August – Our God is and Awesome God


This past Sunday we sang the old Rich Mullins Song, Awesome God. In it, he sings,
“Our God is an awesome God
He reigns from heaven above
With wisdom power and love
our God is an awesome God.”
That song reminded me that our God indeed is all powerful and all knowing; an ever-present help in time of need. He is who we live for, and whose purposes we long to fulfill.
Sometimes, we face significant challenges as a small missions organization, but God sees our every challenge as an opportunity to manifest Himself and display His greatness. We thank you, God, for your
faithfulness! We also feel genuinely blessed to have caring and committed mission supporters with similar passion for God’s Great Commission. Since we don’t have personal contact with many of you, we wanted to dedicate space in this newsletter to you. Thank you for your love and commitment to God and to His call to reach this world with His message of salvation. Thank you for trusting us as your mission ambassadors to the third-world. We want you to know that we’re committed to faithfully complete the call of God.
We have certainly made mistakes along the way, but we’re learning and growing. After working in missions for many years we truly believe that indigenous missions is the way to go! This missions approach produces the most fruit with the least money. For the cost of one American missionary family, we can support many indigenous workers to reach the unreached in their native tongue. These natives understand the culture and false religions of their people and know how to explain more clearly why they need Jesus Christ.
We are not against strategic American missionaries on the field. We have seen missionaries like Jim Randall effectively encourage and train native missionaries, pastors, and leaders. Now more than ever we must focus on training and releasing these missionaries, pastors, and leaders to reach their own countries.

Please continue to pray and trust the Lord with us as we send support and training to indigenous ministers on the mission fields of Cambodia, China, Laos, India, Myanmar, Peru, Thailand, and Vietnam. Our God is an awesome God and He does awesome things through His people when they band together to fulfill His plan around the world.

In closing, let me say that God’s Great Commission truly is great and requires great commitment to fulfill. Sometimes it looks like a task — a commission too big to accomplish. Then we stop and think about God’s greatness and enormous passion to reach this world with His message of salvation — and He inspires us to believe, to go and to send! Thank you for doing your part. Gloria a Dios!

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