Every year, we take a limited number of mission teams to Peru from the United States. These teams all must be approved through our mission office and must meet certain criteria before they can be sponsored through Message Ministries and Missions Inc.

All of our mission work is done under the auspices of local, indigenous Peruvian churches. We make sure a team can meet a real need in the field. We do most of our ministry work in and around the Lima, Peru area.

Teams operate best when they come out of a local church, youth group, school, or similar group. However, we do occasionally offer some “jump aboard” teams for those whose churches or other groups do not offer short-term mission opportunities. We also offer, and usually require, mission preparation and training. We want you to be trained and ready — when you hit the ground — to achieve what you have worked so hard to come and do.

Some of the opportunities we offer are:

  • Building of prefab homes for needy families
  • Evangelism on the streets
  • Evangelism in public schools (For this you need to prepare in Drama or Music as well as Spanish)
  • VBS ministry opportunities
  • Feeding Center Ministry: We have ten centers in Lima, Peru
  • Ministry in local Peruvian Churches
  • Eyeglass/Clinic Outreaches in the poor neighborhoods



Cross Street Mission Team 2018

  • Are you a high-school teen or college-age young adult who loves God and who wants to make a difference in this world?
  • Have you been actively serving God in your own “Jerusalem” (your home and hometown)?
  • Do you feel God is calling you to GO and share your faith with people in a foreign land?
  • Do you have a week this summer that you would like to dedicate to serve the Lord on the mission field?
  • Would you like to help us minister to lost or hurting people, on the streets, in schools, in churches and at a youth camp?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, perhaps you would like to join us in Peru for an incredible week of serving and sharing. Peru is a nation that welcomes missionaries. It’s filled with people who are hungry to hear the message of Jesus Christ. We are looking for twelve to twenty high-school or college-age young adults to take part in our Cross Street Youth Mission Team to Peru this summer.

Please note: If you are a youth leader, you can accompany your youth on this trip. Perhaps you only have two or three youths who desire to GO and who want to link up with a group that is already going. We want to hear from you!

The only requirements are:

  • YOU have a love for God the Father and that Jesus Christ is your Savior and Lord.
  • YOU have a desire to serve and reach people with the love of Jesus Christ.
  • YOUR parents (if you are under 18) are behind you and grant permission for you to GO.
  • YOU have an up-to-date passport.
  • YOU are willing to pay your own way or raise your own support for the cost of the trip.