families in need in Peru.
  • Helped send out short-term mission teams to Peru (and from Peru!)
  • Many were saved through evangelistic efforts in Peru
  • Opened a new Able Hands Vocational Training Center in Peru
  • Held numerous youth camps and discipleship weekends in Peru
  • Provided funding for orphans and native missionaries in India.
  • Worked with Jim Randall to train hundreds of indigenous leaders in Asia
  • Provided Christmas gifts for many children in India and Peru


We look forward to all that God has planned for 2014, and we are committed to walk in faith as we seek to follow His plan to reach the world with the Gospel.

December 2013

2013 Christmas Card

A Visit From India

2013-12-09 15.38.52 - CopySubodh John from Living Hope Ministries of India stayed with us for five days in December. His visit was a great blessing to us, and while he was here, he was used by God to reach many. He ministered at Cross Street Youth, Living Hope Community Church, and at a small gathering of mission-minded people at our home.

God has used Subodh to help us enlarge our vision and to exhort us to keep our hands to the plow as we work to fulfill the Great Commission – especially in India and the nations in the 10/40 window. 350 million people in India have never even heard about Jesus. India also has the largest number unreached “people groups” in the world.

We were able to bless Living Hope Ministries of India in return: by producing a video, creating a website, and designing a sponsorship program for the kids at the Mercy Children’s Home in Amritsar. Praise God, half of the children there have already been sponsored – by the wonderful friends who met Subodh during the few days he was here with us. He was also blessed with some wonderful offerings from individuals and from Living Hope Community Church.

Much work needs to be done in the northern part of India, where Subodh and his co-workers labor. The work of Living Hope Ministries of India includes:
* Mercy Children’s Home and Orphanage
* Harvest Bible School
* Living Hope Churches
* Native Missionaries, Pastors and Evangelists
* Living Hope School for the children of the street and the slums

We are honored to partner with this amazing ministry, and we thank you for your part in helping us help them. Please keep the John and Kaushal families in prayer as they lead this ministry.  If you would like to support one of the children at Mercy Children’s Home just click the link provided at the end of this segment.

By God’s grace, we will be doing more with Living Hope Ministries of India as we step into the future.

In His service, Brian Weller

Child Sponsorship Web Page

PERU – Jungle Mission Trip by JJ Weller

2013 Peru - Cross Street Mission Team 1439 - CopyHello, Brothers and Sisters! On January 23rd, I will be leaving for a month of ministry in Peru. A large part of my time will be spent in the slums and poor areas of Lima, reaching out to the lost and preaching in several churches. I’m so excited to see the Lord unveil his Glory to the hearts of His people – and to me!

I’ll be joining with some Peruvian pastors to lead a young men’s conference where we will focus on our specific callings as men (to lead, to preach, and to pray). I’ll also join with a team of Peruvian believers as they reach out to their own country. We’re traveling to a small village, mostly unsaved, in the Peruvian jungle. It’s a very dark village; occultism and promiscuity are rampant. I am praying for God to save many people! We will also host a youth camp for the young believers in another largely unsaved town.

Some things to pray for: Wisdom in the Word, Joy in the Lord, the spiritual power which only God can give (Acts 1:8), the Movement of the Holy Spirit on all of our hearers, revival in the jungle (it is a very small town that really needs Jesus!), and that God would raise up young new leaders at the young men’s conference. I also need your financial support, if you wouldn’t mind helping me! Thank you so much!

JJ Peru Jungle Mission Trip Web Page

Christmas Blessing Project Banner for NL

IMG_5786With your help, we were able to provide all of the funds that were needed for  the Peru Christmas Blessing Project. We were also able to sponsor much of the India Christmas Blessing Project with your gifts and our general funds.

If you would like to help bless a child in India this Christmas, we still have time to transfer the funds to Living Hope Ministries. Your $20 donation will provide a new set of shoes, a warm hat, and clothes for the children that Living Hope ministers to in India.

Christmas Blessing Project Web Page

ASIA – Jim Randall Field Report

Jim Randall Prayer CardAfter finishing up a time of ministry in Japan and Korea, Jim has just returned to the United States and is now ministering in different parts of the country, sharing about the ministry he has been doing in Asia.

He is planning on heading back to Asia in February 2014 to continue the ministry God has called him to there.  Please continue to pray for him as He seeks God’s direction for the upcoming year.

Also, please pray that God will raise up prayer and financial supporters to stand beside Jim as he goes out into the 10/40 window.

We have enclosed a copy of Jim’s prayer card.  Please click on it and download a copy of it to remind you to pray for Him.

For updates on his ministry in Asia you click the page link below.

Jim Randall Mission Page Link

November 2013

Updates From Around The World

2013 November NL - Photo 1Once or twice a year we send our newsletter out to our entire mailing list. This month, we’ll update you on some of the opportunities God has given us to fulfill His Great Commission around the world. With the exception of a few strategic, short-term mission teams, this mission work is conducted by the native people. We are extremely blessed to work with such amazing Christian leaders, men and women who are passionate about serving God and ministering to the people in their own communities and countries. Here are a few updates about what we’ve done over the last month, and also information about upcoming opportunities.  In His service, Brian Weller


AFRICA – Mission Uganda

2013 November NL - Katie and Mike GoreskiMike and I will travel to Northern Uganda with Marco Aroni and Mariel Piper from November 22nd through December 11th. We are excited to see how the Lord will use our ministry in orphanages, hospitals, a medical clinic we’ll be hosting at a local church (everyone welcome), a youth conference, and in remote bush villages as we do door-to-door evangelism. We know that The Lord has ordained each of us to go, and we can’t wait to see HIS plan.

We need all the prayer and financial support we can get as a team, and also for ministry opportunities such as the medical clinic, and for crafts for hospital and orphanage visits.

Thank you in advance for partnering with us! Katie Goreski

Africa Mission Team Link


ASIA – Jim Randall Field Report

In October, Jim ministered in five different countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam. Jim is now in Mandalay, Myanmar at a pastors’ and leaders’ conference, teaching on leadership and how to start small businesses to support ministries.

Jim is always on the move in that part of the world, training Christian leaders for ministry and helping them set up businesses to support themselves in ministry. Please pray for Jim as he goes forth in this very difficult area of the world known as “the 10/40 window.”  Jim never asks for anything; he lives a life of faith. We are committed to be Jim’s support ministry. Thank you for your prayers as we continue to trust the Lord to meet all the needs associated with Jim’s work in Asia.

A Note from Jim Randall:
2013 November - Yangoon Convenience Store“The picture at left is a “convenience store” started by a woman who operates an orphanage with 24 children in Yangon, Myanmar. She took BAM (Business as Missions) classes to learn how to start and operate the business; it supports her ministry with the children. She is in the center of the picture between Ryan and Mary, missionaries whom I work with in Yangon.”

Jim Randall Mission Page Link


2013 November - Christmas Blessing Projectwww.christmasblessingproject.com


INDIA – Living Hope Ministries Update

2013 November - Mercy Childrens Home PictureWe are honored to partner with Living Hope Ministries of India. This is an amazing ministry. They train and send out native missionaries and pastors to go into unreached areas of India. Living Hope Ministries built and now operate the Mercy Children’s Home, where orphaned and homeless children now have a place to live. They love the children, educate them, and teach them about God’s love and mercy. In December, Subodh Kaushal of Living Hope plans on visiting our mission office in Florida. While he is here, we want to put together a sponsorship program so that you can support ministry to these orphans and street children, if God touches your heart to do so.

Please pray for the Kaushals, the pastors and missionaries they work with, and the children in their orphanage and school. Also, please pray for the people in the hundreds of churches they have planted in North India. In some of these churches there has been a rise in persecution over the past year. Christians in India today need God’s grace and power as they follow Him.

India Mission Page Link


PERU – Lomas Vocational Training Center

2013 November - Lomas VTC Pastor GilbertoThese pictures are from the Vocational Training Center (VTC) in Lomas de Carabayllo, where Pastor Gilberto Varillas and his sons started classes teaching youths how to build and repair computers. This ministry is a part of 2013 November - Lomas VTCthe Principe de Paz Church that Pastor Gilberto and his wife Doris started many years ago. Pastor Gilberto and his sons are very sharp in computer technology and are passing along their skills to those in the community where they have ministered for years.

With your help, we sponsor the Loaves and Fishes Feeding Center that operates out of this church. The feeding center ministers to children there three or four times a week with a meal and the Word of God. Thank you for your help!


PERU Angamos Vocational Training Center

2013 November - Angamos VTCWe are praising God for the Able Hands VTC in Angamos, Peru. In its second full month of operation, Director Marcos Venegas is helping people learn how to make items they can easily sell in the surrounding communities. He is helping them start their own businesses! Janet and Carlos (both students) 2013 November - Angamos VTC 2started businesses selling these coat racks. They bought the materials, took orders, and now makes and sells them to provide for their families. Several others are starting businesses in the next few weeks.

Beginning in January, both vocational centers will build prefab homes for families in need in their communities.  Thank you for caring enough to help us in these very needy locations!


Peru Vocational Training Centers Link


PERU – Youth Discipleship & Mission Training

2013 November - Youth Retreat MarquezEvery two or three months, ministry coordinator Marco Aroni, along with Pastor Jose and Amanda Amaya, host Cross Street Youth Discipleship and Missionary Training Retreats at the Hearts on Fire Bible School in Marquez, Peru. This photo is from a retreat conducted in November.

These three-day retreats are packed with time for worship, bible teaching, prayer and fellowship. The teens and young adults who attend grow deeper in their faith. They are excited about serving the Lord and reaching their communities and nation with the gospel.

Next week, they will put together a “Pollada,” a chicken dinner fundraiser to help pay for a mission trip to the jungles of Peru in February. Please pray for these young people as they seek to fulfill God’s plan for their lives, and also for the leaders who volunteer so much time to serve them.

2013 November Message Ministries Newsletter

October 2013

Working Together, Completing the Task!

IMG_0951 - CopyWe are so grateful to all of you for your prayers and financial support, and for your partnering with us in taking the gospel to the world.

Together and by God’s grace, we are spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in Peru, India, and Asia. Together we are feeding the poor, providing homes for the needy, training for vocations, and training native missionaries and pastors. Together we are a small part of a very big task left to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus said in Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” This is our Great Commission because it is His Great Commission.

Working together, we are completing this task. We know and understand that the hardest work is done by the native leaders on the mission field and by those working to assist and train them. We are honored and blessed to work with people like Jim Randall in Asia, the Kaushal family in north India, and Marco Aroni in Peru. Each month we receive many reports of what God is doing in these locations: people coming to know Jesus, orphans finding homes, native leaders going forward to reach their nations with the gospel. God is doing great things and allowing us to be part of it. What an honor and privilege to serve God, who loves and cares about people. May we all continue to sacrifice for God’s great cause of reaching the seeking hearts around the world with His glorious Gospel.

In His Service,  Brian Weller


Christmas Blessing BGThe Christmas Blessing Project (CBP) has been a genuine blessing to thousands of children and families in Peru and India. It’s a great, simple way to bless a child with a gift in the name of Jesus.

Remember when you were a child and people who cared about you gave you a gift at Christmas? Knowing someone loved that much made you feel a bit more special. Am I right? Many people in this world don’t have that same opportunity.

I have looked in the eyes of children as they receive that one simple gift given by our donors. Looking at their mile-wide smiles truly is a blessing! For many in the poor areas where we work, the gift that we provide is all a child will get this Christmas. The gifts are given through the ten feeding centers that we sponsor in Peru and other affiliated ministries. The leaders we work with purchase the gifts and place them one by one in the hands of the children.

Would you consider helping us put a gift in the hands of a child in Peru? The cost is only $3 for each gift. Every $30 provides a gift for 10 children.

Or would you help us purchase a new set of clothes for a child in India?  Every $20 provides a new set of shoes, socks, and a sweater for a child. Gifts to India will be given through Living Hope Ministries in North India.

One hundred percent of your gift goes directly to their gifts.

Christmas Blessing Project Page


New Able Hands Vocational Training Center in Peru

1382830_10151924371151061_244689837_nMarcos Zuniga has his own construction company, but Marcos also has a great passion for helping others to know the Lord Jesus and to discover their God-given talents. He loves sharing what he has learned.

Marcos came to us in July with a plan to bring vocational training to the people of Ventanilla (In the northwest region of Lima). Three months later, that dream is a reality. Last month we shared how the Lord provided a plot of land we can use for free for a full year. Since that time, the new prefabricated building has gone up, tools have been purchased, and classes have started. The local church and civic leaders are thrilled that this vocational center is now part of their community. Thank you for helping to make this dream a reality!